Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 5

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got an early crit which basically destroyed all his chances, wish it could have ended differently

gg I guess and thanks for being cool about all this...


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All right so...

activity post

Basically, I've been messaging Vrille on irc this entire week (or at least, pinging him when I log on periodically, primarily when his fellow french Aqualouis was on). I've only had two responses, and the one time when I went "hey let's play early please, this weekend is bad for me" he says "okay let's play Saturday" and then logged off. The only other time I've gotten a hold of him he's logged off rather quickly. I have even had Aqualouis text him / try calling him, since he knows Vrille irl (multiple times) to no avail. This weekend was honestly super bad for me and I haven't been able to get a hold of Vrille. Here is conversation with manager tennisace:

[14:27] <blarajan> hey can i talk to you for a sec
[14:27] <tennisace> sure
[14:27] <blarajan> ok
[14:27] <blarajan> it's about me v vrille
[14:28] <tennisace> mk
[14:28] <blarajan> i've been spamming irc pms at vrille all week to play early
[14:28] <blarajan> and the times i have talked to him
[14:28] <blarajan> he says like two words then logs off
[14:28] <blarajan> i've been needing this game done earlier cause i'm just
[14:28] <blarajan> not available the latter half of this weekend
[14:28] <blarajan> after dinner today i've had plans until sunday morning
[14:28] <blarajan> and sunday i have to cram for an exam until monday morning
[14:29] <blarajan> i've been trying to get this game done but i haven't been able to access vrille even with my teammate aqualouis texting him
[14:29] <blarajan> i just wanted to let you know since the next few hours are my last opportunity to seriously play a game (besides being super distracted by an exam or super tired or w/e)
[14:29] <tennisace> ok, if i see him on i'll tell him to play
[14:29] <blarajan> that's not the problem
[14:30] <blarajan> he hasn't been logging on
[14:30] <blarajan> if he doesn't within the next few hours i'd like you to have a sub ready
[14:30] <blarajan> if he's on i obviously don't mind playing him

I haven't had any issues getting any games done and I've been actively hunting Vrille down this entire week and it's getting to the point where I don't know if I can manage to play later. I don't want to be subbed out since I've been trying this whole time.


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i'm good at lucking people

sorry about the sp miss and the last turn crit sj, i felt i had a solid advantage without them but they ultimately sealed it

Sweet Jesus

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he was in the best position but I still had a chance and once again a sleep powder miss took it. I still had an pretty small chance after that but a crit... really would have liked to see a real ending but oh well, gg I guess.
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