Smogon Premier League 5 - All-Star Week!

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XY OU 1: C05ta vs Yusuke
XY OU 2: CrashinBoomBang vs Masterclass
XY Ubers: Furai vs Sweep
XY LC: blarajan vs Al_Alchemist
XY Doubles: Biosci vs BLINGAS
BW OU: Shoka vs yan[sogeking]
BW UU: SoulChef vs kokoloko
BW RU: SilentVerse vs Hot N Cold
BW NU: Malekith vs BasedVictory
DPP OU: Marshall.Law vs DracoMalfoy
ADV OU: Golden Sun vs Halloween
GSC OU: Colchonero vs Conflict


im the best
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not to say sogeking isn't a bad user still but I 100% respect his decision to bring a stall team to all-star week

you guys are the same reason major sports are basically eliminating defense from their games
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