Smogon Premier League 5 - Week 1

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underdog of the year
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lost, expected him to make various plays to take advantage of some openings


edit: post felt unnecessarily rude; reiku outplayed me when i was expecting something different and i take full blame for loss *-* ggs broski, hope to see ya in playoffs for a rematch
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The Circus Maximus Tigers (2) vs. The Smog Frogs (7)

XY OU 1: C05ta vs Dekzeh
XY OU 2: Leftiez vs Lady Bug
XY Uber: Fiction. vs Furai
XY LC: Raseri vs Heysup
XY Doubles: Biosci vs Joim
BW OU: Thatsjustpeachy vs yan[sogeking]
BW UU: DestinyUnknown vs aerialace TM40
BW RU: Hot N Cold vs Texas Cloverleaf
BW NU: Zebraiken vs Reiku
DPP OU: sebixxl vs [K-12] The Madchine
ADV OU: Halloween vs reyscarface
GSC OU: Royal Flush vs Colchonero


On a more serious note, gg to the tigers, you're one of the coolest teams this SPL, the best of luck in the future rounds.
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