Smogon Premier League 9 - Week 2

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Lost 1-2 in THE WORST game in pokemon history. When you are making an announcement of a tour, you must write all the rules about a tier even if they are the simplest rules and everyone knows them. Game 1 was a tie and I could have won that game if the rule was written (otherwise I would have clicked sleep powder and not explosion as I had a decent chance of winning). G4 was the haxiest game I have ever played/seen in my life, I don’t even know what the odds are for 2 freezes, 1 crit and a para(actually I did the calc and it is 0.00542%). Thx to my team for being supportive and giving me the chance to be in this tour sorry for not bringing the W
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I won. GG.

[11:51:10] +CALLOUS x: i just need to submit and then im ready whenever
[11:52:05] +danilo: aight gonna run to the bano
[11:52:10] +danilo: also after this game i wont shit talk u anymore
[11:52:52] +CALLOUS x: is there a catch to that? what if you 6-0 me?
[11:53:52] +danilo: no catch
[11:53:58] +danilo: life is too short to be a douche
[11:54:02] +danilo: even if its for the fans
[11:54:16] +CALLOUS x: big of you. i appreciate that. it would be nice to both move on.
[11:54:24] +danilo: :shakes hand:

Let's bury the hatchet and move on with life.

LGI Tigers! <3
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