Smogon Premier League 5 - Week 5

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Looks like this legend was... limited after all.

Or were you looking for a ghosting joke because if so, your avatar's the ghost buddy

EDIT: read like as joke for some reason. w/e


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The Stark Sharks (5) vs The Smog Frogs (7)

XY OU 1: kael vs Dekzeh
XY OU 2: -Tsunami- vs Lady Bug
XY Ubers: Edgar vs Furai
XY LC: Al_Alchemist vs Heysup
XY Doubles: Arcticblast vs Joim
BW OU: LUST vs yan[sogeking]
BW UU: The Wolf vs aerialace TM40
BW RU: Heist vs Texas Cloverleaf
BW NU: Malekith vs reiku
DPP OU: Atticus vs The_Chaser
ADV OU: make vs reyscarface
GSC OU: Conflict vs Colchonero

gg, you too bud

team pls carry again
Don't worry, we got you bro :]

GG to the Sharks and thanks for a nice and mostly clean week (exceptions on rey and reiku games).
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