Smogon Premier League 4 - Semifinals (See Post #207)

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the worst season
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it was a good season sharks.. shame we had to lose like we did this week but hey thats the game we play.. you get lucky sometimes you get unlucky sometimes

id like to see the tigers win this


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TIEBREAK: Ruiners vs. Tigers - Smogon Tour Format

ADV OU: McMeghan vs Sir
DPP OU: Iconic vs. TV Rocka
BW OU: CTC vs. Bro Fist

Deadline: Wednesday, March 20th at 11 PM EST
TIEBREAK: Ruiners vs. Tigers - Smogon Tour Format

ADV OU: McMeghan vs Sir - Going with my bro
DPP OU: Iconic vs. TV Rocka - Knowing Iconic in DPP this is no problem.
BW OU: CTC vs. Bro Fist - Going with my bro

little gk

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i'd like to wish the ruiners some neutral luck in this tie breaker; there's been luck on both sides and hopefully the better team comes out on top n.n


how many seconds in eternity?
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Tough break sharks, we had a good run though and I'm proud of all you guys. Even though I wasn't personally playing this was the most fun SPL season for me because everyone on our team was really chill. Time for some heartfelt shoutouts...

AB2: You really stepped up to the plate after mostwanted was incapacitated and performed really well. You're a cool guy too, I'm definitely glad Heist told us to bid on you.

august: It's kinda weird we never really talked much before this season even though we were both in the same DPP era, but anyway, glad we got to interact this season because you're an awesome guy and the RU BOSS. Yourself and Heist were the two slots I pretty much always had pencilled in as a win in my head before the week started. Pretty funny that the auction plan was basically "buy august and then fill other slots with whoever".

Carl: 3rd season with carl (2.5 i guess) and as always even though it's RBY you've been really solid. Sucks that you're retiring, season 5 sharks will miss your presence for sure.

The veteran shark. Having a player like you who plays pretty much everything was really useful in testing and helping everyone else. Even though you had a rough start you turned it around near the end and a fair few of our non-GSC wins can probably be attributed to your help in teambuilding/advice.

Duy: Hadn't talked to you before SPL but I'd talked to Huy so I figured you'd be pretty similar personality-wise to makiri/huy and I think I was pretty spot on, which was great. Picking you up midseason was a great decision, glad to have had you on the team.

Frexa: Probably one of the sharks I interacted least with but another great guy. Thanks for stepping up to the plate after make got stolen from us, still can't believe we got you for 1k! STEAL

MoP is dumb and refuses to ask for his password to his forum account so we had no idea what was up with you. Sorry about that break in communication I guess :/ (bs mop)

Good thing I ghosted all your matches or we would've had a much tougher season... but yeah it was nice not having to worry about the dpp slot all season. Too bad you're not joining WCoP but I bet you'll cave.

Lady Thug:
Lmao lady bug... Even though some of the team got annoyed at your gimmicks I'm really glad we bought you because you're entertaining as hell and #sharks wouldn't have been the same without you. Boss.

Another guy I hadn't talked to pre-SPL but you were so committed after we bought you and you fixed our huge ADV weakness so I think you were one of our better buys and thanks a bunch, you're a chill guy too.

Not gonna lie, when MoP had you pencilled down in the pre-draft plans I was thinking "wtf? sounds like a noob" but you're actually a really solid player and a cool guy. You were one of the more active sharks on IRC and it was nice chatting with you.

The fallen comrade :(. That whole debacle with you was really annoying, and we all would've LOVED to have had you on the team but unfortunately our midseason plans were thwarted... Still from our limited interactions you seem like a really nice guy. Maybe next season...

Hadn't talked to you prior to SPL but you're a really nice guy and very solid pkmn-wise. I know it sucked we didn't get to keep make :/ but it was still a good season regardless. It was fun chatting NU with you, you had a really interesting way of playing NU which I loved.

Even though you were MIA for most of the season you were the most active shark on IRC and always helping test/teambuild/giving advice. Even while being banned for so long you were still pulling your weight so thanks for that.

Lol what can I say? Who would've expected that an absolute-last minute pick, originally pinned in as a substitute would've gone 10-0? THE BEST, bar none pick of the SPL. It was nice getting to know you and goddamn you're a beast.

The heart and soul of the team. 5.5k or w/e it was, was worth it just to chill with you on IRC.

I didn't get to talk to you as much as I would've liked due to our bad timezone matchup, but you're a really cool guy and it was fun talking to you in the chances that we got.

Another really good guy, even though we kinda replaced your slot with WhiteQueen at midseason you still stuck around. A lot of players would've been annoyed in a similar situation but you took it really well which shows a lot of character. It was nice having you around. Between yourself and WhiteQueen our UU slot was really solid.

Man am I glad we picked you up at midseason. Despite your trolly nature on the forums you're actually a really nice guy, I was pleasantly surprised at how cool you were and you were definitely a great pick. To get a top tier UU player for 3k was a huge steal.

Before I knew any of the actual players I knew it would be a great season with you around. Sharks definitely has the coolest management team imo. Like Heist and Phil, you're one of the people I don't really need to say anything more about but suffice to say you're awesome and I had heaps of fun. Cheers for putting me on the management team.

The backbone of the team, sharks really wouldn't be the same without you. You were always on top of things and a large part of our performance can really be attributed to your advice/help in teambuilding and planning. I love you bro, xoxo.

Does anything really need to be said? I started pre-season of SPL thinking "I want to manage with Phil" and really happy with how it turned out. Being in an active chat with you, Lady Bug and makiri was just like old #bros times. Also SMD.

Unofficial sharks member, it was nice chatting with you and getting to know you!
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