Smogon Premier League 5 - FINALS [Won by the Stark Sharks]

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Banned deucer.
I guess I should do my shout-outs now~

I really thank the Cryos for allowing me to have such a fun season with the team, I can gladly say I made dozens of new friends and I only strengthened my friendship with the players I knew previously. I'm sorry I kinda fell off my shit during the playoffs and I don't use irl as an excuse and nothing would make me happier to be retained by you guys next season. The team channel was always amusing and apologies to CrashinBoomBang and gr8astard for getting kicked, you're my fuckin frens :]. We had fantastic managers although none of them really played Pokemon (Snunch lucked an OST win I guess / MDragon "plays pokemon" lol garbage) But you guys allowed me to have a strong say in the team and I really appreciated that, since getting BR was probably our best midseason pick-up (Or Majin technically) onto SHOUTOUTS

yondie: Fantastic manager, and was really able to think things through. Easily the best manager in this tournament, he did everything a good manager is supposed to do and more, did you guys know he beat Earthworm in 2011 Smogon World Cup????? He did. I thank you for allowing me to have a big say in what went on and just talking through possible line-ups or big trades that could occur like getting rid of Vinc2612 GaryTheGengar for all those fuckin THREATS. We'll be less than an hour apart when I go to College in the Fall so I'll make sure to play Beer Pong with you once in a while (Don't throw up)

M Dragon: I guess you're an okay player? You're average at GSC and ADV. Just kidding, honestly playing a lot of GSC with you and watching you play ADV gives me no doubt in my mind you are the best ADV player and easily a top 3 GSC player. There is nobody who deserves a trophy more than you on Smogon and I am very upset that I was not able to make that dream come true. You were my Assman before in POCL 2 but I really got to know you better this tour, I hope we can be together again!

Snunch: Does. Not. Stop. Talking. Nobody gives a shit about this man's opinion but he just kept on fucking talking in the team channel. Jk ily, like BR said I thought of you as the best BW UU player and a great player overall even though I didn't play Pokemon when you won OST 8. I know I joked around a lot in the team channel with you and it was really funny, while we were able to be serious sometimes and we could talk about possible moves for the team. Great player, wish you still played or else we wouldn't have been 0-5 in BW2 UU the first 5 weeks but you my nigga.

blarajan: Fuckin' fren :] As soon as I got access to the ~~secret~~ team channel, we hit it off instantly. We had numerous autistic building sessions and we became really close friends. I still have the log of when we made normal spam which I'll post here after this shout-out. You're a really good friend and I know you grew bored of SPL as it went on but you are 11-0, but I couldn't care less about your record because that doesn't top that we became really good friends. Fantastic LC player (If those exist).

[21:18] <&blarajan> next team is drag spam + tailwind
[21:18] <&blarajan> and i don't care
[21:18] <&blarajan> lmao
[21:18] <&blarajan> fraxure / zweilous / altaria / gabite
[21:18] <&blarajan> !searchnu tailwind
[21:18] <TIBot_> Charizard, Butterfree, Beedrill, Pidgeot, Fearow, Golbat, Farfetch'd, Articuno, Noctowl, Ledian, Togetic, Natu, Murkrow, Mantine, Beautifly, ...
[21:18] <&blarajan> ok i'm kidding
[21:19] <&blarajan> that's too shitty even for me
[21:19] <Cased> I have a
[21:19] <&blarajan> WHAT I DO LIKE THOUGH
[21:19] <Cased> Tailwind team
[21:19] <Cased> W/ Dragons
[21:19] <&blarajan> IS DD WHISCASH
[21:19] <Cased> Lol
[21:19] <&blarajan> wait
[21:19] <&blarajan> what
[21:19] <&blarajan> you do
[21:19] <&blarajan> lmao let me see
[21:19] <Cased> Lemme import
[21:19] <&blarajan> i was fucking joking
[21:19] <Cased> Err it's lik
[21:19] <Cased> Uh
[21:19] <&blarajan> wait
[21:19] <&blarajan> nigga
[21:19] <Cased> Drifblim
[21:19] <&blarajan> NIGGA
[21:19] <&blarajan> NIGGA
[21:19] <Cased> CB Fraxure
[21:19] <&blarajan> NIGGA
[21:19] <&blarajan> NIGGGGGGGA
[21:19] <Cased> AY
[21:20] <Cased> LOL
[21:20] <Cased> AND VIGOROTH
[21:20] <Cased> WITH PURSUIT
[21:21] <Cased> Lmao
[21:21] <Cased> Gothorita/Skuntank/Kangaskhan/Swellow/Zangoose/Primeape
[21:21] <Cased> ggGG
[21:21] <&blarajan> lmao
[21:21] <Cased> DUDE
[21:21] <Cased> FAKE TEARS
[21:21] <Cased> GOTHORITA
[21:21] <Cased> TO BEAT
[21:21] <Cased> MUSHARNA
[21:21] <&blarajan> WHY NOT TAUNT TOXIC
[21:21] <Cased> LOL
[21:22] <&blarajan> HEY YO
[21:22] <&blarajan> WHAT DO
[21:22] <Cased> TRAPINCH
[21:22] <Cased> DIGLETT
[21:22] <&blarajan> no.
[21:22] <Cased> DIGLETT THOUGH
[21:22] <&blarajan> gothorita
[21:22] <&blarajan> lol
[21:22] <&blarajan> we're using gothorita
[21:22] <Cased> lol
[21:22] <&blarajan> because it kills alomomola
[21:22] <Cased> We could use
[21:22] <Cased> Calm Mind/HP Ground/Psychic/Rest
[21:22] <Cased> That's the set I used to use
[21:23] <Cased> Or Taunt/Toxic/Psychic/Rest
[21:23] <&blarajan> ok but musharna
[21:23] <Cased> Then Taunt/Toxic
[21:23] <&blarajan> taunt toxic hp ground rest
[21:23] <&blarajan> :3?
[21:23] <Cased> Ya
[21:23] <Cased> Sounds good to me
[21:23] <Cased> What do we hit anyways
[21:23] <&blarajan> i genuinely don't even care
[21:23] <Cased> Metang/Bastiodon
[21:23] <&blarajan> yeah that's all
[21:23] <&blarajan> probopass
[21:23] <&blarajan> as well
[21:23] <Cased> Probopass
[21:23] <Cased> Just VSwitches out
[21:23] <&blarajan> what actually checks birds
[21:23] <&blarajan> yes but
[21:23] <&blarajan> hp ground?
[21:24] <Cased> If we outpace
[21:24] <Cased> !
[21:24] <Cased> Well I assume we outpace 166
[21:24] <Cased> Hopefully we dont face autistic probopass
[21:24] <&blarajan> 252 SpAtk Gothorita (+SpAtk) Hidden Power Ground vs 252 HP/0 SpDef Probopass: 50.62% - 60.49% (2 hits to KO)
[21:24] <&blarajan> 252 SpAtk Gothorita (+SpAtk) Hidden Power Ground vs 252 HP/0 SpDef Eviolite Metang: 29.01% - 34.57% (3-4 hits to KO)
[21:24] <&blarajan> good enough v metang honestly
[21:24] <&blarajan> we get two hits
[21:24] <&blarajan> that's enough to let everything else kick its ass
[21:24] <Cased> Yeah
[21:24] <&blarajan> anyways
[21:25] <Cased> Im just nervous vs like
[21:25] <&blarajan> is this build
[21:25] <&blarajan> imo
[21:25] <&blarajan> OKAY
[21:25] <&dragonuser> why not use
[21:25] <&dragonuser> tht + jynx
[21:25] <&blarajan> ?
[21:25] <&dragonuser> you demolish all jynx checks/counters
[21:25] <&blarajan> cause jynx sucks
[21:25] <&blarajan> WAIT HOLD THE PHONE
[21:26] <Cased> BUT MY MINUTES
[21:26] <&blarajan> AM I ON TO SOMETHING OR WHAT
[21:26] <Cased> WHY GRASS KNOT
[21:26] <Cased> OH
[21:26] <Cased> GOLURK
[21:26] <&blarajan> OHKOES ON OHKOES ON OHKOES
[21:26] <Cased> YEAH
[21:26] <&blarajan> !data gothorita
[21:26] <TIBot_> Gothorita - Psychic | Frisk/Competitive/Shadow Tag (H) | 60/45/70/75/85/55 | 390 BST | NFE | Low Kick/Grass Knot: 40 BP
[21:26] <&blarajan> !data golurk
[21:26] <TIBot_> Golurk - Ground/Ghost | Iron Fist/Klutz/No Guard (H) | 89/124/80/55/80/55 | 483 BST | NU | Low Kick/Grass Knot: 120 BP
[21:26] <&blarajan> GOOD
[21:26] <&blarajan> WE WILL BE FAST
[21:26] <&blarajan> AS
[21:26] <&blarajan> FUCK
[21:26] <Cased> I CAN WORK WITH THIS
[21:26] <Cased> WHICH IS 192 IIRC
[21:26] <&blarajan> YEAH
[21:26] <&blarajan> AND WE CAN TRICK ALOMOMOLA
[21:27] <&blarajan> AND THEN RAPE IT VIGOROUSLY
[21:27] <Cased> OR JUST
[21:27] <Cased> 2HKO ALOMOMOLA
[21:27] <&blarajan> I'M CALCING THAT
[21:27] <Cased> IT DOES
[21:27] <&blarajan> 252 SpAtk Choice Specs Gothorita (+SpAtk) Grass Knot vs 252 HP/0 SpDef Alomomola: 52.43% - 61.8% (2 hits to KO)
[21:27] <&blarajan> NOT STRONG ENOUGH
[21:27] <Cased> CALC
[21:27] <Cased> PSYCHIC
[21:27] <&blarajan> WITH PROTECT / TOXIC
[21:27] <&blarajan> ETC
[21:27] <&blarajan> 252 SpAtk Choice Specs Gothorita (+SpAtk) Psychic vs 252 HP/0 SpDef Alomomola: 58.61% - 69.29% (2 hits to KO)
[21:27] <&blarajan> LOL STUPID ALOMOMOLA
[21:27] <&blarajan> SO I WOULD JUST TRICK IT
[21:27] <Cased> YA
[21:27] <Cased> EASY
[21:27] <Cased> #BANGBANG
[21:27] <&blarajan> ok so trick specs gothorita
[21:28] <&blarajan> 252 SpAtk Choice Specs Gothorita (+SpAtk) Grass Knot vs 252 HP/0 SpDef Golurk: 94.24% - 110.99% (62.5% chance to OHKO)
[21:28] <&blarajan> oooooh
[21:28] <&blarajan> too easy
[21:28] <&blarajan> TOO EASY
[21:28] <Cased> I mean if our opponent brings like
[21:28] <Cased> Scarf Zard
[21:28] <Cased> Might as well pack up the bags
[21:28] <&blarajan> hello we have
[21:28] <Cased> STEALTH ROCKS
[21:28] <&blarajan> quick attack, fake out + sucker punch, and quick attack
[21:28] <&blarajan> along with stealth rock
[21:28] <&blarajan> fuck you we are FINE
[21:28] <Cased> EZ
[21:28] <&blarajan> DO IT
[21:29] <&blarajan> we could use brav > swellow if you want but i like swellow
[21:29] <&blarajan> facade rapes
[21:29] <&blarajan> WAIT HOLD ON
[21:29] <&blarajan> GOTHORITA
[21:29] <&blarajan> RAPES TANGELA TOO
[21:29] <Cased> EXPLOSION GOLEM
[21:29] <&blarajan> no
[21:29] <Cased> WAIT WAIT WAIT
[21:29] <Cased> EZ
[21:29] <&blarajan> sucker punch on this fucker
[21:29] <&blarajan> lol
[21:29] <Cased> CALL ME CRAZY
[21:29] <Cased> BUT
[21:29] <Cased> TAILWIND SWELLOW?
[21:29] <&blarajan> YES
[21:29] <Cased> AND THE GLUE
[21:29] <Cased> CAN ABUSE AS WELL
[21:30] <&blarajan> WHO EVEN WANTS BRAVE BIRD
[21:30] <Cased> BRAVE BIRD
[21:30] <Cased> IS FOR PUSSIES
[21:30] <&blarajan> it actually
[21:30] <&blarajan> is the worst
[21:30] <&blarajan> no joke
[21:30] <&blarajan> i hate using it
[21:30] <&blarajan> you just suicided your swellow good job
[21:30] <Cased> I mean it's for Misdreavus in a sense
[21:30] <&blarajan> not in a sense it's entirely for misdreavus
[21:30] <Cased> But fuck that
[21:30] <Cased> Misdreavus can smd
[21:30] <&blarajan> do we need quick attack
[21:30] <&blarajan> on swellow
[21:30] <Cased> Ugh like
[21:31] <&blarajan> it's for scarf jynx
[21:31] <Cased> But when I have it, I don't
[21:31] <&blarajan> i know what you mean nigga
[21:31] <&blarajan> i have that problem too
[21:31] <&blarajan> u-turn out of misdreavus into zangoose, easy?
[21:31] <&blarajan> what's it going to do, will o wisp?
[21:31] <Cased> Sounds fairly ez
[21:31] <&blarajan> LOL
[21:31] <&blarajan> swellow gonna die?
[21:31] <Cased> lol nigga im poisoned as FUK
[21:31] <&blarajan> get wrecked
[21:31] <Cased> I need it
[21:31] <Cased> Every time I don't use Quick Attack
[21:32] <Cased> Ugh Im lagging
[21:32] <Cased> So bad lmfao
[21:32] <&blarajan> yeah fuck brave bird
[21:32] <&blarajan> let's say fuck brave bird
[21:32] <Cased> Lemme
[21:32] <Cased> Re-connect
[21:32] <&blarajan> ok
[21:32] * Cased ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[21:33] * Cased ( has joined #cryos
[21:34] <&blarajan> 252 SpAtk Choice Specs Gothorita (+SpAtk) Psychic vs 252 HP/0 SpDef Eviolite Tangela: 68.26% - 80.24% (2 hits to KO)
[21:34] <&blarajan> j/s too wrec
[21:34] <&blarajan> k
[21:34] <&blarajan> ANYWAYS
[21:34] <&blarajan> swellow's like
[21:34] <&blarajan> i'm about to die?
[21:34] <&blarajan> TAILWIND MAH NIGGA
[21:34] <Cased> BANG BANG
[21:34] <Cased> SOSAAA
[21:35] <&blarajan> NOW WHAT
[21:35] <Cased> GOLEM
[21:35] <&blarajan> WE NEED TO CHECK FIGHTING MONS
[21:35] <&blarajan> AND GET SR
[21:35] <Cased> I ASSUME
[21:35] <&blarajan> I THINK GOLURK TBH
[21:35] <Cased> FOCUS SASH GOLURK
[21:35] <Cased> NEW META
[21:35] <&blarajan> LET'S NOT AND SAY WE DID
[21:35] <Cased> I WAS KIDDING DW
[21:35] <Cased> SOME DUDE RAN THAT ON PO
[21:35] <&blarajan> WAIT
[21:35] <&blarajan> FIGHTING MONS
[21:35] <Cased> DURING POCL 2
[21:35] <&blarajan> CAN'T USE FIGHTING MOVES
[21:35] <&blarajan> GOTHORITA COME IN OHKO EASY
[21:35] <Cased> LOL
[21:35] <&blarajan> HELLO DETERRENCE
[21:35] <Cased> LMFAO
[21:35] <Cased> EZ
[21:35] <&blarajan> GOTHORITA COME IN OHKO EASY
[21:36] <&blarajan> MMMMMMMMMMF
[21:36] <Cased> MMMM THE FEELS
[21:36] <&blarajan> this is disgusting
[21:36] <Cased> Lmao
[21:36] <&blarajan> what last mon
[21:36] <Cased> Should take adv of Tailwind?
[21:36] <&blarajan> not necessarily but yeah i'm more thinking
[21:36] <&blarajan> what are we stupid weak to
[21:37] <&blarajan> lead jynx if we lead golurk
[21:37] <Cased> I mean there's no point in patching up synergy tbh
[21:37] <&blarajan> is annoying
[21:37] <&blarajan> yeah there isn't but
[21:37] <&blarajan> a solid offensive glue
[21:37] <&blarajan> still helps
[21:37] <Cased> Yeah no doubt
[21:37] <&blarajan> a scarfer, strong prio, sweeper, something
[21:38] <&blarajan> so something offensive to handle things that rape us
[21:38] <Cased> Carracosta?
[21:38] <&blarajan> 252 SpAtk Choice Specs Gothorita (+SpAtk) Hidden Power Ground vs 252 HP/0 SpDef Eviolite Metang: 43.21% - 51.23% (2-3 hits to KO)
[21:38] <&blarajan> hey yo though nigga
[21:38] <&blarajan> WAIT
[21:38] <&blarajan> THAT'S GENIUS
[21:38] <&blarajan> YES
[21:38] <&blarajan> YES
[21:38] <&blarajan> YES
[21:38] <&blarajan> YES
[21:38] <&blarajan> YES
[21:38] <&blarajan> EYS
[21:38] <Cased> :]
[21:38] <&blarajan> ESY
[21:38] <&blarajan> YES
[21:38] <Cased> SPECIAL
[21:38] <&blarajan> NO
[21:38] <Cased> BECAUSE
[21:38] <&blarajan> PHYSICAL
[21:38] <Cased> OH
[21:38] <Cased> YA

Blim: This is our third team tour together and I'm glad you still love to blame me for every time you have ever lost a team tournament because it shows that Pokemon > Friendship, jk (sorta). Like BR said, you are the best Ubers player. I don't think anybody comes close, and if they do, they don't. You won over 10 50/50s this SPL and I don't think you lost one, you legit get mad at me when I lose 50/50s. You were obviously one of my best friends here and although you love beating up on me and getting out your anger after losing, you're still my fren.

Aqualouis: I hope you know that Politoed/Dugtrio/Skarmory/Landorus-T/Alakazam/Sharpedo IS ROTOM-W WEAK. LANDORUS-T IS NOT A COUNTER. Jk, it was fun messing with you occasionally but seriously you are a fucking God at BW2 OU, when people say it is all match-up based, I'm glad there are players like you out there who DGAF about match-up, and just outplay your opponent every. fucking. turn. Honestly some of your matches were just hilarious, you have huge balls and you are my favorite French (BAN ME PLEASE). Much respect!

@]V[ajinTupacZ: I can't fucking tag you but ohmygod you are fucking hilarious. You and I had a lot of fun in the team channel and you are just flat-out hilarious. I agree that you have a big cock and are extremely handsome of course. And you are a fucking fantastic ADV Player, I'd have more to say if you were here from Week 1 but who gives a fuck you're a God.

R Inanimate: 0-4 to 6-5, you're the Doubles God. Honestly it was obvious that you would blossom after Midseason because every game you looked more familiar with Doubles, so there was no doubt you'd rek. You weren't very active on IRC, wish you were.

dragonuser: My nigga. Easily one of my best friends on the team, really stood up for me when NU players were being discussed and you guys chose me to play. Easily one of the best OU players as well, one tour cannot make or break you as a player, you're definitely winning OST and if you don't I will personally make sure you get some form of trophy that doesn't have HUGO written on it. You're one of my good friends :]

Hikari: I hope you know I take full credit for whipping you back into shape for SPL to fucking destroy. Jk, I know you doubted that I'd get you on the Cryos but you clearly under estimated how much I hyped you up, we needed UU and RU wins and you buckled down and gave them to us, you actually win in playoffs and I'm pretty glad I got to talk to you more, considering I was scared shitless of you for a solid half year when I was in Indigo. You're a fantastic player and I hope your IRL situation gets better and you come on PO occasionally even when you leave because now I consider you my fren :]

Fakes: For obvious reasons I wasn't a big fan of some of your antics but this is not the time to focus on the negatives (This is a sub at Blim) You're a fantastic DPP player and nobody can take that away from you, just don't run away from matches or quit for a week or two, k?<3

CyberOdin: Literally my favorite fucking teammate, although he only knew about 9 words of english and I'd love to copy/paste logs of him saying "u are malekith fuki dady u fuk him good ok??" he is literally one of my favorite guys. You can never get mad at him and there's no doubt in my mind that I would want to play another team tour with a God like Odin. The POT Winner and *-*.

HSA ♥: RAP GAME HSA, I want to rhyme that with DOA or Bitches Cray but that's okay. You picked up RU for the team as soon as we realized it might be one of our weak tiers, although you managed to build exactly what your opponent was making and had too many mirror matches, you were definitely one of my best friends on the team. Stay up lil nigga, we all choke. (Especially me omylord I'm fucking garbage)

Picollo: Not the best season for you but there's no doubt you are a great GSC player, although I crush you 24/7 you are still a good guy and you should've gotten on IRC more. It was a tough match for both of us in Finals, don't sweat it.

King: MY NIGGA MY NIGGA. You get a lot of shit that you shouldn't get on here, you're a really hard worker and you mean best. You're easily one of my best friends on here and I promise we'll Skype and talk more, you understand my IRL situation and that means a lot. I can't really make this shout-out sound any more like your shout-out to me. tl;dr you're my fuckin fren, I'm glad you got an XY OU win, and hopefully this can carry momentum into a possible start in World Cup or next SPL.

Pocket: Easily the best team player anybody could ask for, and anybody who has ever played a team tour with him can agree that he is the most positive person anybody could ask for. Which makes it so much funnier when he gets angry, jk. You got me into Doubles single-handedly and I even made a knowledgable post about Bisharp, which means I'm obviously good at Doubles. You made me feel confident every match and I contribute that to every single one of my wins. You could've easily started for any other team and I'm glad Doubles has a knowledgable Tier Leader :]

Light The Thunder: LET THERE BE LIGHT. You are a very good DPP player and you faced a lot of tough opponents and even clinched a huge win for us as soon as we got you, you always kept me confident as well and you are one of the nicest guys in SPL. Hopefully we can do another team tour together so I can get to know you better.

atomicllamas: It's unfortunate I couldn't get you that trophy that TAONU wanted you to have. You're an extremely creative player and it's sad you only got one match to prove yourself, although it is hard to win vs. AFROCASE 2014 so nobody here can blame you. You're a great guy and I hope you man up one day and speak to yondie. You're my fren :]

fatty: Very good UU player who got unfortunately unlucky, but you were an incredible help to LC and there is no way Blarajan gets 11-0 without your help. I hope you get into your fraternity bro and I know you could've done better if you were given more games to play.

Royalty: You quit PO you fuckin' (BAN ME PLEASE). UU didn't go your way this season with the combination of hax and not thinking through things but I'm sure you can comeback stronger. I'll use SD Samurott one day.

Other niggas:






JK Artemisa SUCKS

Finchinator TOO



FLCL Molk Molk'S DAD ebeast Zebraiken Annoyer DTC Specs EMBOAR Soulgazer YOU GUYS ARE MY NIGGAS
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Les agradezco mucho que Allan confiado en mí pues era un apuesta difícil

Pagar 18 k para un jugador que solo sabe jugar adv y gsc que no puede ayudar en las demás tires, además no puede comunicarse de forma efectiva con el resto del equipo, que no podía estar los domingos y que batallaba con los horarios del trabajo eralmente era algo ariesgado


Pese a todo siempre me sentí aceptado.

Lograron que todas las personas creyeran en el proyecto y que no hubiera conflictos dentro del equipo, al mismo tiempo que todos nos sintiéramos útiles e importantes

Aunque las cosas parecían a veces mal empezando perdiendo muchas partidas en el canal siempre reinaba el optimismo la confianza en el equipo y en poder ganar y remontar cualquier pelea

Aparte una administración estupenda y un genial manejo de grupo tantas personalidades diferentes y tantos países juntarlo todo para convertirlo en un equipo… mis respetos felicidades campeones


-Tsunami-: jugaste genial a pesar de que te toco andar dando vueltas por muchos puestos que no eran tu especialidad. Ganaste las peleas de semifinal y final pero más importante para mí yo siempre encontré ayuda cuando la necesitaba gran jugador gran persona y exelente traductor *-*

Al_Alchemist: toda la temporada fuiste una victoria segura estuviste jugando con un nivel estupendo aun con la desconexión demostraste kien es el que manda en lc.

Arcticblast: tuviste un estupendo desempeño pero bueno era de esperarse de uno de los miembros mas sexys del equipo Sige asi!

Atticus: realmente no hablamos mucho pero me gusta tu Nick de negros xd pero puta madre jugaste increíble ganaste todas tus peleas. Qué bueno que te uniste a nosotros aunque querías jugar con frogs xD

Conflict: toda la temporada te toco jugar gsc aunque al principio no estuviste muy convencido de hacerlo. Esta vez el team capitán demostró quien mandaba ganando los match points en final y semifinal. Pocas cosas son mas dulces que eso. A nivel personal gracias por los test y se que era difícil pedirme opiniones en gsc jajaja pero bueno todo lo superamos campeones!!!

Edgar: me da gusto ver a las nuevas generaciones de latinos sobresalir en smogon y una persona mas que hable español en el chat es la mamada jajaja cuando inicio la temporada y teníamos algunas dudas respecto a los puestos me dijeron tu no te preocupes en mid season ficharemos a edgar y yo como ke o.o? dije bueno confió en el proyecto xd ahora entiendo por que estaban tan decididos en ficharte, cuando estaba tu pelea 2 vs 2 ni siquiera la vi completa por que algo me decía que ivas a ganar aun y que tenias desventaja de pokemons y si ganaste. Sige asi loco puedes llegar muy alto

Hawkstar : yo se que no tuviste la oportunidad de jugar mucho pero yo siempre te veía hay dispuesto a ayudar estoy seguro hubieras tenido mas oportunidades de jugar seguramente los hubieras matado.

Heist: ese heist siempre misterioso y conectándose a horas muy diferentes a las mias pero tu aporte fue invaluable siempre que faltabas tu de jugar pensaba bueno tenermos una win segura solo tenemos que ganar …… Tener players así siempre permite a los demás jugar con mas tranquilidad

Kael: el robo de la spl .5k es una pendejada para uno de los mejores players disponibles en la spl. Cuando vi que te ficharon me alegre mucho para tener más apoyo en las olds gens pero también lo hiciste muy bien cuando te toco jugar bw ou. Lo de las peleas del test lo que pasa es que tu te conectas un poco tarde después de las 5 ya se me hace muy difícil jugar por el trabajo normalmente practico en las mañanas

Kevin Garrett: pocas veces entendía lo que el crow estaba diciendo en el chat, escribías mucho y de muchas cosas @.@ pero no eras un total desconocido algo avía mirado de ti en las pasados tours (y el escándalo de la temporada pasada xd ) así que me extraño cuando no estabas jugando al principio pero bueno ahora se que te estabas guardando para salir en las finales y demostrarles por que estuviste 9 veces en el mejor quinteto defensivo de la nba

LUST: en lo particular me parecio que jugaste de puta madre te toco cubrir 0bers al principio que no era lo tuyo y diste tu mejor esfuerzo. Siempre trataste de ayudar a la gente y si en el canal de #sharks siempre había buen ambiente tu eras el principal culpable

Malekith: oye

los sharks me han preguntado si querias jugar la spl

con nosotros

Jajaja pues si aky estamos y somos campeones.

Stellar: si esto fuera un equipo de futbol tu serias un defensa o un medio de contención esos jugadores que no lucen mucho y que no se llevan las portadas de las revistas pero que cuando los quitas de un equipo simplemente ya no funciona sin ti eso no ubiera sido posible.

SoulWind: este año fue dificil para ti por que los resultados no se estaban dando pero ante todo supiste sobreponerte y buscar la manera de ser útil al equipo y no dejar de apollar y estar listo cuando era necesario gracias a ti para mi la estancia fue mas agradable por que tenia con quien platicar bromear y testar. este trofeo solo es una consecuencia de lo bien que lo has estado haciendo los últimos años

TheFourthChaser: no solo fuiste un gran jugador esta temporada sino fuiste un gran amigo pocas personas se esforzaron tanto para que sharks lograra el campeonato, te lo mereces!

The Wolf: es un lio cuando te toca estar cambiando de tier que no son tu especialidad, das tu mejor esfuerzo y las cosas no se dan. Pero nunca te desanimaste y siempre estuviste buscando la manera de ayudar. Bien jugado campeón!

WhiteQueen: siempre andabas de troll nunca entendí bien por que xD pero lo que si entendí es que tu realmente disfrutaste ser parte del equipo disfruta troleando a todos los que no ganaron por mi que no lo puedo hacer tan bien en ingles xd

Mensajes para mis amigos fuera de sharks

Colchonero: cabron jugaste de maravilla anduviste de violador todo el torneo lastima que esta madre sea torneo por equipos. Tal vez no ganaste el torneo pero te llevaste el respeto de todos

M dragon: primer año de manajer y a la final estuviste genial el año que viene te llevas el titulo fijo.

Cyber Prodin: les enseñaste lo que es ser un negro del caribe los abusaste yo siempre supe ke tu podias llegar muy lejos y este no es tu tope esto es solo tu comienzo

Megaman : no eres bueno fichando pero tienes un Nick gracioso y aveces eso te saca adelante.


but then what's left of me?
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I guess I should do shout outs cause otherwise SilentVerse would be a sad little boy, and we don't want that to happen oO.

Yondie / Snunch / M Dragon - Thanks for buying me guys :). I know I wasn't necessarily your first choice in player, but I'm glad blara managed to convince you to buy me, cause I had a great time being on the cryos. You guys definitely put together a strong ass (and fun) team.

Blarajan - Rajan I owe my SPL existence pretty much entirely to you. I'm really glad I was able to be a part (however small) of your 11-0 record, and team building with you was always really fun (except when you'd kick me for suggesting CM spritzee :( ). Play XY RU with me more in the future (you can even use Gligar!).

HSA - It was always a good time building RU teams with you and telling you exactly why you should not use Blarajan's Fire Spam team (seriously that team is ass oO). You picked up RU really fast and were really quite good at it by the end. You better pick up XY RU so you can hang out with me still.

Cased - You were probably the funniest person in the channel and I am pretty glad I got to know you through out the season. Even though I thought about 2/3 of the teams you and Rajan were actually retarded, you managed to pull off quite the season. Spend more time in TAONU imo tbh :).

Other Cryos - I was gonna do a shout out for all of you cause you are all pretty great people, but I got really lazy and that seems like a lot of typing. I know we didn't win this year, but I definitely feel like we proved ourselves as a really strong team and look forward to seeing you guys around smogon. *-*

RU people-

Silentverse - I really must say thank you for helping me out in the begging of the season, you are quite frankly one of my favorite people on smogon and you are 2cute4me. I had fun testing with you through out the season.

Neil - /me gives nails a red panda, you are a really cool guy and I definitely learned a lot about hipster RU sets from testing / talking with you. Fun story, when you were PMing me your team for SV he was PMing me his team against you, so sorry if I was no help that week I was trying not to take sides, lol.

Hot N Cold - you are definitely one of the best RUers out there today, and I like when you PM me music videos / trying to help you build even though you are too pro :)

Molk - Molk stop being a baby and sign up for tournaments (ily bb)

Silvershadow234 - You are a true #trophyllamas2014 supporter and a true fren. Testing with you was always really fun, especially beating your jynx with muh SpD drud. :p

Looking forward to XY RU with you guys!

TAONU - Most of you guys are really cool. Shoutout to Trop Ebeast and SS234 for being true #trophyllamas2014 supporters, Fuck Dcae and Soulgazer.

#slutpower - muh sluts :)

people I forgot - sorry, I promise it was an honest mistake :/
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I'm so happy for the team. You guys rock!

It has been a few years since I've played a meaningful game. I'm thankful for the opportunity the Sharks gave me since there wasn't a guarantee I could contribute to their season. At the very least I figured I could be an encouraging voice and make the most of any playing time I could make available. From when I first joined the team until now, I have found my way back to playing on the big stage in large part to the all of the support from the team to get me back to some semblance of my former self. Some of my early practice games are worth forgetting, but all of you helped me spark the passion I used to feel for the game.

As a whole, I truly enjoyed being apart of the team. You all had a positive, shared vision that made foreseeing the ultimate outcome of this tournament seem like a reality before it even happened. I wasn't going to do individual shout-outs, but you all deserve more than a generic one liner and I figured MoP would be annoyed if I did it in paragraphs like last year. Hopefully our paths will meet again in one way or another down the road.

makiri: I didn't know what to expect after I learned I was a Shark. We had a tumultuous past, but we have both matured from those squabbles years ago and had some laughs recalling all of those times. It was nice to have closure for all of those old times and have a mutual understanding of each other. You are a pillar to the team and I was impressed by the dedication you put into your position. There is a reason why you have been apart of so many championship teams and it was nice to see you orchestrate it all.

panamaxis: I have always had respect for you as a player since the Shoddy Battle days. Your knowledge of the game transcends tiers and generations, making your input worth listening to for all of us. I only ever knew you as a rival before this season, so getting to work with you was a brand new experience for me. Seeing as though I played whatever the team needed me to, you were one of the people who worked with me before every game just about. You did the same for the others and always were concerned about the interest of the team and the individual playing.

Philip7086: I have heard of giving trophies for showing up, but you're pushing it to the limit here. All joking aside, you've always been a pal, which is why I contacted before this season about a potential reserve role. I was not entirely sure how the auction would turn out and I wanted to end up on a team where I knew I would have a good time. We did get to work together a little bit before the season and using your team in that one DPP game. I can understand your situation in not being able to have as much of an impact on the team as you would have liked and appreciate all that you were able to.

MoP: Back when I was heading Tournaments, I enjoyed locking horns with you because you are one of the most intellectual people on Smogon. Being on the inside though, I see that your exploits are overblown by general public, a common fate we share. I had a blast talking to you casually and planning before each one of my games. You have a creative knack that is unrivaled and matched equally by how swiftly you can diagnose a team's needs or flaws. Without your support, the team and myself in particular would not have been as formidable for each of our battles. To think that all of your efforts are for the close ties you share with the core group of this team is really admirable, though I know you still count it on your personal record. I greatly respect all that you do now that I have seen it for myself.

-Tsunami-: Couldn't stick with the same name, eh? Anyhow, it almost feels like this is our second season as teammates since you were a supporter of the Wolfpack following the playoff defeat last season. Probably more than anyone else, your personality rubbed off on the team. You have unwavering optimism and determination that is rarely seen in this community. Combine that with the ability to play at a high level and the luck you can get (which wasn't much this season) and it's not hard to see why you command the respect of everyone on the team. I'm glad I could finally reveal DittoCrow's secret weakness in good conscious to get you that much desired victory. ;)

Al_Alchemist: We don't know each other as much as we probably should. You were so important to the team by seemingly getting every single win we needed to maintain an edge each week. Before this season I held a low opinion of LC, but watching your matches got me interested in the game to the point where I looked forward to watching your matches each week.

Arcticblast: We also didn't get to know each other much over the season. One thing I know for sure is that makiri believed in your ability in Doubles, which he would not do for any ordinary person. Your calming presence in the chat was a necessary balance to complement some of the more vocal members and your wins in the season were vital to helping the Sharks win it all in the end since most of our weeks boiled down to one or two matches.

Atticus: Can you get over this guy weaseling out of his manager spot to jump shark to a championship team? I don't blame you for wanting to escape locopoke and kd, I've been trying to do it for years now (ok, that one I am only half kidding about). And then you show me up by being the rusty guy who goes undefeated. I should start blaming Phil for my only loss now. Your presence on the team gave the managers exactly what they needed to make the best possible lineup. You're a proven winner and that filled the whole team up with confidence.

Conflict: You've become a good friend who is probably more responsible than anyone for my revival as a player. Your battle philosophies match my own in several areas. Talking with you and competing against you brought me back into the game as the weeks progressed. Your cool determination reflects your stature within the team that you've been apart of since its inception. Alongside the managers, you have the strongest voice in the team so it was fitting that you would clinch the victory. As our GSC fixture, not many people are probably aware of your ability in every generation. You would make for a fine Smogon Tour champion if you ever committed yourself to winning it.

Edgar: I don't know you well at all, but from our limited interactions since Mid-Season I could you see are deeply committed to yourself as a player and the team. Seeing your work ethic was a motivator for others, including myself in the weeks I was playing. We couldn't have asked for a better pickup really. You did well advocating for this guy so much, Shake.

Hawkstar: You were a fine teammate by always being available to work with Al and step in when you needed to. It may not sound like much, but a team's success is determined by your work and support behind the scenes. I believe you had a large stake in our LC success this season.

Heist: I told you I wouldn't call you lil Kev anymore after your big performance this season. I'm not yet ready to give you big Kev status, but you're knocking on the door. You remind me a lot of Earthworm since you are usually reserved and deliver the goods in any tier they need you to play without saying much about it. It's hard to state your value any other way and you're worthy of that level praise and respect coming from me and the rest of the team.

kael: Steal of the tournament! I mean, how do you even get a player for .5k? You played big for us every time you were needed to step in to battle. I think we played every generation in practice except for RBY and GSC. Those games were fun, but not nearly as fun as your presence in the chat. I think you sparked a lot of happiness in everyone on the team.

LUST: You were really serious every time we talked, which is a really good thing to have when Shake is also on the team. Like it was with him, this is almost like our second season on the same team as you also contributed to the Wolfpack in last year's final. I appreciate the time you took away from your own preparation to make sure I was prepared enough to play. You were my biggest life line on the team because you covered for my inactivity some of the weeks I was playing by giving me a starting point and sometimes a finished product. I need to thank you for that since before my games you would probably just hear about how I didn't like something and wanted to change it around.

make: I was glad you didn't seem to remember or care all too much about the warhammer controversy last year! Not many people know who you are or how good you are because you have been lurking in the shadows for longer than most people have been playing. It would probably surprise people to know how much influence your ideas and teams from years ago have shaped ADV into what it is today. The ADV we played was some of the most competitive games I have had.

Malekith: An old perennial favorite prediction of mine to win an individual trophy finally has one! I'm probably happier for you with this victory than anyone else. Similar to Conflict, you were a pillar of the team's overall success by clinching ties and wins in several crucial series. I really wouldn't expect anything else from you. I remember when you said you didn't like competing against me in years past, hopefully you enjoyed competing with me this time. :)

Stellar: It's amazing that after all the years we've been on the site, staff, and now on the same SPL team, I still don't really know you much at all. From what I can gather you were also a former manager who decided to sign up in order to return to your team. I'm glad it worked out for you because you seem to be just as much apart of the Sharks DNA as the other fixtures.

Soulwind: You are a tremendous teammate and a really good player. As much as everyone has said I was a good teammate, if I was as helpful as you were I probably never would have ended up in your slot. Slumps happen to all players so don't look back at your record as any kind of proof of your ability. It reflects greatly on your character the way you stuck by us all through your pastebins and team planning. I have come to discover that when you hit a rough patch, it means that you are about to receive something great.

TheFourthChaser: We played a similar role on the team, fitting in wherever the team needed us. You had less enviable tasks than I did, especially stepping into recreate that LC game in the final. I have respect for you that you were always ready to step up and made sure you were prepared for each game. There's not much more I know about you other than your interest in manga.

The Wolf: Another person I regrettably didn't get to know well. I can tell just by the few times we chatted you're the coolest cat in the ocean. I put my support in you because I think everyone is capable of extraordinary things and you showed flashes of that when you got the opportunity, which I'm glad you did.

WhiteQueen: At times in the past, I have to say you could be really annoying. When I saw you were on the team I was hoping for the best because you have made some really good teams in the past by yourself and with Limitless. And while you couldn't get it going playing-wise, you handled yourself well in the team and the community. I'm sure some people in the community were rooting against you every step of the way to cross the line, but look at what happened in the end. They'll have to get used to you being a champion instead of a drama queen.

LizardMan: While not officially a member, you didn't let that stop you from helping everyone out and livening up the chat. You have a bright personality and I think it was really nice to have you on the team. You were constantly making teams and sharing them with everyone in the chat. I know what the policy is for non-team members, but you were just as much apart of the team as anybody and it would be fitting if you got a trophy.

There is only one thing left to say. A group of people on Smogon, you know who you are, still manages to find the motivation to spread untruthful stories in an attempt to blame me for a tournament scandal of which I was not apart. I try to avoid responding to it because it just validates their efforts. I'm only mentioning it here because the motivation that fuels you to keep doing it empowers and motivates me to return to win tournaments like these. I don't know if I would have been as meaningful in the Sharks run if it was not for the fire that kindled in me to compete at a high level. I can always count on you guys to build me up!

In closing, I quote Rudy Tomjanovich, "Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion!"
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