Smogon Premier League 5 - Week 2

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B is for BRUTUS
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The Ever Grande BIGS (5) vs. The Smog Frogs (0)

XY OU 1: badabing vs Lady Bug
XY OU 2: AB2 vs Dekzeh
XY Ubers: Boudouche vs Furai
XY LC: CatcherAndTheRai vs Heysup
XY Doubles: BLINGAS ♥ vs Joim
BW OU: Shoka vs yan[sogeking]
BW UU: SoulChef vs aerialace TM40
BW RU: Alf' vs Texas Cloverleaf
BW NU: Fuzznip vs Reiku
DPP OU: Delta 2777 vs -Frexa-
ADV OU: 6A9 Ace Matador vs reyscarface
GSC OU: Floppy vs Colchonero
me n bryce scheduled for 7-9 pm GMT +6, i was on 7 pm GMT +6 so i was waiting for 2 hours and he didn't show up. then i noticed that he had a battle scheduled with another guy for 11 pm GMT +6 and so i showed up that time (now) still no sign of him..

so yeah update.
sry for missing the scheduled time,I missed it because I didn't have internet since yesterday due to technical problems and just got it fixed. Anyways,I'll be available at the time u mentioned today and can also play tmrw so we should be able to get this done.
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