Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 4

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Scimjara hasn't responded to my VM from 3 days ago, nor has he made any effort to contact me otherwise. Probably going to get forced to play after the deadline at some inconvenient time. Can't wait.


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(bshax but a win's a win I guess EDIT actually wasn't as much luck as I thought but meh)
I don't like doing this, but activity post.

Me and Carl got in contact at Monday. I wrote him saying that it'd be neat if we could play during Tuesday or Thursday evenings since I'll be busy most of the other times. I could get to play during the weekend if absolutely needed, but I'd rather not since I'm moving. Carl says that he has a 9-5 job and that due to our time zones, we cannot play prior to 1 AM my time. I reply and say that I'll be online until 2 AM my time, he doesn't reply to this so I figure that he hasn't read it and so, I don't stay up until 2 AM (I did stay up to 1:45 AM once, with him signing on five minutes later according to my team). It turns out that he did read it and waited for me, but didn't tell me.
Fast-forward to Saturday, I tell him that I'll be cleaning my room for most of today but that he could just leave a message here at any time and I'll see it. I also sign on to NBS. At one point, I sign on to IRC and see Carl online, PM him saying that he should go on NBS and challenge me and I'll see it while I'm cleaning, no reply, 1½ hour later Carl signs off from IRC. Four hours later, at 1:30 AM or so, I log out, not having heard anything.

I have absolutely no time to battle today except maybe during the evening. So, activity post.
I had hopped on yesterday and then just left my computer open even though I went out. So, yeah, that's why you didn't get an answer from me yesterday on IRC... eventually my PC goes to sleep. Like I said in my original VM, I thought this would be tough this week so I am sorry that it turned out that way. I didn't "confirm" during the week because it seemed unnecessary - you said you would be on for a bit, more than one day, in a time range I thought I would catch you so it didn't seem like a big deal. I guess I didn't realize I needed to confirm something it seemed like you were already planning on doing.

I don't fault you for our conflicting schedules and timezones so I hope that in the same respect you don't fault me. This hasn't been a case of both of us being online at the same time and then one blowing the other off... it really has been a situation where we've had limited chances to even interact in real time. I wasn't around yesterday when we probably could have played but it sounds like you're also not around today when we probably could have played.

Honestly, I'd rather just play our match as that was what I signed up for. It's really disheartening to have this timezone thing happen 2 weeks in a row and to get attacked by other teams (not you Isa, you've been really nice) as if it's only my fault. According to LN, this tournament isn't for me because my timezone doesn't match up with most of the field in my metagame. Really?

I don't expect someone 7 hours ahead to reconfigure their life for me in order to play an outdated pokemon game, that's not what I'm saying, and I fully understand Isa going to bed during the week once it got late. What I am saying is that this isn't anybody's fault because we live on opposite sides of the globe. Not sure how it can be claimed that either one of us has been "inactive" when we've just been on at different times. I get the motivation behind the "activity post" but it's totally unreasonable, and IMO not applicable, given the context.

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