Smogon Premier League 5 - Week 3

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People REALLY need to understand that ''I am free the whole day'' does NOT mean ''I will be in front of my computer from 8am to 2am just come whenever you want and we will play''. It means ''give me a time to play that day and I will come at this time''. But no, you didn't give him a time within his schedule range, so you are not allowed to complain.

(Nothing personal, but it is not the first time I see that, and it is such a stupid way to miss a battle...)
Still waiting for frogs to do this sub. K-12 has only come on once this whole week. Frexa and I have been in contact, but there are only so many more hours I can be on, I'm sick of waiting around.

First I have kael who says he can play at a certain time but then cannot. He gets subbed out which is no big deal, but then I get Choice Specs who tells me that he can play any time today. I have literally been on since 12 noon and he hasn't been on. He sends me a VM at like 6:30 saying he'll be back home in an hour, and I've waited that hour + another hour. Despite my lack of life in real life, this is a rather angering waste of time. My availability tomorrow will be shaky to poor since I will do all the things I could not do today tomorrow along with other activities.
Why are you complaining? I left you a msg on your wall saying that im free all day sat, and now its your turn to tell me when you wanna play. I was on my computer doing other things while waiting for you to tell me you're free. 6pm comes around, I dropped you a vm saying that I had to go somewhere for an hour and asking you to vm me when you wanna play. You didnt even give me a time but apparently instead you're sitting there staring at my wall, waiting till the hour is over so you can activity post....

Oh and this too:

You posted on Kael's wall saying that your available from 7-11 on Saturday. Based on that I find it hard to believe that you're sitting there, waiting for me from noon till 8. (unless you meant from 7am to 11pm, but I doubt it because you would've just posted "im free all day" instead)

This whole time I had no idea when you're free and idc because im free all day and can play pretty much whenever. You abused the fact that I left for a minute and try to get an activity win out of that....Next time if you're gonna do that at least leave a vm.
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I don't care if people say you are a good poster or if you post like whitequeen. I don't care if you share a bed with august. Every man has limits, and lines he shouldn't cross...

Calling out THE nitroo.. you have crossed the line.
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