Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 1

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Noam Chompsky.
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won on timeout in a fun but slightly haxy game. Sorry it had to end like that pops, but it's a team tournament and I'm gonna have to take the win. I think I may have had the advantage at the end, but it was close and could have gone either way. Thanks for taking it well Popstar~
I think it would be fair if Hugen vs. Poppy was recreated. Since the server was lagging (presumably due to an unexpected amount of users), Poppy should get the chance to finish the battle. Iirc it's in the official tournament rules to have a chance in a match where the timeout was unintentional.


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[19:21] <skarm> friday 10pm GMT -2?
[19:21] <skarm> (tomorrow)
[19:22] <Tiba> its good
[19:22] <skarm> okay, we play then

Posting for informational purposes~
Won vs Taylor gg man you played well
yeah i do not get why you didnt switch *pokemon* out when i double switched to ensure i set up rocks and win, but thats what happens when theres more than one player behind a battle.

gg and wd.

edit: sir, you suck so please stop getting involved in places where you dont belong
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