Smogon Premier League 5 - Week 8

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Sorry Lady Bug but this is how the series will look from my prespective:
The Indie Scooters (11) vs The Smog Frogs (1)

XY OU 1: liberty32 vs dekzeh
XY OU 2: vinc2612 vs tesung
XY Uber: hack he must vs furai
XY LC: fitzy72 vs heysup
XY Doubles: braverius vs joim
BW OU: undisputed vs yan[sogeking]
BW UU: badass vs zfs
BW RU: nails vs texas cloverleaf
BW NU: dice vs reiku
ADV OU: triangles vs reyscarface
GSC OU: karrot vs colchonero

unbias opinion


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gg, Bad Ass had the win anyway but I'm disappointed in Rhyperior for failing to kill Hera and he will be summarily executed for his weakness


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I really hate doing these, but activity post. Alf missed the scheduled time of 10 pm GMT +1 and he hasn't shown up in the half hour I've been waiting for :/.
I equally hate doing activity posts but.. I've agreed with Remedy to play at 6 pm EST Today, with a possibility of playing yesterday if we were both online.. well,

Reymedy ( was last seen quitting for "Quit: " on Sat March 1 16:37:00 2014 UTC (8 days, 5 hours, 51 minutes ago)

Well, he didn't show up yesterday ( and I was online all day ) and it's currently 6:30 pm and he hasn't shown up either ( after being online the whole day as well ).. I've changed my plans for this but now I have to go to an important dinner and should be back around 10 pm EST time.

Please, be ready to prepare a SUB. Thank you.
i made bing send in his team and he dced. but...
21:48badabingtry agin
21:59badabinggg lol
22:00badabingmy connection wasn't jivin but
22:00DANILOi dont win
22:00badabingi didn't wanna play that out regardless
22:00DANILOu fool
22:00DANILOu dont want to play?
22:00badabingyea how do u beat that lol
22:00DANILObet what
22:00badabingthats just an incredibly
22:00badabingboring matchup
22:00DANILOi mean yeah
22:00DANILObut we can
22:00DANILOplay again
22:00badabingnah its chill
22:01badabinggo on kid
22:01DANILOttar was your last
22:01badabingnah it was el billy
22:01badabingi was expertly concealing him
22:02DANILOgood strat

will fite a sub i want blood
or ill take win =]
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