Smogon Premier League 5 - Week 3

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First I have kael who says he can play at a certain time but then cannot. He gets subbed out which is no big deal, but then I get Choice Specs who tells me that he can play any time today. I have literally been on since 12 noon and he hasn't been on. He sends me a VM at like 6:30 saying he'll be back home in an hour, and I've waited that hour + another hour. Despite my lack of life in real life, this is a rather angering waste of time. My availability tomorrow will be shaky to poor since I will do all the things I could not do today tomorrow along with other activities.

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My Zapdos, which was crit Turn 1, did its best Phoenix impression and clutched with glorious accuracy and damage rolls in the endgame after I blundered away my Lax and was at a p big disadvantage. I need to get better at this game for both my team's and my own sake.

gg RF, you probably shoulda had that, but c'est la vie.
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