Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 8

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won in a gg.
Sorry for hitting my Fire Blast and your Ice Beam not getting a critical hit. That could've turned the game around in your favor.
contacted CTC and asked for a specific time to play tomorrow. told him i will be able to play from 12pm-5pm EST time. from 5pm to 6pm, i need to take a bubble bath and apply my make up for my night shift so i won't be able to play. i work from 7pm to 2am at a local mcdonalds' drive thru doing drive thru stuff so i won't be able to play then either

hope to get this done tomorrow


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Aqualouis1: it is time to miss

Begin Turn #39
Dragonite used Blizzard!
Dragonite's attack missed!

Sorry make.
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