Smogon Premier League 5 - Semi-Finals!!!

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This is what I was talking about:

[02:04am]gr8astard:i blame danilo lets crucify him
[02:05am]DANILO:so u agree
[02:05am]DANILO:i am
[02:05am]DANILO:not bad
[02:05am]marth:he just hears what he wants to
[02:05am]DANILO:stil gotta send
[02:05am]DANILO:a picture of my asshole
[02:06am]DANILO:dont wanna get my phone too close to my asshole though
[02:06am]DANILO:i wish there was like
[02:06am]DANILO:a needle camera
[02:06am]DANILO:so i could stick a needle up my asshole
[02:06am]DANILO:and take a pic
[02:06am]DANILO:and send it to yusuke
[02:06am]kingofmars:just get a colonoscopy
[02:06am]DANILO:brah that costs $$$


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I'm too cool for specific shoutouts but it was a fun run guys, gonna be sad to see this superstar squad all broken up next year (if I'm even willing to be in this stressful, time-consuming Poke-tourney scene anymore at that point). I probably shoulda talked with y'all on irc more often, it was fun when I was able to be there.

Okay I said I wouldn't do specific shout-outs, but given the shit he's gotten, can I just say that Laurel was a very pleasant surprise as a teammate? Definitely over-eager at times, but also a definite asset who seemed almost always to be willing and ready to give people matches in whatever tier. Glad to see you get a win in the playoffs, sorry we couldn't bring it home bud.


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I'm a little disappointed in the way our season ended, but oh well I suppose; pkmn is a silly game so w/e @_@. I'd like to thank DittoCrow, Limitless, and gr8astard for saving me from the frogs last year and retaining me this year so I could play for you guys again, and my teammates for making this SPL the most fun I've had playing pkmn in a long time :). I'd also like to thank my friends from #rarelyused, in particular, Nails, Double01, complete_legitimacy, atomicllamas, and HotNCold, for helping me a ton throughout this season; you all were invaluable testing / teambuilding partners, and if it weren't for you guys, I probably wouldn't have done anywhere near as well as I did lol. Thanks for everything guys; we may not have won, but it was a fun season for sure, and in a game like pkmn I suppose that's all that really matters n_n.

Edit: Oh, I also forgot to mention. I'd like to thank Honko for teaching me all I know about johning, since his teachings led me to great success this season :).
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