Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 7

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my set time versus jayde was anytime between 2-5 est. It's less than 10 minutes before time is up and I have to go really soon. I have no idea when I'm going to get this done.


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I have never been that lucky in my entire life. That was an awful game SilentVerse, and I'm sorry for winning it that way.

That being said, considering this and last week, I am not complaining about hax in SPL ever again o.o.

edit: probably
edit2: I warned him in advance.

[16:11] <blarajan> ok j/s
[16:12] <blarajan> all my moves will crit
[16:12] <blarajan> every single one
[16:12] <SilentVerse> that would ber
[16:12] <blarajan> and you will cry
[16:12] <SilentVerse> v rude
[16:12] <SilentVerse> :(
[16:12] <SilentVerse> i probly will if that happens


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Yeah so uh, I had like a million ways to win that match and would have won the match multiple times, but I got haxed at literally every point where I could have won so... GG I guess, it was a fun match aside from the hax.
i have never seen a team get so happy over a tie. thanks gosh i was destined for bigger things like sharks big <33333

i wouldn't catch a grenade, put my hand on a blade, or do anything for the frogs no more
Looks like MMF still isn't on, and Scooters haven't subbed anyone in. It's late in Spain. I need to go to sleep now, I've been active ~30 mins but he didn't come, sorry.
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