Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 1

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Lavos, lets please refrain from shit talking for now on. In WCoP, every time one of our players called someone bad, or talked shit...they lost their match. I would rather we just treat every opponent like an equal, anyone can win in 1 game of pokemon.

GGs Frogs, I gotta admit that your roster was a lot more solid then I thought it'd be when you first drafted. :)


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but Mr.E if you don't play Conflict how will you prove you're the best? Ending the series on activity when you're both online would be pretty disappointing.

Also gj frogs/el tigres. I had my doubts but you proved me wrong


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ugh atticus kd24 gave you permission to change the avatar please change it for the love of god

ggs wolfpack you guys are chill!!!
Same to you!

Regardless of what happened, I enjoyed slugging it out with your team. Good luck scooters, maybe we'll meet up again in playoffs :]
Well played, Scooters. You put up a really good fight to the finish to make for an exciting first week. I don't hold any negative feelings for some of the things that were said. It was all in the heat of competition.

Pay no mind to the comments said by our team. It doesn't properly represent how we feel about you.
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