Smogon Premier League 5 - Semi-Finals!!!

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Shoutout time then, ggs Cryos

You were a cool manageer, thx for picking me up, sorry we couldn't win on your birthday :[ oh and thx in advance for retain :]
Jirachee: You were fun to chat to on IRC and were always good motivation for the team :]
Golden Sun: I know basically nothing about ADV, but what I do know is that you're a god at it, and you were cool to chat to on IRC, hope you're back next year.
Soulgazer: We helped each other test most weeks and it was fun building teams together. I feel like we both made names for ourselves this SPL, but I know you've got even more to give, I look forward to watching you improve :]. And thx for slaying Snakevictory.
Problems: Ah the Boy, with the powerful trifecta of #Classiest #POfag #UK you were underestimated coming in to this tour as was most of our team, but hopefully people see you're quite the powerful user (or maybe it's just donkeys teams ;)). Sorry you couldn't bring down Blim :[. Lookin forward to wrecking POWC with you this year.
IFM: You tamed down your johning powers and were nice and manoeuvrable on the team, also you beat kland so you're basically a god.
MikeDecIsHere: thx for bein here :]
ZoroDark: thx for givin aim content to upload, was feelin a bit bored ;) (real talk it was good of you to keep supporting us even after the sellback, and its a shame you weren't given a chance to prove yourself, and forget about the haters, be curvy and proud)
Sinclair: Ah the big JJ, the nigga who drops a deuce in the middle of Smogon twitch stream, fuckin power. Good to have u back at midseason to pick up some crisp wins for us :] fuk kd24
MR.E: We didn't win yet bud :[ maybe if you'd of ghosted Django better we could've... :]
youngjake93: This man can bench 340 and packs heat that rivals the almighty 30cm Probs, also picked us up that clutch activity win and made a bunch of people mad, just how I like it :]
Artemisa: Based Arte, a fellow POfag I'm prolly madder than you are that you got your win stolen vs Blara :[ I think you did well this SPL, this is (as far as I know) your first proper tour, you were dropped in at the deep end and if hax had been a bit more favourable you could've easily had a neutral or positive record, keep it up!
Jayde: You also slayed Snakevictory and it was p fun watching him get shook when he thought he'd have to face you again this round, was fun discussin NU stuff with you and Soulgazer, glad we picked you up.
Luck>Skill: Thx for helpin me test and generally helping all of us with teambuilding, hope this SPL gave you plenty of salt for your pasta.
Somalia: Thx for makin gainz.
The rest of Classiest: If I didn't give you your own shoutout it's only cuz I didn't get to know you well enough, but everyone in the Classiest crew seemed cool on IRC, and you were a fun bunch to be around, hopefully I see most of you back next year.

Other Fegits
thx for helpin me with teambuildin every week and test teams
New Breed: Thx for bein my Kangaskhan :]
Funkasaurus + Hugundugen: Thx for believing in me through it all
Casedvictory: AfroCase2014 was a success, we proved POwer exists, jus a shame that toursb4frens Ssssssssssssssssssssasedvictory :] (dw im not actually salty fren)
Rey: Thx for ranking me #10 so I wasn't under any pressure to win my matches
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what matters is our plan!
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i would first like to thank the classeist for making this an enjoyable season. i got to meet some more PO (BAN ME PLEASE) and you guys aren't that bad tbh.

secondly i'd like to give my shoutouts:

to all the whiny bitches who pretty much forced my hand into retesting and unbanning hail in BW UU: i hate you all and i hope you're happy you made a great metagame into a really shitty one.

to all the idiots who voted not to ban chandelure: you're also fucking retarded and missed the opportunity to make the tier quite literally perfect.

i thank the based god that the new tiering system won't allow for idiots like you to fuck shit up again.

that is all.
Its been a blast guys its a shame its ended like this but fucking hell its been a sick loada months, I'm not ashamed to say its been my favourite tournament by far you guys were really a sick group of BOIZ and its a shame its guna come to an end blahblah. So goin 3-6 last year and going 6-4 this year, looking like ya bois improving lets hope you're still around to watch me fuck up next people next year ;)

Shoutouts: (Before you read this I know its fucking gay you dont have to read it and my grammar will be so shit as I cant be fucked to read all I've just fucking written)
Nachos: Ah was a fine run my friend, playing wcop with you was alot of fun but 'FLIPPIN EK' this SPL was most probs my fave tournament so far playing pokes for me with the psquad we you put together! You were always checking with everyone keeping the chat active on how everythings going etc couldn't ask anymore of you being a manager you were pretty sick. Looking forward to the next wcop #UK

Stone_Who22: the legend.. Since the day on IRC i recieved a pm from you asking if would be okay if you could retain me I know you were the man, out of everyone you're probs the person who had most faith in me after last years dreadful performance and i think you for that. When you did join the classiest chat you always wanted to know what was going on and ya you bossed out on the GS retain when you asked my opinion.

Jirachee: We didn't really speak much doing wcop but you were always pretty cool and keeping the chat active! I got to know you alot more this tournament instead of being that RMT try hard mod ;).. And ya you're a pretty cool guy always taking in the chat, a fine assman you made! Also looking forward to playing wcop next with you.

The Retains:
Golden Sun: Just want to say holy shit you're a fucking monster for your performance this SPL, I thought you were good after being a team mate with you last year but honestly after watching you this year in my opinion you're one of the if not top ADV players around at this moment of time. When stone told me they were guna retain you ya boi knew you'd pull the fuck through, hopefully you do end up playing powc! PCE

199 Lives: My boyy, I know you didn't have the best record this year and you weren't too lucky you still put in a solid performance my man! I hope you win this week and show people by beating Fakes you're still the man that should be not fucked with.. Masterclass know this mans true power, hope to see you around man done be a stranger on IRC.

Luck: You're a God man, 2nd tournament I've played with you now and you're honestly one of the best team players I know and such a positive player to be around as you're always testing and talking. Your record is whatever as you got lucked so hard this year (reminds me of last year for me) it was horrible lol, so even when you got subbed out you still helped everyone and didn't shy away. Hopefully you keep active in the powc channel as I let you autojoin and I'll see you soon please dont leave :(

Mre: First thing Stone said to me about you is that you're a 'misserable (BAN ME PLEASE)' or some shit so when we all thought retaining you was a good idea i was a little worried what you'd be like at first but honestly i think you're a cool guy. I didn't watch many of your games but in the games i saw i was seeing los fucking plays.


Afrosmash: My man every bitch ass and nigga doubted you going into this tournament (rey HEUHE) you proved every man wrong put in a solid as fuck performance fortunate at times but 10/10 my dude going into this tournament i'm not guna lie to you i was telling stone to pick up newbreed (hahaha) but then he got tour banned for the ubers open shit, so i told him about my boy whos 16-4 in po tours or some shit like that and ever since then everyone been on your dick. So not guna brag about it but i discovered this boy everyone ;) See you in powc my ass man lets take souls #POFAGS

Soulgazer: Knew nothing about you before spl expect for you being a NU slam finalist, as i wasn't there for auction i wondered why the team got you as we picked up Djangod (who is shit) being our main NU player but fucking hell you put in a solid shift this year going 7-3 or something, django told us he was out of practice so nachos gave you the green light.. You just watch niggas try and doubt you after an SPL like this and honestly i dont know much about NU but I know people are guna see you as one of the top players now. One last thing, you're honestly the guy who i think had the most impact on the chat and kept it as active as it was you're a sick team player dude offering to help me test in ubers when you've played like no games before. #sickguy

IFM: Decent performance from my man this year, you were inactive at times but always wanted to test in OU and all that when you were online! I like to think now people still know you havent lost it since your rediculous 9-1 or something season a few SPLs back as you a valuable asset for the team hopefully see you around man

ARTE: tehmexicandavid, going into SPL you told me you were most probs guna be inexperienced in XY which i think looking at you now is bullshit you're one of the top players my man. Another PO (BAN ME PLEASE) i recuited to the classiest by telling nachos and dave what the fuck is up with these sick players! I know you didn't get the best of records but in the games you did lose they were close as fuck so dont let it get you down man. #POFAGS

Jayde: I know everyone gives you so much shit for being one of the easts subs this year, but honestly man fuck everyone who thinks this.. You beat players this year who people thought you couldn't and turned heads, i'm happy nachos picked you up and 'fuck da haters'.. Everyones yet to see the best of Gayde #jaydetour2014

[chef]Kokoloko: I always knew you were a solid as fuck player hence why i was one of the people backing our first bid on getting you pre auction (which you fucking said no to, (BAN ME PLEASE)) but ya we ended up getting you in the end ;) another good record from my man which everyone knows if one of the top UU players just showing niggas how its done. Always chill in the chat talking about whatever, i know you didn't really wana UU this year as you saw we had SOMALIA (WHO FUCKED UP) and wanted to XY but was p much forced to UU thanks so much for that dude really did a solid for the team.

JJ: my son.. Your pictures on skype are disgusting, I'm not guna lie to you i never really rated you much before SPL which is balls as im ur fucking clan leader.. But you showed everyone you're not to be fucked with boy, such a sick guy we're like in skype calls every day so you're one of my niggas. Your KDraco shit was fucking hilarious, but it fucked you over which meant you couldn't play the first season when we needed you :( Soon to be one of the top XY players mark my words.

Lord Elyis: My IDM nigga I'm not guna lie i hyped you up to much this SPL and you didn't disappoint you started so well man beating some top players then it kinda just fell off and you got subbed. My Italian nigga your ladder peaks remind me of mine back in the day just to wait till you get sick of it ;) Same as for JJ people this boy will be one of the top players this gen.

CHASE: 'chase stop losing', the original 30cm (i dont take credit for this) you showed me the ways of how talking about your penis to random strangers on the internet can be ammusing. Hahaha, on the level though i was in SPL last year with you and you were one of my boyssss and still are! Sick guy and fuck doubles #30cm

yungjake: Sup dude you were always active in the chat and keeping everyone entertained during the day, going into SPL as the guy who 6-0d audiosurfer everyone knew you'd be a beast.. The guy who picked up our only doubles win must be I guess, jokes aside man you're a top guy and your improvement in doubles has been obvious over the SPL keep it going dude! fuk tanner


Funk: thanks for being around man top man see you in powc and #uk

MikeDecisQueer: I get more girls than you and Chase

SOMALIA: U FUKED UP MAN, hopefully see you powc

The Others: Everyone on the team put in a good performance and so did you guys, I didn't really get to know you guys that well so yah but everyone in the team had put in a good performance, thanks guys.


Donkey: I know we always give eachother alot of shit but you are the boss dude, I mean i only used 3 of my own teams for fuck sake.. and you help me with two of them haha.. But ya you're a hero for helping me out with team building and its a shame how yor SPL went lol get fuked week 1 noob nice .cry but anyone who knows ubers knows you're been on of the top 3 players Since BW2. One day we might be able to talk on skype about something which isn't pokes.

PokeaimMD: Joey, you're the fucking man. We never really spoke much before SPL but when you got subbed into ubers and starting doing your ting for the wolfpack we've p much played like over 5 games every day together aha. You're one of the better players of XY Ubers and even OU I know everyone makes 'youtubers are shit' comments but ya, sick player not to be fucked with. Solid record also my friend best of luck in finals i hope wolfpack do it #fuckhugo

Edgar: My man got to play his first spl, thank fucking lord i've known you for years now man.. I still remember you pming me in the day when i used to ladder telling me I was sick must seem so long away now ;) Hahaha, thanks so much for the testing and team suggestions man you, joey and donkey really fucking helped me progress in XY. I apologise for my slow replying on skype sometimes man, its so good people are starting to recognise you're a fucking monster at this game and one of the best xy ubers players, and you are also good friend :)

Blimlax: Well another tournament you destroyed me in blahblah more IDM members giving me shit for this, but you're a savage man just taking people lives from week to see and have been since BW1. Yah I went 0-2 vs you this year which dented my record a ton *sigh* I had two of the best SPL games i had this year vs you.. Even thought you won like 7-8 50/50s in a fucking row I was so mad lmao.

IDM: My fucking boys, you're probs the only reason I'm still playing love all of you.

IRIS: i always have to give you a fucking shoutout so ya 'fuck hsa'

Masterclass, Whitqueeen and CBB: You guys get alot of shit with your opinionated comments and posts but I just wana say you guys make this tournament alot more fucking interesting by doing this i mean theres always gota be those people who shit talk to make tournaments fun? You guys put in a solid performance this year and kept myself and everyone entertained. 'thanks'

Been a sick SPL everyone thanks PCE~

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Even though we missed out on the title, I can confidently say we had an amazing season, and I'd do it all over again any day. Going from the #10 ranked team (lol) to the top team in the league to clutching a playoff spot week 9 was a hell of a ride. You guys know I adore you all to death, and I couldn't hope for a better group of guys to spend SPL with. Now, a few shoutouts to those who truly made my season great:

BKC: This guy wins smogon tours, listens to garbage metal music, uses gay shit like gliscor, attempts to play basketball, and fucks underaged girls all while not giving a fuck. What a boss. Too bad he also trades away the best player on his team and misses out on playoffs LOL good one bro.

bro fist: Young, hard worker looking to make it big in the drug industry one day. He's already worked up enough money to get himself a computer, so we know there's no fucking limit to what this guy can do. Soon you'll be chilling in your drug palace while the police search for you in vain, but for now I guess you have to settle for trading away phenomenal pokemon players and getting crushed week 9 to miss the playoffs. Always next year, bud.

Love you all <3, hope we'll be back next year to avenge our loss.


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ggs Cryos, looking foward to Wolfpack winning it all now tho

sorry if I do silly grammar errors

FLCL , Zebraiken , Annoyer , ebeast ,and Raseri : ngl I probably wouldn't had signed up for SPL if it wasn't from you guys supporting me; I was only know for being an haxing (BAN ME PLEASE) before this SPL (probably still am, but idc) and though I wouldn't even have a chance to get picked lol. You were always there to test with me, even though I was always haxing you out when you were in a good position or using stupid shit like SDpass Leafeon. Glad I did listen to you because this was a great experience and lots of fun :)! FLCL, we will have our rematch next year hopefully.

Nachos , Jirachee, Stone_Cold : Thank you guys for buying me and believing in me; outside of those five people above, Jirachee was probably the only one who knew me well in this tournament before the auction, and I'm glad that I ended up with the Classiest. Best managers imo and I would be glad to play again for you guys!

Afro Smash : My nigga :] We tested so much in RU and NU together, and I'm proud that we both went 7-3 this year (nice core imo). You were always there when I needed to test my teams or when I needed to get my ass whooped by your nasty SpDef Mandibuzz to realise that my team was shit. Also glad that I could slay this garbdix user named SnakeVictory for you :)

Artemisa : had a lot of great moments with you too; I ended up being your testing buddy in LC even though I didn't know anything about it (nobody else seemed to want to play LC w/ u beside me u-u) and I had a lot of fun doing it. While you don't have the best record in the world, nobody can deny the fact that most of your loses were in tight games/games where you got haxed so much.

Sinclair : The Man. Even after getting banned for some nonsense before week 1, you stayed with us and made sure to test with our XY OUers as much as you could, and we were all happy when we got you back at midseason :). fwen :]

Problems : Had a lot of fun w/ ya boi on IRC (and when I saw you take Donkey's soul!) and it was a pleasure to be on your team. #POFAGS #CLASSIEST #HASHTAG

Golden Sun : Didn't had the chance to talk a lot with you due our timezones, but ohmylord you are a BEAST in ADV and I'm glad that I had the chance to play some games with you!

Jayde : Always there to remind me that I am trash, I'm glad that we got you at midseason: You are a cool guy and surprised a lot of people by carrying the team every week :)

Django : Where have you been :(

Everyone else on the team: Frens :) I had a lot of fun with everybody on the team and I'm hoping to see you guys next year, and sorry for spamming the channel 24/7 x.x . Stay YUNG!

SnakeVictory : Fren :] Fuck the 'B' in your name, and fuck Klang.

Valentine : Fren :]

dcae : you will always suck
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Wanna make an apology to my team for being an inactive cunt for the second half of the season, but real life got in the way. For a bunch of POfags you lot did crazy good this season, Golden Sun in particular was an absolute beast. Nachos Jirachee and Stone you're all great managers, thanks for drafting me despite me doing jack shit. I'm not bitter about Wcop anymore Nachos ;)

Old POfags: Luck IFM koko, I find it funny we all ended up on the same team after all those years, we just needed blackie, (BAN ME PLEASE), and the german to complete it :(

New POfags: Probs Afro Arte, you guys aint so bad either. New generation goin strong, I know you guys will tear it up next year.

Soulgazer you are a beast even if you can't beat me in tests, hopefully I'll get to play you in XY at some point.

Everyone else you're all Cool Guys and you did a great job getting the Classiest this far with all the #hardwork and #dedication. Next year will be our year


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gg Cryos. Go get em Wolfpack! Do it for big Verlisifurry.

I think I did more for the team during when I wasn't on it rather than when I was, but same a Django, real life got in the way. Oh well.

Nachos: This guy is a great manager. The man was such a hypocrite though. We would be discussing moves in the chat, he would say "let the man play", and then instantly join us in discussion two minutes later >_>. This guy knew how to put together a line up though, despite a few things not really working out as he had hoped. I hope you manage Classiest next year bud.

Jirachee: 9.9

Stone: Bitter sweet big guy. We almost had it this year. At least you can't hang over my head how you carried me to a trophy (even though you would have been as well:])

To the guys from last year, Oli, Golden Sun, Nitroo: You guys killed it. It's a shame you couldn't get a trophy, cause you guys were awesome.

Oli: Quality > Quantity.

The new guys: I wasn't too familiar with a lot of you guys before the tournament, minus Koko cause METRO and all and IFM, but you guys were awesome teammates. SG, Afro, Arte, Sinclair, KID BUU, Koko, IFM and Mr Fucking E who couldn't remember his teammates ;), good work this year. You guys will get it next year

Django: We couldn't get carried buddy.

Thanks for making my last "tournament" (even though I had no plans on playing anytime soon) fun guys. It's been real.


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