Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 3

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I recommend a tournaments ban


except for the ones that anyone cares about. that would just be unfair.


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limitless you're a shithead, if you're going to forcibly ghost the player YOU DRAFTED at least win the match

free jason from the oppression of casper the UNfriendly ghost(er)

also, contacted leftiez
I've been experiencing a lot of harsh stuff lately, so I just wanted to say : thank you limitless, it means a lot. And if you need someone to take a picture of you next time, just ask.
Playing Davidness on Saturday. most likely

The Alpha Ruiners (6) vs. The Ever Grande BIGS (6)

BW OU 1: McMeghan vs. Valentine - Red Panda hater shall meet defeat
BW OU 2: Princess Bri vs. MarceloDK
BW OU 3: CTC vs. Rewer - dog pls
BW Ubers: pi face vs. Syrim
BW UU: FlareBlitz vs. Bad Ass
BW RU: Pocket vs. Bad Romance
BW NU: Annoyer vs. Iris
VGC 2013: Dimsun vs. Sixonesix
DPP OU: Delta 2777 vs. Undisputed
ADV OU: CrashingBoomBang vs. Kael
GSC OU: Crystal_ vs. MrE
RBY OU: Spies vs. Floppy

The Congregation of the Classiest (7) vs. The Team Raiders (5)

BW OU 1: Vinc2612 vs. GaryTheGengar
BW OU 2: B-lulz vs. Kidogo
BW OU 3: Lavos Spawn vs. Leftiez
BW Ubers: Problems vs. Faint
BW UU: Alice vs. kokoloko
BW RU: Honko vs. Hot N Cold
BW NU: Django vs. Gl4ss
VGC 2013: Cybertron vs. Human
DPP OU: 199 Lives vs. TheFourthChaser
ADV OU: Golden Sun vs. MDragon
GSC OU: Earthworm vs. FAFUS
RBY OU: Hantsuki vs. Jackal

The Wifi Wolfpack (4) vs. The Circus Maximus Tigers (8)

BW OU 1: King vs. Moet - already happened
BW OU 2: Farmer vs. Bro fist
BW OU 3: Snowtatoes vs. ThatsJustPeachy
BW Ubers: Poppy vs. Donkey
BW UU: PK Gaming vs. DestinyUnknown
BW RU:Silentverse vs. Double01
BW NU: FLCL vs. Zebraiken
VGC 2013: kingofkongs vs. Huy
DPP OU: Fakes vs. TV-Rocka
ADV OU: DracoMalfoy vs. Sir - already happened
GSC OU: Jorgen vs. Royal Flush
RBY OU: Tiba vs. AustinF

The Indie Scooters (5) vs. The Cryonicles (7)

BW OU 1: Ojama vs. dragonuser
BW OU 2: Taylor vs. Krack
BW OU 3: Yee vs. Aqualouis
BW Ubers: HSA vs. Blim
BW UU: Blue_Star vs. RT
BW RU: Windsong vs. blarajan
BW NU: MMF vs. sweet jesus
VGC 2013: Synre vs. R_Inanimate
DPP OU: BKC vs. Blightbringer
ADV OU: 6A9 Ace Matador vs. reyscarface
GSC OU: skarm vs. Picollo
RBY OU: evan vs. Isa


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Just wanted to the comment on the irony of an ex-Bigs member being implicated in a ghosting scandal.

Also I'd like to apologize to the Tigers. I was a bit out of line last night. Sorry.


I am the blood
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shout out to symph and eo for making the correct call on the ghosting scandal, thanks to them, limitless is gone for good and jason only has to spend a week on the bench. great job dealing out the correct severity of the respective punishments on this one.
I would like to post a sincere apology to Soulwind and the sharks, and Yee and the scooters for the way I acted. I always had a choice and I could have made the right one, even if it meant me being "kicked" off the wolfpack. I would like to ask everyone to look past this incident now and to proceed with the week as it is only Monday, and I for one am tired of the drama already. Thanks.
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