Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 2

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Why are you not commenting on smurf Hydro Pump miss vs BKC's Zapdos? Oh, yeah, we won that game either way despite luck, hax or w/e..
Just wanted to say that I should've won that game and I most likely wouldn't have choked if one of your teammates xtrashine had had the decency to not fucking highlight me every 30 seconds on IRC saying "LOL BKC U LOST" when I clearly had the game won. I'll admit it's partly my fault for letting it get to me, but still...give me a goddamn break lol

PS: the Hydro miss barely changed the outcome of the game and Ice Beam was clearly the better move in that situation soooooooooo

PPS: saying "lol mad" or anything along those lines when you win a game due to luck (which you have several times this series no matter how much you deny it) makes you look like a tool, amongst other things
just wanted to say that hydro miss changed the outset of the game completely, leaving me to play essentially with 5 pokes with a zapdos weakness vs your 100% zapdos.... which means i had to play very differently and prevented me sweeping you clean at turn 8.

P.S and ice beam is not "clearly the better move in that situation" when ice beam is not one of the 4 moves
Sash Tyranitar with Aerial Ace beats any Heracross set in a one on one situation. Frogs would try and have you believe this is not true.
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