Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 1

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The first two games were good, but a misclick in my favour happened in the final match. Kind of wish it didn't have to go to that, but a win is a win for the team.
i want to make a very serious post that does not belong in the smack talk thread. the team raiders refuse to battle until symph is removed as host of spl (or eo ut mortus is made co-host).

i want to note that this has nothing to do with the final decision made in regards to hugendugen and poppy. it has to do with the manner in which it was made. kg, who had previously denied symph an assistant, insisted that he would be unbiased in helping symph make decisions. that was obviously complete bullshit. he pushed symph towards making (what many of us managers consider) a poor decision. i as a manager, do not want to manage a team in a league run by a biased kg puppet.

thank you.

EDIT: Ima backtrack on this a little bit but leave it intact because the situation is more amusing that way. I'm hearing some things that make it seem like symph did a better job than we're giving him credit for. So I don't want his head (and never really did). I still don't approve of the way KG acted at all, which is why I'm still going to ask for some sort of change.
i still don't get why symph was chosen over Eo Ut Mortus. the scooters arent playing either until symph is removed or kg isn't allowed in decisions involving his own team
this has nothing to do with symph as far as im concerned and everything to do with how kg handled this, the bigs are not playing next week until the situation is dealt with either
not sure why you guys didn't just let me do my job given that everyone else who's ever hosted has been varying combinations of never around, incompetent, and corrupt


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I'm not going to protest, but I will second Eo Ut Mortus as a host if we have to replace Symphony. I also think this could have been done outside of this thread, but what's done is done.
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