Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 3

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lost vs RT. in a bit haxy match, but a really good game

edit: yeah, i said "haxy match" because there was luck for both sides, i'm not implying you were luckier :<


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I hate to do this, but just so my bases are covered...

[14:49] <&AFKC> what name
[14:49] <&AFKC> does blight use
[14:49] <&AFKC> on irc
[14:53] <&yondie> he uses many
[14:53] <&yondie> you will never find him
[14:53] <&yondie> i cant even find him
[14:53] <&AFKC> rofl
[14:53] <&yondie> he just will come on this weekend
[14:53] <&yondie> challenge yo
[14:53] <&yondie> and that will be it
[14:53] <&AFKC> so i wait for him?
[14:53] <&yondie> just be on alot this weekend
[14:53] <&AFKC> will do
[14:53] <&yondie> he came on
[14:53] <&yondie> around 11 am gmt-5
[14:54] <&yondie> the last two times

I left him a VM and I've been on nearly all day today, not to mention quite a while yesterday, and he hasn't showed. It is impossible for me to play at his preferred time of showing up tomorrow, but I can play anytime prior to 2 hours before the time mentioned, so...if he can't make it, I'm requesting a sub or something because this "wait for him to show up" thing isn't working.


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Im not going to pretend like blighblt is easy to find but if bkc had told him earlier than yesterday that h was unavailable sunday bkight wouod have gotten it done today. So I really dont think posting one short log from earoy this week "covers the bases". If we have to sub we will anr ill let ginku snunch pttp make that call whike im busy
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