Smogon Premier League 5 - Week 3

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K-12 got d/ced when the match was relatively even, I probably had an advantage. Normally I'd do the replay, but I have to go to work in 20 minutes, and the frogs have fucked me around all week so I have no sympathy for the d/c.
I am frog, but I do not have the fault of it.
I would have liked to repeat because I sign to a league to play, not to gain battles like that.
Anyways, confirming... and sorry team.
10. Afro Smash - A PO player that is relatively new, Afro Smash most likely won't have a fantastic season. The amount of superior RU players this year + RU not being Afro's main tier really hurts his chances. His battling skill is lacking and his teambuilding isn't the best, so he will really have to outdo himself in order to bring decent results.

good call reyscarface!


Banned deucer.
in a game like pokemon, players are easily ranked because every match starts the same and there are very few random elements or bits of hidden information, so players will often perform routinely.

lmao if you wanted accurate rankings you should go play starcraft or chess or some shit
yes and it is also probably not a good idea to pipe up right after he only narrowly beat a sun offense team with trick room

oh his team only had one trick roomer.... now i feel dumb. lucky this post is near the bottom of the page heh but matchup still heavily favoured afro
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