Smogon Premier League 5 - FINALS [Won by the Stark Sharks]

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I have never done a shotout posts since its a lot of work but this time it deserves it :)

makiri: paul phoenix *-* I love you man, thanks for buying me last season and thanks for having that doubles skill so we can win some matches in a tier we had some troubles :)

panamaxis: I always liked you and even more when we met each other last season, you are a monster at this game and thanks for all the NU help you gave me, specially last season.

Philip7086: ooo Phil, the lost one :P This year you could have been a little lost but you always helped us when needed and when you appeared in the channel it was a different and better chat, WorkingPhil <3

Aeroblacktyl : Aka MoP. You love sharks that much that you sacrificed your manager spot and still were with us helping. As you know, I was gonna try to manage a team this year, mostly because I wanted to try and because I heard you were not gonna be around this year. Then you talked with me and of course I accepted. Thanks for all the help you bring to us, you are the most important part in sharks, and fuck all that people who doesn't even know you and hate you LOL, you are the best, hatters gonna hate I wish you got a trophy because you deserve it the most, but learn spanish pls, you suck at that :[

-Tsunami-: Tsiu, SIU, LuckItUp, etc. You are a monster, no 10-0 this year :( but you still gave us a lot of important wins and you didnt have luck in most of them :] You are a p good player, thanks for being with us!

Al_Alchemist: LC GOD, we were worried in sharks at the beggining of the season about LC and Doubles, we wanted 3K players for those stupid tiers but seriously man, you are the fucking god of that tier, you are one of my favourite users in the team this season, really glad we bought you =]

Arcticblast: Sharkticblast :] You are a really cool guy and gave us some important wins, couldn't ask for more to a 3K *-* <3

Atticus: DPP GOD :] I didnt think you were gonna be undefetaded ( who would think that o.O ) but you impressed all of us with your games and with your skill, Also we improved A LOT since Heist went to RU and you win every single game! you are one of the best DPP player we will ever see. :)

Conflict: My german bro *-* Glad to have you around again, we expected you to boss this year and you did it, you didn't fail us and you wins were crucial. Glad to be with you another year and hope to be more :]

Edgar: You can't imagine how was Tsunami during mid season. Buy Edgar. Buy Edgar. Buy Edgar. Buy Edgar. We already thought you were boyfriends or smth but you are an incredible Uber players and your win in the final was crucial too, thanks for being so cool with us and lets win the HPL too *-*

Hawkstar: You were very important since you helped Al_Alchemist and his score was also thanks to you so really thanks for that and our success in LC were Al_al + you :]

Heist: Incredible player, you made a really good job in dpp and then in RU, very glad to be with you again and same that conflict, hope to be with you more :)

kael: kael =] You were not so much active but when you came you always wanted to help the team, testing or playing in the journeys, glad to have you too and I hope you know now who is Porygon2 in #sharks xDD

Kevin Garret: BOSS, I remember when you were nominated in the auction and I was in #sharks UPBID UPBID! Then we saw you were a little rusty, but then you tested and were really important for us, being undefeated in playoffs. Really glad to be with you this season.

LUST: The mostwanted. I was happy when I saw you playing XY OU, you are a p good player there and you sacrificed yourself playing Ubers till we get edgar in mid, thanks for being so much useful for the team ;)

make: bbesoto *-* espero que te acuerdes de nuestra conversación en facebook convenciéndote de que jugaras esta SPL con nosotros, te dije que este team llegaría lejos y contigo más. Me alegra un montón que aceptaras y poder haber ganado contigo el torneo. Eres el auténtico papy de ADV y también te doy las gracias por todo lo que me ayudaste en el tour en ADV, sin ti a día de hoy no sabría ni la diferencia entre ataques especiales y fisicos :P Que sigas siendo igual de boss y que sigas enseñando a la gente porque te llaman el make tres piernas o el chaval al que todas las madres que no quieren ser abuelas temen *-*

Stellar: You impressed me a lot this year, I thought you were in the team because you were a makiri's friend ( well, in fact, you are oO ) but you proved your skill first in XY OU and then in BW UU. Thanks for being so nice with us *-* and glad to be with you again :) btw you are OLD.

SoulWind: Cebollo cebollo, not your best season but glad to be with you :) Last year you did very well and this year when you were benc you kept helping us, specially in playoffs, you were very useful and you are still a boss, you better be who you are for wcop. and like the mostwanted LUST would say: SW U FGT *-*

TheFourthChaser : Really impressed on your skill man, in XY OU and Doubles, you alse were a very nice person, thanks for being so nice with us and glad to had you around ;)

The Wolf : wolfie wolfie, my substitute in NU *-* You did a good job and you were so nice, I hope you are a shark for life :) and I hope one of you children with MoP is called Jaime *-*

WhiteQueen: Last year when we bought you in midseason I was really happy since we could compete with the best teams, this year you always used your hail but well xD You were an important part of the team too! and overall an important part of the tournament with your posts, glad to have you around this year too :)

And now I would like to thanks to some other people who were not sharks this year:

august: If I have been a shark this year is thanks to last year, and you were a really important part thas year. So thanks for being that nice last year, you bossed in RU *-*

@Luck>Skill: Thanks for helping and supporting us in playoffs this year man :)

LizardMan: You were really important last year winning in ADV when we needed it and this year helping us a lot and supporting us a lot. You are a shark for life too man, thanks for all :)

Lady Bug: BOSS, thanks for supporting us a lot and being a shark for life *-*

M Dragon: Gané nuestra apuesta xD Pero me da pena haberla ganado contra ti en la final, sé que te lo has currado muchísimo este año y vosotros también lo merecíais, sobretodo tú. Lo único que espero es que estés a tope para la WCoP, tendrás tu trofeo, hazme caso :)

reiku: Hater.

Bloo: You owe me a meetup now this summer LOL

I would like to say a lot of more things but thats enough I think, just thanks again to every single shark, the only team with 2 SPLs and to all people who helped us :)
Congrats to the Sharks, you guys were a strong as fuck team this year.

To the Frogs, things got a little heated at the end so for that I apologize, we definitely put together a good season that could have easily turned into playoffs. A much deserved turn around from last year's debacle and whether I play, manage, or neither next year, y'all will be Frog brothers either way.
firstly i'd like to thank every dpp player that gave a team to my lazy ass, team building is aids.

-Tsunami-: lol by far one of the best team players on the team. it was the little things really, always testing and having knowledge on pretty much every BW and XY tier. i know he gets a lot of flack for being lucky but he's honestly a great battler.

i don't want to sound gay but i'm really proud of your ability to deflect mop's berating and stick to your game. i think my favorite single moment of the season was you ignoring the entire chat about using drain punch and unleashing the ZEN. really good guy and excellent player, next year try another tier though ;D

honestly i didn't get to talk to you a lot given how far off our tiers were but yeah, you did your job and had a respectable record. also it should be known that for the first couple of weeks i thought you and al_alchemist were the same person LOL my b

: like shakeitup you were one of most important players in carrying the team as a whole. you and him were definitely the glue. great gsc player and person, just try not to tell me my team sucks like 2 mins before my match zzzzzzzz i still love you though

honestly your record probably would have been better if you trusted your gut more. very nice individual who makes excellent pkmn teams.

i'm sorry bruh but i honestly had 0 contact with you, thanks for helping al though

imo the best player on the team. always willing to help me in dpp when you were on. gl in any future pkming you do

bkc are you fucking slow in the brain how could you trade this guy for .5k???? anyway i love you kael, you light up a room(or chat rather) like no other person. kael is king

Kevin Garrett:
understood his role as the sub and came up absolutely clutch in the playoffs. definition of team player, the anti-mop as it were.

i know you're not on the team but you might as well be. i honestly was never impressed with you as a battler during my heyday but you definitely earned your stripes. excellent player who provided me with some excellent teams, and a really cool guy to boot

i know we've had some rocky history in the past but whatever, i don't believe in dragging down the entire team with drama over petty shit a year ago. you were a cool guy who was always willing to give me XY teams/advice, even if said advice was terrible (seriously where the hell did you get the idea that boudouche would bring stall??)

make: old gen god or something, i couldn't really understand the words comin out of his mouth

did you ctrl+f yourself buddy?? yeah?? well too bad, you ain't gettin shit

the second best player after heist imo. although you weren't as big a team player as conflict/shake you understood you were there to just dominate your tier and put up an amazing season. great fighter

the nigga who believed. always willing to give me advice in dpp even if it was just "use taunt wow gar" for the entirety of the playoffs lol. i'm curious though, did you believe in me from when we played years ago or from the random ass XY games we had recently?

Thanks for testing with me in dpp..... that one time. LOL i couldn't resist but seriously, you played me like one time over 7 weeks. anyway da boss phil how could i say anything bad about your ass. always a chill bro who knows his shit. GL with libelldra

Serious Post about PoM:
invaluable asset to any team, except the part where he screams at people for making poor moves when there's still a game to be played -_-. anyway, you're a good guy at the end of the day. not to mention i'll continue to enjoy watching your shitty ass rogue decks get bodied.

Stellar: i love stellar

: don't let the results get you down, everyone has a down year - it's just the nature of pokemon, you're a great battler and worked hard in the playoffs even when you didn't start.

hi TFC, tfp

The Wolf
: the grandest of cheerleaders, also you have one more trophy than almost everyone in dotannia, GJ

you weren't very active in the chat until the end but i'm glad i got to be graced by your presence.

zerowing: the fearless leader, ice to see you. thanks for believing in my abilities but sadly i will not be sticking around for another season. consider that the divorce.

The Raiders: you know ironically all the flack i got from quitting came from people OUTSIDE of the raiders. you guys couldn't have been more nice to me given the circumstances and i'm grateful for that. i'd like to thank pttp and eo in particular for basically carrying the team in the absence of the jew. also props to my lad birkal, i honestly thought you were gonna be useless LOL but you were a definitely better assman than me and an exceptionally nice guy. i've been hearing that pttp is gonna manage next year and i honestly wish you all the best. you definitely have a lot of good retainers to work with, particularly the midseason pickups. also for the record i told loco i had intentions of playing in spl at midseason before i even became an assman but w/e i'm just making excuses now..

nice 0-3 record you f*ckin useless pile of garbage

loco: future chipotle CEO in the making. the dream team wasn't meant to be but fuck it shit happens, i'll enjoy watching you fucking rape the tour this year

yeah you get your own tab fuck face. anyway i don't think i would have had anywhere near the success i had without your help. always willing to give me teams and help me prepare for big matches, you'd think i was still on the scooters or something. honestly this nigga could win any individual tournament right now if he tried. good luck in world cup/spl next year/whatever the fuck else you're gonna join. although your team didn't pan out this year you sure put together one hell of a run in the second half.

and oh yeah i believe i owe you a certain something...... Please PM me to collect your prize
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Grats to the sharks, they were the better team and certainly deserving of this win [Also a super classy team, for some reason sharks have had a bad rep but this was a very respectable and well played finals, for the most part anyway.]

Also big thanks to all the cryos supporters [Bloo, Bad Ass, CBB, BKC, PDC, HUGOOOOOOOOOOO] you guys are all great players. [I swear BKC is psychic, how does he always predict leads before the game starts????]. Looking forward to seeing you guys stick around for a bit and hopefully if any of you play in the next spl we'll get a chance to be on the same team. Sorry if I forgot some people just trying to make this quick =p

Cryo Shout-outs

I'll do Manages first, then Players

yondie: Great manager, always making clutch trades and mid-season pick-ups to improve the team. We've been on the same team for what, 2, 3 years? lol. Disappointing to come up short again but you can't ever give up. Just learn and get better, that's my motto anyway. At the of the day, this is only one official tour out of many, cryos made finals and we did a lot of good things this year. We'll come back stronger next time!

Snunch: We couldn't carry you to a trophy this year =[. great player / irc presence whose always willing to help or talk about random shit. GL in xy uu if you decide to take up it up seriously =)

M.Dragon: Well, what can I say, another official tour, another lost. I was really thinking this would be the year you would finally get that official trophy but it wasn't meant to be. You were probably the most important person on the team + very hard working, definitely one of the guys on smogon who deserve a trophy. It was fun, shame that we came up short but I'll be back and better for next spl if you want to make another run at the trophy:

blarajan: 11-0 rajan, grats on first ever completely perfect spl season. Sucks that you didn't get the trophy along with the record, but shit happens. It's been fun being on the same team as you these past 2 spls, idk if you'll be in another spl through, gl in your future plans.

ßasedVictory: lost those playoffs games....which was disappointing, but I hope you have a fast and safe recovery from your injury! Things will get better.

Aqualouis: The beast himself, Aqualouis. I can see why you've had the best bw ou records these past two years, your predictions / end game planning is crazy good. We didn't win but at least you sort of broke your semifinals curse xD. A great player and a good guy overall, I hope you decide to play again next spl so we can come back and and win spl.

]V[ajinTupacZ: One of the best adv players ever. Him + M.Dragon was just too OP at adv for us, I now majin really wanted to finally win this so it's shame we came up short. But thanks for being a great teammate and sticking with it until the end!

dragonuser: One of the best teammates you could ask for. Always building / testing teams, very activity, and a friendly guy. Pretty much the "perfect" spl player, he has all the traits managers are looking for. I know you didn't have as strong of year at xy-ou as you would have liked, but shit happens and things will get better. Dragonuser is a great example of how more people should conduct themselves online =).

R.Inanimate: This were legendary in spl 4. You picked up a new tier [doubles], and rocked after mid-season. Pretty much the same thing as dragonuser, the perfect spl player, although not as active, which didn't matter because he always scheduled his games and got them done. Also a very friendly / classy guy, shame we came up short and am going to miss watching you play vgc / doubles in spl xD.

Hikari a.k.a BR: How did this guy for 3k in mid season again? What a steal. Amazing ru / uu player and always came through in the clutch when we needed him. One of the best additions to the team, am glad you got to have some fun in this luck-infested game.

Fakes: were certainly controversial. But I can see why m dragon wanted you to play dpp ou for us, your're incredibility solid at it and won nearly every game for us. On the other hand, you rage a lot, don't prepare hard enough for your opponents, quit the team after mid-season then came back, and have a bad habit of disappearing / not keeping in contacts with your teammates. Honestly, if you could just improve your attitude and work harder you have the potential to be a top 3 dpper. It's all up to you buddy!

CyberOdin: we can this *-*, solid player and funny guy. Not much else to say!

HSA: Great player, friend, and funny guy. Had too learn a new tier [ru] and play it at a high level in spl. That's not an easy thing to do. I think you impressed a lot of people this year by stepping up, gl in the future.

Picollo: You had a really rough year...and your really stubborn when it comes to picking teams & using new things in gsc. But you're still a natural gsc player, idk how your able to play so many gsc test games without dying of boredom. Very solid gscer and player in general.

Pocket: Man, orginally I was on the fence about you because you seemed a like a bad teammate but I was wrong big time. You were VITAL to us this season, espically at doubles / gsc and helping everyone. You'r like the perfect teamate and I really hope you'll be apart of spl again

special jasonpwn a.k.a king shout out: you post way too damm much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Others Subs - Light The Thunder / atomic / fatty / royalty - thanks for sticking with us and helping test / teambuild all season. Without you guys we wouldn't have made finals and done as well as we did. A good group of solid and & dedicated players =).

That's all I have I say, I originally didn't want to make a shout-out post but it's difficult not to make one after everything that happens in a long tournament like this, but at least I kept it short. Personally, for me, this lost really sucks because I gave it everything I had and still couldn't finish with a win. [8-3 is pretty cool through, shout outs to the RNG for taking away 2 of those games I had won!.] But I won't give up, just gonna learn from this, get better, and come back even stronger next year. Keep your head up and never give up guys, in life or pokemon.
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So, as the season comes to a sad ending for me as I don't get to rub a red trophy in the faces of many haters of mine, I still can smile about it. This experience was truly the most fun I have had in pokemon even if I only played 1 match (thank you rey). Here are some people I'd like to thank, in no particular order...

Yondie: Yondie, you were not my biggest fan at the beginning of the season and reluctant to get me as a sub in the original auction, and I do not blame you. My past attitudes have influenced you in thinking I was immature, and quite frankly that was an accurate assumption. I have been VERY immature my time here on smogon, and I desperately tried to improve myself. I'm so happy you decided to get me during midseason and gave me a second chance, you're a truly great friend and an absolutely incredible manager. Sorry you don't get the well-deserved red trophy, but hey, you do have a blue one so..... I look forward to having some more pretty chill convos with you even if I don't know about half the manga you're talking about. Also good luck in your new frat, lol..

MDragon: You are certainly a guy to look up to. Undoubtedly the greatest Spanish player (since we lost the bet I'll just do this myself), you far beyond exceeded your role as manager. You really helped the team in many ways and helped me improve as a player just with your team advice in the chat. Thank you for helping as much as you did, good luck with university.

Snunch: The mommy of the team :3 Snunchypoo~~~~ getting to know you was really amazing and I am really glad to have helped the team out that you helped lead. Definitely my go-to guy if I ever had any problems with anything involving the cryos and thankfully I didnt have much but I still thank you for your help. Definitely looking forward to this friendship with you.

Pocket: Pocket, I definitely enjoyed meeting you this season. Your words of encouragement are priceless, your encouragement and positivity are truly impeccable, and your all-around attitude was outstanding this season. Seriously, anyone who has a problem with your posts this year just has a problem in general. Keep up the good work you do for this site, even if people aren't appreciative I certainly am. You were an excellent teammate, and I think we helped them practice a lot bro. See ya around :)

Fatty: Awesome seeing you bro, you're an amazing tester and I know you helped blara build most of his teams ;] looking forward to staying in touch!

Blim: I've got to credit my competitiveness to you friend, you got me involved in tournaments in general. You're the best ubers player in this competition, and your record truly reflects that. Sorry you didn't get the deserved trophy, but shit happens man. I think you can be a little hard on people at times, but that's just because you hold us to the highest expectations because you know what each of us can really do. Truly a 4th manager on the team, I'm really happy we finally got to be on a team together again.

Aqualouis: I'm so happy I got to play with you dude!! You're an amazing battler and testing with you made me so much better than I was coming into the season. You have a good positive attitude almost all the time, and you're a pretty funny dude too. You may be good looking but I can't tell because I don't look at guys in that way.... See ya on skype and such and good luck in world cup if you choose to participate ;)

]V[ajinTupacZ: Another guy I'm happy I met. Seriously dude, how much harder could you own??? You fucking went like 5-2 after we got you during midseason, and that is a pretty damn good record. You're also hilarious and a great presence to have in the chat, definitely making everyone laugh with your german jokes and such. Your English is pretty good too, and I'm really happy we're friends now. Stay in touch bro.

Fakes: We didn't get along at first, kinda hated each other to be honest. But sometime during week 2 of SPL you just went to me and apologized, I didn't know if you were trolling or something but I was just happy to have you as a friend man. You're such a solid DPP player it almost frightens me, and don't worry about the disputes in the channel. It made our team that much stronger, =]

Bad Romance: You also used to think I was a little shit. And I was on PO, not gonna lie. But you were definitely the fucking best midseason pick up for the team and you bossed it up with a solid 5-1 record. I'm so happy to have been on a team with you, your influence is truly incredible and the way you stayed true to your word to your opponents despite your extreme situations at home with internet was truly admirable. Thank you for playing so well, and I'm looking forward to our friendship as well. Take care man.

Picollo: Ah the green goku, always a great chat presence and definitely a cool guy to talk to. You're pretty good at GSC dude, don't let your record tell you otherwise. You get really unlucky tho, that kinda sucked for us but it's fine because you earned a shit load of respect from me. I'm really happy to have met you and am looking forward to playing with you again in the future.

Royalty: You were a pretty chill dude. Shoulda come to the chat more bro :/ I felt like out of all the cryonicles I didn't get to know you very well and I'm kinda sad about that.

HSA: My west bro. Look man, you had to pick up a tier that you probably had never played before and ride it out the entire season. I think you did exceptionally well with it!! You're one of my best friends on this site and I'm really happy you got into some of the schools you wanted to get into. Regardless of how you play man I still have a shit load of respect for your battling skills and I'll hopefully see you on West again this year but if not then I'll see you on irc ;)

Cyberodin: *-* I know you're not happy about losing but you were so cool to be on a team with man, it's so much fun hanging with you on skype and in chat. Your english needs work but without you we would have never gotten "WE CAN THIS CRYOS" and for that I thank you wholeheartedly.

Light The Thunder: My fellow midseason pickup buddy, great win over TV-rocka that week against tigres. Solid teammate, but you need to talk more in the channel man :/ you're definitely one funny and enjoyable dude.

P e j e l e g a r t o: Another dude that didn't show up on irc often. I wish you had come on more because I got to know you a little bit during POCL and it was fun man.

Atomicllamas: You're a great guy dude, I really enjoy being on #TAONU with you and also enjoyed this season with ya. See ya on irc and skype :]

Blarajan: My tutor went 11-0 :DDDD what an excellent battler. You're a great player and teammate, and your record accurately reflects how much you did for the team. Thanks for being patient with me, even when I was being a little immature. See ya around, good luck with mock trial and stuff :)

Case: Case, I can honestly say that you have improved leaps and bounds since when my team knocked yours out in POCL two years ago. Your performance in the playoffs reflects that of recent unfortunate news you received, and I don't blame you for it. You gave it your best with the circumstances handed to you, and I'm truly sorry for what you're going through. You're definitely one of my best friends on here and having you as a friend is an invaluable relationship as you are truly there for me when I need it. We need to skype more and stuff too. If it wasn't for you, I don't know if I woulda made it on the cryos and had this extremely amazing experience that we had. Thank you so much for all your support, and I hope I showed you some as well. See ya on skype and irc bro.

and finally,

Dragonuser: Dragonuser, if it wasn't for you, i would have definitely not been on the cryos this year. You vouched for me really hard and brought my morale up when you first pm'd me man. I'm really glad to have rekindled our friendship and to have had this season with you, and am honestly really happy I can call you one of my best friends now as well. I know we didn't get the trophy together and ended up as second place again(lol...) but honestly, I wouldn't trade this season for anything different. I'm really happy if I helped you gain even a little confidence in the teams you used each week, and I'm really fucking proud to have called you my teammate this year. I'm going to try to help you win OST because you truly deserve a trophy this month bro. Thank you for everything from the battles to the talks, you're truly the best teammate I've ever had in pokes and honestly I wouldn't want to help anyone else but you if I had the choice :). Good luck in smogon tour, you're going to do great this year in all the tournaments you participate in and I hope we can be on SPL again next year if we choose to play again. I'll be seeing ya around on irc and skype, take care friend :]

Some extra shoutouts to non-cryos:

Ashwin: Sorry I spilled your name to everyone lmao but whatever dude you're a beast, congrats on the trophy, and it makes it all the better to know my irl friend is getting the trophy. You're going to lose to US BEST this year in wcop though, so prepare your ass.

Bloo: Bloo, you boosted my confidence 500% over the course of this spl and I just wanted to sincerely thank you for your advice and helping the cryos in playoffs. I'm really excited to play with you in WCOP this year, maybe you can sport your namesake trophy again this year ;]

cbb: We've had our differences, but you're an amazing guy and I really appreciate the time and effort you spent helping the cryos in playoffs. Sorry Ruiners didn't work out as well as anyone had thought/hoped, but I'm kinda glad it did just because you got to help us xD thanks again, see you on irc and skype friend

bkc: bro you came and helped us cryos and it was so amazing the kind of chat presence you brought. it was a mixture of humor, pervertedness, and seriousness. your help was invaluable and im really thankful you came to help us.

pdc_: sorry about ost, soge is kinda a fucking asshole idk what the fuck his problem is. you're a good player man, gl in smogon tour, and thank you for helping :)

badass: my future roommate at gtech and a pretty good friend of mine, thank you for helping my team out during playoffs. see you during wcop friend :]

gr8astard: hugo, thank you for being such a good guy for cryos and helping out. seriously, i tell all the wolfpack friends of mine every year you are absolutely privileged to play with hugo as a manager because he is honestly the best influence you can have on a team. you're the best player i know, and you're one of the nicest ones too. thanks again man!

Laurel: Sorry your team didn't win and I'm really glad you got a chance to say fuck the haters and win in the Playoffs. Take it easy pal, come back strong this world cup and show everyone what you're truly made of.

anyone else that helped with the cryos, thank you for all your hard work and sincerity.

As a final note:

Even though we didn't get the trophy, we are still the #1 team in my mind. Remember, we win as a team, lose as a team, and I feel that this season we won as a team. Thank you guys for being such great guys and seriously, stay in touch. I'll be inviting myself back to the channel many more times until next SPL, where I hope to see you all again. Thanks again, see all of you soon!
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I will not do shout outs, because they do not know English and is sincerely, but I thank all of my team : Yondie, M dragon ,fatty, Dragonuser, Pocket, Atomic, Fakes,br, Blim, Hsa, Majin, Peje,king, royal , picollo, Light,CASED, Randy Inanimate,Snuch, aqualouis and blarajan, external players : gr8, bloo,culo malo, cbb, pdc, bkc, etc. I miss someone I hope I apologize heart, and I just want to say many thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in this great tournament and a team full of great maginifico and entertaining players, and in which I hope to continue next and every time in participating in this tournament repeat and thank you very much and I hope I have not missed you, was a great honor to play with you guys, lost today but tomorrow we can do, I assure you.



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Ah, finally here. The pinnacle of perfection: the SPL trophy. :]]]]]]]]
I'd like to preface this post by replying to the following and other comments such as this from users around the site:
[17:30:00] <&CTC> shake is ass


Now, on to the season. Needless to say, being knocked out in Semifinals after being the #1 seed when you yourself are 10-0 playing 4 different tiers is really annoying...I was pretty mad at the end of that even though I tried not to show it too much and helped the Wolfpack win after we lost, but there was no way we weren't going to win this year. From the beginning, our team looked really strong, despite being ranked 7th by the Power Rankings. We took a different approach to the auction than the other teams, using players that could play a multitude of tiers in the lower tiers and others instead of using lower-tier players, which worked out for us in the end. There were the lows, such as blowing a 3-0 lead and losing vs the Frogs of all teams when their manager was in prison, and the highs, such as coming back from a 0-5 deficit vs the Scooters and, of course, clutching the trophy. I'm really happy we won, so gj to all you niggas :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Took a lot of effort (especially in BW OU teambuilding lol...),, and it all paid off in the end :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Non-team shoutouts:

DittoCrow: had to beat your team at some point, and finally did :] thx for always supportin me frend
Squirrel: Hope you come back for WCOP, was fun talkin to you when you were on :]
#RU Community: Ah good job frends best tier channel on smogon :]]]]]] 11-0 blarajan, 10-0 me, and 0-5 Double01 all in the same chan what more do u need
Molk: Thanks a lot for helping me with RU in the first two weeks :]
SilentVerse: Thanks for bein one of the few niggas to support us in the finals; you're RU knowledge def helped frend :]
Luck: Thanks for supportin us :]
Lady Bug: Thanks for the support frend :]
Frizy: Thanks for supportin us for the whole season man :]
Dodrio: Thanks for the support :]
Jason: I'm glad you got on a team finally and managed to win a couple games. You're definitely hated on too much and is underrated, even though at times you can lose to garbage Mightyena teams :] GJ frend, I'm sure you'll only shine in tournaments from here on. Thanks for the support btw
IDM: CTC Problems Edgar Blim aim gr8astardSinclair Toxzn Marth SOMALIA BKC ThunderBlunder chimpactCrashinBoomBang dragonuser Lord Elyis SnowCristal! HSA ♥ -Frexa- Oh Captain skulltula LuckOverSkill MikeDecIsHere Stone_Cold SoulWind BLINGAS ♥ Tokyo Tom undisputed Ripamon Liked davidness ßasedVictory Afro Smash Bryce Blueprint High Impulse New Breed Artemisa PDC Hot N ColdPokemonKing4Life Dangerous shofu Even though almost none of u niggas supported us, you're still cool frends :] Also if any1 was left off, blame Valentine I just copied this shit from his longass RMT
#TAONU: FLCL Molk Soulgazer Raseri @TropiOUs Lasagne Zebraiken Passion Fusxfaranto ebeast Aurora King dcae Silvershadow234 DTC Kenny Cherub Agent Imanalt atomicllamas ShadowAbra Arcticblast jrp SteelEdges once again blame Valentine if left out. anyway, comin thru :]
US EAST: :] The repeat is here frends :]]]]]]]]]

Now, on to the team

makiri: Doubles god :] We definitely wouldn't have had much success in Doubles without you, and you also managed to luck out and get us Al_Alchemist in LC, so that definitely helped out as well. Great leader and great manager, enjoy the scrolling badgeset with me frend :]

panamaxis: Really good player and teambuilder; definitely couldn't have won without you. You helped us out in a lot of tiers with testing and building, and you also convinced us to get Atticus at midseason, which worked out ridiculously well. Good job man, definitely one of the best ever :]

Philip7086: Lol. Even though you didn't do much this season due to time constraints, you did manage to keep me on the team, so it all worked out :] Have fun with 3 trophies again Lol

Aeroblacktyl: Ghosted everyone for every battle, nuff said. But yeah, we definitely could not have won without you. Helped almost everyone teambuild and made sure no one would choke unless they didn't want to hear the end of it for a solid hour lol. Definitey the key part of our team and the 4th manager we were not allowed to have. You know pretty much every metagame in existence so that definitely helped us out Lol and your'e good at yugioh now apparently too :]

Al_Alchemist: I had no idea who you were when we bought you, but damn, you're really good at LC. Going 7-3 in a tier we didn't expect to that well in before the auction really helped us out. You're definitely a great player, and we knew we could count on you for a win almost every single week. Good job man.

Arcticblast: Got benched after Week 1, but played really well the rest of the season. You're definitely good at Smogon Doubles, and your record would have been even better without luck. Also, thanks for telling me about the Doubles Suspect test, since that laddering session ended up creating the legend of the Specs Sylveon ladder team :]

Atticus: I honestly didn't know anything about you at the beginning other than you were good at yugioh and always beat me. When panamaxis originally suggested buying you at midseason, I was kind of hesitant, but damn. Going undefeated in one of the most competitive tiers in SPL is no easy feat, so great job man :] That definitely made our team a lot stronger and got me out of the confines of RU, so great job man :] GL in OST btw

Conflict: Clutched both playoff matches for us. What more do you want? Amazing GSC player and you're also effectively another manager with your leadership. You also helped almost everyone build and test, so that definitely helped us out too. Glad you got your revenge for last year man; enjoy the trophy :]

Edgar: Man, I had to push so hard to get these stubborn-ass niggas to buy you at midseason, and I'm glad they id. You're definitely one of the best XY Ubers players, even though you don't like the tier Lol. We didn't really talk too much before SPL, but I'm glad I got to know you during it. You're a cool dude, and helped me translate some Spanish stuff too :] The mambas are here!

Hawkstar: You clutched the one week we needed you to play, so that definitely helped us out. You also helped Al_Alchemist throughout the season so that definitely helped out too. Nice job man :]

Heist: After starting 3-3, you went 5-0 the rest of the season and really helped us get the trophy. You're a ridiculously good player, clutching in both DPP and're even in quarterfinals of OST. You've had so much success over the years I'm glad we got you an SPL trophy :] GL in OST frend

kael: 0.5k STEAL. You clutched vs Jayde when we needed you to, and definitely provided some comedy to the chat lmao. You're a cool dude and a great battler. Nice trophy frend :]

Kevin Garrett: The zen master. After you helped me out in tour a couple seasons ago, I knew you would be a great teammate. You definitely helped keep us motivated, and went 2-0 in BW playoffs despite not knowing Landorus was banned Lol. But seriously, you definitely helped us out in our endeavors, and I'm glad we could help you keep your nice clean trophy :]

LizardMan: Not officially on the team, but basically was. Helped us constantly throughout the season, especially in DPP. Just wouldn't be a team tournament without you...would it? SPL 3, World Cup 7, SPL 4, POWC, World Cup 8, and now SPL 5. The list just keeps growing. I'm glad we have now won twice together :] Thanks for the help man

LUST: Ah, we've come a long way from the Purplesurge days and those of the tutee tournament where we despised each other to no end Lol. You had to suffer through Ubers for the first 4 weeks, but I'm glad you got to play a tier you actually liked after that. You're a really solid player, and helped a lot of people build as well, which definitely helped us out. Nice job SuprStar :]

make: The ADV God. After starting 0-2, partly due to playing on your phone with a bad team and telling your opponent all of your moves in Week 1, you didn't lose again until the finals. You definitely proved you're a solid player, and helped Conflict in GSC too. Also helped me practice my spanish Lol. I'm glad you decided to play for us this year, especially after we got bs'd out of getting you last year. Enjoy the trophy man

Malekith: MVP. Consistently won when we needed you too, especially in the finals, and just wrecked most of the NU community. You're definitely an amazing player, and are extremely versatile as well. Your metagame knowledge was very useful as well, and helped us out throughout the season.

Stellar: Ah, my fellow TN frend. I'm glad you actually got to play this SPL, and show just how good of a player you are. Helped us throughout the season, and won in both XY OU and BW UU. Nice job frend :] dont kill my scroll tho plz :[

SoulWind: You went through a slump this season, but it's ok. I'm sure you'll regain your form shortly. Even though you didn't play in the playoffs, you definitely helped us out with your pastebins, since those definitely helped us get solid matchups in our games. Truly a great teammate :] I'm glad you got a trophy man.

TheFourthChaser: Cool dude :] You helped us out in tight spots when we needed you to, winning in both Doubles and XY OU. Goob job man :]

The Wolf: Definitely better than your record suggests. wrecked DestinyUnknown in Week 2, and proved to be a threat throughout the season. Also, every team has to have a girl right?

WhiteQueen: You weren't really active for most of the season, but I'm glad you were here for playoffs. You made the chat more active, and you're definitely better than your 0-3 record. Enjoy the trophy frend :]

So, in conclusion, I would just like to say:
_________SHARK ATTACK!!!_________
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SHARKS: Although I joined the team mid-season, I got to meet some very nice people, you guys own and thanks for giving me a chance to play on your team, we achieved! Hopefully we keep hanging out! :]

makiri: You are a great manager, thanks for having faith on an unknown and giving me a chance to play. I enjoyed every second of being in the sharks and also it was really funny watch you destroy the wolfpack's mascot verlisify.

panamaxis: We never talked much but you give great insight on any team you easily point out weakneses. You made me double check every team I made which made them really solid, it was awesome to meet such a good player like you.

Philip7086: FYI I DIDN'T TALK TO SHAKE THAT MUCH BEFORE SPL. You weren't in the channel that much because you had a tight schedule, but you're a cool manager nontheless and you also had a lot of confidence in me (had to edit smh).

-Tsunami-:Fucking ashwin... We didn't talk much before this SPL. You're cool despite everyone in idm thinking you're a (BAN ME PLEASE), born being lucky is not a crime imo (except if you're blarajan), change your name back to ShakeItUp also. You need to get back on the 10-0 next SPL. Did not see that shit coming, did not see it coming.

Al_Alchemist: Coolest LC player, one of the best ones too.

Arcticblast: You're a cool person, we didn't really talk much but when you talked in the chat it was always for good, you're also a beast doubles player.

Atticus: Do you even lose nigga? I didn't know the magnitude of player you were before we got u but goddamn man.... I hope you get that OST trophy this year, it was an honor playing alongside a player like you!

Conflict: You're a very smart person, you always gave any type of team feedback when needed, you also allowed us to win this SPL, I'll use Arceus on every ubers match from now on!

Hawkstar: Didn't really talk much, but he seems to be a cool guy.

Heist: Very versatile player, you nailed this SPL and you are a an awesome teammate as well.

kael: I liked my Emma Watson gif aswelll sadly, I had to remove it so my banner can show :[

Kevin Garret : You are a good player and nice person too. Didn't really talk to you much.

LUST: You were probably the person on the team I talked to the most besides shake, it was fun helping you build teams before mid-season, although your ubers record wasn't as good as some people would expect, it is understandable since the tier is very matchup reliant. It was fun testing with you and also you gave me a lot of advice throughout the season. Very underrated player overall.

make: Mejor jugador de adv y/n, me diste muchos consejos los cuales me ayudaron mucho, muy buen jugador y amigo, es un placer jugar con un mexicano.

Malekith : Omylord when u beat cased everyone was so hyped, you're a great team player, you played NU most of the season because it was necessary and it definetely paid off. We're also winning HPL friend.

Stellar: We never got to test lmao. You're a really cool person, whenever you talked you kept the chat alive, it was fun being on the same team as yours.

SoulWind: I know this wasn't necessarily your best season but you're still a great player and awesome friend. You helped me understand a lot of details on our team and I am really grateful for that.

TheFourthChaser : Didn't talk to you much but you were always there when someone needed test or a sub so that's a really good thing to say about someone.

The Wolf : You didn't play much but it was an ez win whenever you did.

WhiteQueen: Better than kokoloko and destinyunknown. You didn't join the channel much when I was there but you are a cool person, a lot of people hate on you but I dont really see a reason why. You were always asking who needed test and that's great.

Other friends:

aim : We helped each other a lot, you're the least person I wanted to face in this tour just for the fact that we've known each other for so long, It was extremely fun testing and battling 1000000 per day. Building teams for each of our battles was also fun, it paid off in the end. Rate, Comment, sub and later guys.....

Problems : You helped me a lot too. You're one of my top friends, we tested a lot, every time we play I get chills since it reminds me of the PO times where we would find each other on ladder haha. You had a way better record than last season for sure, hopefully we see eachother next year. You're definetely one of the best players at reading the opponent so feel proud about that. You also performed the Donkey teams nicely.

Blim : We discussed a lot of cool strategies during the first weeks of SPL, again, sorry for haxing you, your record was still beast, one of the top uber players and a very consistent one.

Donkey : Too bad you quit, I'd rather play you than user aim. Your teams went like 11-2 though so that's nice

gr8astard slash Hugo: Thanks for supporting me when I needed it, you helped me understand a lot of this tournament and now you consider me a mexicano haxerooni smh....

HSA ♥ : Our friendship is more valuable than a trophy. :]]]

CrashinBoomBang : You are always mad. Germans are op....

special shoutout to IDM niggas(CTC Problems Edgar Blim aim gr8astardSinclair Toxzn Marth SOMALIA BKC ThunderBlunder chimpactCrashinBoomBang dragonuser Lord Elyis SnowCristal! HSA ♥ -Frexa- Oh CaptainFunkasaurus skulltula LuckOverSkill MikeDecIsHere Stone_Cold SoulWind BLINGAS ♥ Tokyo Tom undisputed Ripamon Liked davidness ßasedVictory Afro Smash Bryce Blueprint High Impulse Mizuhime New Breed Artemisa PDC Hot N ColdValentine )
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SHARKS: es buen team al cual queria entrar por hay muchos amigos . grande tiburones

makiri: es buen tio me cae bien y quiero partir el alma en VGC2014

panamaxis: es tio super buena onda

Conflict: no lo comprendo gg

Heist: este es super capo ocena broders

@kael:haxer master
make: mi maestro adv oll gens super tio wei grande capo.

Malekith : este maletin me cae super bien bien echo male

SoulWind: mi hijo a logrado grandes metas bien echo CEBOLLA .l.

davidness: mejor trolla post de la historia . megaman .l. gg amigo
Good team, I'm brazilian so my english is not very good.
Sorry for the mistakes but hope you can translate what I wrote.
Thanks to all of you deserve that title parabens and you ^ ^
he Stark Sharks yeahh champion the team deserve this ...

Manager : Makiri
Thank you for trusting in my game .
You always put me as an option and talked to me about semrpre I play and what I thought .
I enjoyed your talk about our posture not miss the first few weeks to ensure the play off .
Thank you Makiri was a great boss, always confined to his players .
Congratulations you deserve it .

panamaxis :
A very nice guy , always helping me in calculating damages in my battles always willing to help and give ideas for everyone on the team
Thanks man , you helped a lot when I needed it , so we err in some fights together xD .

Philip7086 :
This guy is phenomenal tbm , always active and always chatting with everyone helping and doing what he could to help the team .

- Tsunami -
Tsunami hahaha i test every week with Tsunami nice team nice battle bro you deserve this and congratulations for your wins .

Al_Alchemist :
I did not talk much with you this season , but you're one of our then congratulations ...

ArcticBlast :
Play much this guy really helped the team with their wins you deserve much congratulation that title .

Atticus :
This guy just destroy , and it plays very nice people and I train sometimes almost kkk destruiiii , but in the end he won
Jirachi won kkkk , nice battle bro atticus nice score you deserve this , Best Buy could have done that Mariki .
Atticus congratulation

The Master of gsc , lol this guy was impressionanete solid game and always helping me test my adv , thanks conflict
And congratulation you are good.

Edgar :
I did not talk much with you , but you gave me an uber team kkk I won a tour en kkkkk with that team , thank you edgar and parabens are a shark and deserve.
I like your Emma avatar she is so hot 8D

Hawkstar :
I did not talk much with you , but I know you , man parabens

Heist :
Big heist , a great balance , high jogablidade you are a player of level , we talked a few times , vc eh a guy
nice humble and always willing to help , thanks heist now you eh champion .....

kael :
Kael porra
I hope you enjoyed I fill the bag and call everyone to play.
Did all testing, so I know that sometimes seemed to be boring I always wanting everyone would train xD.

Kevin Garrett :
I like this guy since the first week he always threw me threw several generation and tested my game
ADV , DPPt , BW , XY this guy ever tested times and asked for help for all even being a pokemon master always listened to all
And ask for help bro congratulation .

hahahaha i always test lust with you , bro thx for all, thanks for helping me and wanting my help in testing , I have helped .

At first I was pissed off with you because whenever I call you to test u always escape kkk , .
But after you trusted me and did a test best of 15 kkkk
Fun battles , congratulation you did make a good season , you know I really like soh advanced and played two matches .
In advanced but it was cool, you played well and did a great competition in the spl .

Malekith :
Malekith you are we mvp xD .
Your best score bro .
It was great to have you on the team , vc was a solid player and we needed that parabens .
our MVP

Stellar :
I think we were very alike in this spl , cause you was always tipped to play.
Parabens Stellar was nice playing with you the first few weeks and test xy
Vc tbm helped a lot , winning their matches .

SoulWind :
You ajugou whenever I needed to calculate and some battle thanks bro and congratulations for your title ^ ^

TheFourthChaser :
hey bro congratulation man
The Wolf :
I did not talk much with you . but you are shark congratulation man
; ]

congratulation you deserve this ^^
; ]

MOP thx for alll bro you are the best ^^

BKC : well you do not believe in my game , is a part the tourney.
But it was nice to win his team's fourth week and this week was important for shark and for your team.
Xy was my second fight and I won the jayde . and this garanted the tie or wins for Sharks

It was fun I liked .
I felt rejected by me in you selling banana.
But part of you is a great champion of the current player Smogon Tour adv DPPt bw .
Anyway eh that, thank u I came to the sharks and won the spl , good luck you next spl
I was not the mvp but I know that I helped the team to some wins ^ ^

I'm sorry if I forgot someone.

Anything I come here and edit.
I realized while typing my shoutout for Atticus that half of my shoutouts basically boil down to "cool guy, great battler" because I didn't get to know so many people on the team well enough, which totally blows. Still, this was an awesome three months and I'm glad to have come along for the ride. I've met a bunch of great players, some old and some new, and definitely learned a lot. It was also fun as hell. We clutched week after week, and even when we lost it was pretty intense. The season had its ups and downs but it was great. And WE FUCKING WON. GO SHARKS

-Tsunami-: literally the worst. Legit though you're a good friend, you battled well, and you were a great testing partner. gj bro

Al_Alchemist: The secret third 11-letter A player... o.o I think it's funny how makiri didn't support adding LC and Doubles to SPL and then you just went and fucking destroyed everyone. Mad props. Also Spritzee is one of my favorite Pokemon and you used it at least once!

Atticus: When midseason rolled around and you and edgar join the team, #sharks got like 100% cooler. You also kicked ass at DPP. Hell, that's basically why I decided to take it up myself (sorry Stone_Cold I keep forgetting about this tutoring thing lol).

Conflict: more like Clutchflict imo. You managed to secure the win repeatedly, getting us through semis and finals (that match was beautiful by the way). You also figured out some stuff I didn't even think of, like when you predicted Skill Swap Cress week 1... You were one of the coolest guys on the team too.

Edgar: Part two of the midseason pickups. You tore it up in Ubers and were cool to talk to.

Hawkstar: AHA, someone I have something else to say about - PA bros! I found a ride to worlds though so I don't have to beg you for one, don't worry. You helped Al out and then clutched when he wasn't around.

Heist: I seem to recall you not being on a whole lot early in the season, and then you suddenly decided to start playing RU, but you pretty much kicked ass all season.

kael: .5k for one of the best players ever? Hell yes.

Kevin Garrett: I remember looking up to you years ago when I had just joined, and it's seriously been an honor playing on the same SPL team as you. DDoS jokes aside, it's been a pleasure, and you wrecked in BW.

LUST: To be honest, I actually originally didn't like you a whole lot early in the season - you came off as kind of abrasive. That changed around midseason though, you're a smart guy who knows what he's doing and you're... usually right when you say stuff lol. Shame we both got lucked this week :(

make: I'd probably have a more detailed shoutout besides "you're awesome at ADV" but honestly I'm bad at foreign languages :(

Stellar: I take back what I said about Shake. You are literally the worst. >:( and that about sums up our relationship right there.

SoulWind: You keep going on about this but don't let this season get you down man, you're an excellent battler. You know what's up in BW and you're a great guy. I better see you in the finals of this Doubles tour too ;)

TheFourthChaser: out of all of the people who used #sharks you're the only one who came out of the season still modding PS. There's gotta be a prize for that. You put in work when you battled and you helped me out immensely in testing and stuff and you're pretty awesome too.

The Wolf: Is there any tier you don't play? You seriously just went in wherever you were needed and managed to pull through. Lower tier master right here

WhiteQueen: Before the season started I was looking forward to trash talking you and then we ended up on the same team and I was like "shit." You ended up being a lot cooler than I gave you credit for though, and even when you didn't play you were enthusiastic. Wouldn't have been the same without you.

LizardMan and Frizy: Not Sharks but always there. Lizard is pro as fuck and Frizy sucks but man you're a good guy.

Lady Bug: Shark at heart <3

panamaxis: Fuck timezones, I could have talked to you more :(

Philip7086: I CAN FINALLY CONNECT TO POKEBATTLE!!!! Unlike too many members of the team I did get to know you a bit better, even if I forget that band you told me about that used your guitar on an album or something.

MoP: You helped literally everyone on the team (even if the team of mine you helped with most never saw the light of day). I won't be Fire weak don't worry :)

makiri: Holy shit where do I begin...? I wouldn't have made it anywhere without you over the past months. You took the time to scout #doubles and ended up picking me (sorry Zach got stolen :o), and you helped me in both teambuilding and battling ability. You didn't get all pissy when Audio DC'd and I hadn't sent in my team, and were fine with it when I asked to be taken out week eight (considering how I played against Blingas I probably wouldn't have played anyway lol).

Other people:

jrp: irl fren :)

Treecko: Smog fren :)

Electrolyte: Smog fren :)

Audiosurfer: Audioblast :] you've basically been my rival as long as Doubles has been around, and although you've almost always come out on top you're right up there with jrp/Treecko/Electrolyte as my best friends on Smogon.

Pocket, Pwnemon, Biosci, R Inanimate, kingofmars, Braverius, Nollan, BLINGAS ♥, and especially Mizuhime, Laga, and Joim: Even if a bunch of you are from VGC, it's been cool playing Doubles in SPL and you guys are all in on it (although some of us never really got to play). To the last four: you helped me test and teambuild a lot and I couldn't have done it without you.

Ash Borer, Lolk (you thought I was bad), Level 51, BlankZero, finally, Shaian, and all the other Doubles people I'm forgetting: WE DA BES

Birkal and verbatim: You two are basically the people ultimately behind everything I've achieved on Smogon and I finally have a chance to properly thank you for it. Thanks guys.

The Immortal and DTC: The two OM mods I haven't given shoutouts to yet :D

The OM guys: keep playing, guys!

PS staff: There's too many of you to count now... I might be retired now but you're all still buds :)

The Showderp crew, especially BLOOD TOTEM and Bedschibaer:

Molk, TROP, dcae, Passion the inspirational, Fusxfaranto, Valentine, ebeast, FLCL, Yilx, and all the other TAONU guys: You all suck, but mostly dcae :)

Laurel and King: I might be in the minority here but I like both of you guys. Keep on truckin'.

blarajan: Neutral shoutout; you got LC and Doubles in SPL but then haxed the hell out of Al_Alchemist. Rude :(

And a blanket shoutout to anyone else I might have forgotten. There's seriously so much more I could say here but I just didn't. Whatever, time to bask in the red glow of this trophy *-*
20:39 MoP now i can start on my shout out: 8:40

I originally had "Since kael. won't do a shout out, I guess should." as my opener but then...

20:46 Skywallker



aeroblac: I know we said we wouldn't play much this format, and at first we didn't. We did get to a 700 rating piloting Fire Kings, but there just wasn't a fire under -this- king. How could I make it fun? How do I ghost in YGO without Skype? And then I discovered Zombies. It was fun piloting you to 1300+ while grinding out 5 backrow fields and OTK within the same turn. I'll always remember you.

growlie: My favorite. You're cute, lovely, smart, plus amazing. Oh yes, stunning, kindly, love you! Hug when sleeping, warm and cuddly. Spectacular. Ravishing.

MoP: You f'd up bro. Only 5/12 in team tournaments. You should have definitely tried harder during WCOP to go 6/12, because the only way you can get to .500 is to join the next 2 and win those. Could you win 3 in a row? I don't see why not.

And now for Stark MoPs:

makiri: You have served well as a puppet.

panamaxis: You have also served well as a puppet.

Philip7086: Hard to serve well as a puppet when missing all the time.

Hmm...I should probably take a different approach otherwise this shout out will just be "You have also served well as a puppet" about 21 times. Let's try it again!

aeroblac: I know we said we would quit YGO but it's been a fun year. I know we've made mistakes like added Guardian Eatos into Madolches but why is Nexus so mad about it? You didn't know any better. I think we'll probably get into Lightsworns for next format, or Spellbooks if we ever feel like grinding out games GSC style. Maybe I can ghost Conflict into becoming a top YGO duelist.

growlie: My favorite. You're cute, lovely, smart, plus amazing. Oh yes, stunning, kindly, love you! Hug when sleeping, warm and cuddly. Spectacular. Ravishing.

MoP: Well, part of the retirement plan is working. You haven't signed onto forums in over a year and a half, which is nice. Why do they even let you join things? Oh by the way, don't forget to talk to RT about letting you in UUPL. You're the best.

And now for Stark MoPs:

makiri: We've started a dynasty. Won 2 SPLs and made playoffs in the other one. 2 out of 3 years. We were a basically a Hypnosis for the battle that is SPL. (Disclaimer: SPL 3 did not happen and Ojama does not exist.)

panamaxis: I still remember the day I told Stallion that dak was good and that he would want him. All he had to do was trade you to us. LOL WHAT AN IDIOT. I'm just kidding. He got the best of us with that trade. Since you've been on the Sharks, every midseason we'd get a random PM from MS. "Hey....pick me up guys." You win Stallion. You win.

Philip7086. This nigga is magic. I still remember the day when he showed me his Torment Heatran team and I said it was 'neat.' He then proceeded to bring that up 3 years later in an argument. True to his set, he has never stopped tormenting me. In fact, this nigga threw a BITCHFIT pre-season because he didn't want to have to be bought while Stellar managed. So we obliged. And then he obliged. To disappear. Like a magician. A gay Gagaga Magician.

And the rest of the MoPpets.

-Tsunami: In The Real Husbands of Hollywood, Kevin Hart would always call Duane Martin "Shake" because he was always shaky on his deals. You are no different. You have ditched me in WCOP and tried to ditch me this SPL. But ultimately, you ditched your undefeated record to win for the team.

Al_Alchemist: I've actually been absent for most of your LC matches. Unfortunately the first one I was able to watch in real time happened to be vs CatcherInTheEye. This is the equivalent of introducing a young man to a strip club. Only if that strip club was Indian. Despite your best efforts to give blarajan a perfect record, I appreciate you taking it for the team to give up the losses. No perfect player's team has ever won a tournament and you knew that. Respect.

Arcticblast: Lol you're still on the team?

Atticus: Duh, I would have to say you would probably be my mentor. Well let's back this up a little bit. Let's just say if you were being raped and forced to give a guy head and were given 2 options: 1. You can bite, claw, gnaw, do whatever necessary to stop; or 2. Do a good job and get paid the equivalent of a million dollars in Canadian money, you'd have a little bit more money to buy YGO cards. So basically if anyone ever needs a mentor for sucking dick, it's this guy. He is the Allah of dicksucking. There's no way to go undefeated after being gone for so long without making a deal with someone.

Conflict: You have served well as a puppet.

Edgar: Despite your hardest attempts to throw games each and every week, as well as picking such subpar 'mons to use, you were Shake's friend and therefore able to harnass his luck into gaining us a valuable finals victory. Thank you for proving to me that I literally could win an SPL tourney by myself. Respect.

Hawkstar: Lol you're still on the team?

Heist: During preseason people were like, "lol you're shelling out 21k for DP?" Little did they know that you would be double penetrating the tournament with expertise in both DP and RU. But I truly hope you do win OST10 if Atticus can't, since if that happens we obviously have to shut down the forums. Respect.

kael.: Let's just say that BKC was getting raped and giving head. He had 2 options. 1. He could bite, claw, gnaw and do whatever necessary to stop; or 2. He could do a good job and get paid the equivalent of a million dollars in Canadian money. He did such a great job that he paid me instead. He gave us the gift of you kael. I laughed each time knowing that your opponents would have to fight through heaven and hell against you. And that's just to schedule a battle. Respect.

Kevin Garrett: You were still part of one of the most intense moment of my Poke-Career:

[15:38:40] <MoP> 12
[15:38:44] <@Philip7086> don't bid
[15:38:44] <@Philip7086> wow
[15:38:45] <MoP> fuck
[15:38:45] <@Philip7086> mop
[15:38:46] <MoP> i paniced
[15:38:48] <@Philip7086> wtf dude
[15:38:50] <@paul> wtf
[15:38:54] <@Philip7086> god
[15:38:54] <MoP> lol
[15:38:55] <@Philip7086> thank
[15:38:57] <@Philip7086> fucking
[15:38:57] <@Philip7086> GOD
[15:38:58] <@Philip7086> ROFL
[15:38:58] <MoP> come on
[15:38:58] <Conflict> hes going for more
[15:38:59] <@paul> ok thank god
[15:38:59] <MoP> that was funny

And it was funny. Funny watching you school the F out of Marth and Aqualouis. You knew your place, like how your opponents now know their's. Which is beneath you. You knew your role and behaved like a well-behaved hojabi. Respect.

LUST: You have served well as a puppet.

make: I hate you. You are the reason why every other hour there is an all Spanish chat. And even when we were speaking English, we would all look illiterate when we were talking about you like "Hey can make play GSC" or "It's okay make will win." But you also spoke the language of a winner. You probably put in the most work out of anyone in the history of Smogon. You had to brave through being a Frog in SPL 4. Respect.

Stellar: You have served well as a puppet.

SoulWind: Puppy. You are in a rut. That rut probably started in that Tour finals vs Ojama. Damn Ojama....always getting the best of us. I don't believe in Curse of makiri or Curse of xtrashine or Curse of Dragon. I believe in Curse of Ojama. Which is also a key component to playing Chain Burn, the second gayest deck of all time. But it is okay puppy. The French will be toast. And you will get a second wind. Respect.

TFC: Lol you're still on the team?

TheWolf: You have served well as a puppet.

WhiteQueen: Lol you're still on the team?

Just kidding...on some...

Arcticblast: Ahhh the reason why we made a secret channel for a little while. After your week 1 loss you were like, "It's an honor to lose like that." WTF?!?! PAUL PANA PHIL WE BID ON A BITCH! But then you started to focus like energy. And with that came the wins, as well as a backseat for TFC, who is surpisingly still on the team. Respect.

Conflict: One of the automatic wins on the team. Despite how much shit you get from everyone being a puppet, just know that you were a good one. Like Mr. Rodgers Elmo good. I'm sorry that we couldn't get SnowCristal! for you to e-date, so I renewed your trophy instead. Respect.

Hawkstar: You made us all smarter. For the first half of the season we had to figure out how to talk about selling you back without highlighting you. But then mid-season passed and behold, you were still on the team. That's skills bro. Respect.

LUST: I hope you never forget, you choked the living shit against CyberOdin. CyberOdin really? CyberOdin is like the herpes of his community, nay, he is not that relevant so disregard. But nonetheless you sucked it up for the team, playing in tiers I probably could have played myself and tested more for playoffs than the STD results for BAIKA. Respect.

Stellar: You have served well as a puppet.

TFC: Ahhh TheFourthChubby-Chaser. Honestly, the perseverance you showed in remaining on the team is second to only Hawkstar's. You must have also been good friends with Shake to able to harnass his luck in beating CBB's Venusaur. I knew at that point we were going to win the season. Respect.

TheWolf: My second favorite puppy behind only SoulWind. And like SoulWind you had to brave through many a BS. You must not be friends with Shake cause you kept getting hacked. Shake's the thing you don't have. A dick. Respect.

WhiteQueen: You're my YGO phrase. I keep coming back to you. For WCOP5, and then SPL4, and then WCOP8 and now SPL5. You're like Grapha. I always want to see you on the banlist but I never do. F DARKWORLD, the only thing gayer than Chain Burn. And burn you will, all those haters. I hope this is the last time I ever have to tell Stellar to watch and delete your posts. I have finally delivered you your trophy after 4 tries, we are through! Sigh. Respect.

And now for all my other puppies:

blarajan: You have served well as a puppet.
DICE: You have served well as a puppet.
Luck: You lost a lot. This was not a puppet.
PttP: You have served well as a puppet.
Yusuke: You have served well as a puppet.

24-9 Team Asia. Not bad. Don't let Aldaron destroy you. Don't let Eo destroy you. Never forget, we will always achieve in spite of Eo.

Frizy: Lol you're still allowed in the channel?

LizardMan: The laziest nigga known to all the other niggas. The Obama of niggas if you will. We almost got you to sign up. Then we almost got you to sign up mid-season. And then we did it. We got you to want to sign up. But then it was week 9. SMFH. But you made Atticus good at his job, for without you he would not have earned his equivalent of a million dollars in Canadian money. Respect.

SilentVerse: A one man helping crew. While Cryos went out and tried to hire help in BA, BKC, Bloo, CBB, GR8, we got you. And you destroyed them. Well, maybe them inviting PDC in played a bigger role in that, but we'll stick with this. You should've been a Shark last year but you came back to us, SharkVerse. Respect.

Well, I'd like to say I had regrets or mistakes, but you know...I won. Lol even when I don't I still don't make mistakes.

I guess I'll share some of our pre-season plans.

Frizy (3,000): Lol you still play?
aim (3,000): Probably wouldn't have played.
VN. (3,000): Well, didn't even make a team so...
Zodiak (3,000): You lost to Jason. =/

Why the F do we let Shake suggest so many people pre-season? =/

MajinVagina (12,000): Probably didn't have enough room for 2 Nazis.
High Impulse (6,000): We would've thrown you in ADV and well the trophy probably woulda gone to the Classiest this year if we did.
Remedy (5,000): LOL DODGED A BULLET>
twash (5,000): Well...I guess we already have LizardMan for niggas who didn't sign up.

I still like Whistle and Arin. I miss Arin.

God job Stark MoPs. You did a decent job this time around. Should've won 12-0 though.

21:41 MoP okay im done
21:41 MoP with my shoutout post

Oh shoutout to my nigga Boo for making this possible.
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