Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 2

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The Alpha Ruiners (0) vs. The Team Raiders (12)

BW OU 1: McMeghan vs. Kidogo
BW OU 2: Princess Bri vs. [K-12] The Madchine
BW OU 3: CTC vs. GaryTheGengar
BW Ubers: pi face vs. Faint
BW UU: FlareBlitz vs. kokoloko
BW RU: Pocket vs. Nails
BW NU: Annoyer vs. Gl4ss
VGC 2013: Dimsun vs. Human
DPP OU: Delta 2777 vs. TheFourthChaser
ADV OU: CrashingBoomBang vs. MDragon
GSC OU: Crystal_ vs. FAFUS
RBY OU: Spies vs. Jackal


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also I forgot to share the super weird glitch on NBS against Conflict that made us restart on PO because it was hilariously fucking confusing
Begin Turn #13
[secret] is confused!
It hurt itself in its confusion!
Mr.E withdrew Sexgar!
Mr.E sent out Sexdos (Lv.100 Zapdos)!
Mr.E: whoa wtf
reyscarface: mre
Conflict: you got that error message too?
Mr.E: "runtime error 9"

reyscarface: always uses machamp
Mr.E: yeah
M Dragon (RBY): yes
M Dragon (RBY): we did
M Dragon (RBY): lol
Mr.E: I didn't switch to zapdos at all
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big daddy: the servers trying to send us
sesefg: i got it too
big daddy: a trojan
big daddy: RUN
big daddy: everyone dc
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Rewer: lol
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M Dragon (RBY): darkestmoon fault
big daddy: it always is
M Dragon (RBY): y
Mr.E: srsly I didn't try to switch to zapdos
Mr.E: I tried to switch to another mon

SPOILER it was Machamp

Mr.E: it's even highlighted on my pokemon tab
Mr.E: that I chose it last
Mr.E: (that is it's the last thing I clicked)
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Mr.E: ...guess I'll roll with it? *shrug* :/

Begin Turn #14
[secret] is confused!
It hurt itself in its confusion!
Sexdos used Rock Slide!
End of turn #14
Mr.E's Sexdos: 278 HP
Conflict's [secret]: xx% HP
Mr.E: whoa
G80: wot
Conflict: wait
Conflict: wtf
Rewer: lol.
Mr.E: wait the hell
Ginku: lol
Ciele: incredible
Mr.E: see I told you I didn't switch to zapdos

SPOILER Zapdos can't learn Rock Slide

The switch message said I went to Zapdos, the active sprite was a Zapdos, and its HP was accurate (Machamp was fresh)... yet apparently I had, in fact, successfully switched to Machamp despite the display error. Rock Slide is in my Machamp's fourth move slot, which is where Thunder is on my Zapdos that I had attempted to use.

Rewer: nbs
Conflict: what is going on?
Rewer: a good simulator
Mr.E: I've never seen THIS glitch before
Rewer: cant you guys
Conflict: can we restart
Rewer: redo it
Rewer: on po
Conflict: or idk
Mr.E: yeah I guess
Conflict: same moves
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Rewer: po pls
Conflict: or entirely new?
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Mr.E: I would say some moves but how to recreate confusion ??
Conflict: yeah that sucks
Conflict: :/
Conflict: same with thunder hitting + paralyzing
Mr.E: maybe an approximately
Conflict: we could just restart
Conflict: no1 lost anything etc
Mr.E: I guess
Conflict: k
Mr.E: yeah but I was totaly winning
Conflict: then what po server?
Mr.E: your zapdosis almost dead and not active
big daddy: try recreate it
big daddy: except for status or w/e
Rewer: its impossible to recreate i think
big daddy: Y
G80: whats the point when its so even
Mr.E: well we can approximate it pretty easily
G80: just rm from start
big daddy: zapdos is 12%
big daddy: thats not that even
Mr.E: it's not even his zapdos is <20%
G80: dont worry mre will let it get a rest
big daddy: lol
Rewer: lmao
big daddy: hahaha
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Blue_Star: .
big daddy: dis nigga gene so cruel
Mr.E: whatever, just remake I guess
Conflict: so
Conflict: what po server
Conflict: ?

tl;dr You should probably just battle GSC on PO if you weren't already.


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Yeah that's one of two Pursuit bugs. In NBS, if you try to use Pursuit on a Pokemon that is switching out but are left unable to due to paralysis or confusion (and maybe Sleep/Freeze?), NBS goes insane.

IIRC the other Pursuit glitch happens when you try to use Pursuit against a Sleeping Pokemon that is switching out. If you do that, NONE of the Pursuiting Pokemon's moves will do anything until you successfully Pursuit another sleeping Pokemon on the switch-out (or maybe it has to be that same sleeping Pokemon, I'm hazy on the details of undoing this glitch).

There's also the issues of incorrect critical hit calculations, permitting illegal movesets, and probably a couple other bugs I'm forgetting. GSC should be played on PO, it is less buggy and consequently the better GSC sim, nostalgia aside.
I got on now but i thought i messaged you back on skype saying let's just do it on the weekend.. sorry for the miscommunication

On 1/8/13, at 11:37 AM, Jason S wrote:
> Ok if that won't work for some reason we will play on the weekend aight?

On 1/8/13, at 11:37 AM, SoulWind wrote:
> ok
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