Smogon Premier League - Bidding (Everyone Else)

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Old as dirt.
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Well snap... I guess that's what I get for not playing much (at all) anymore.

I wouldn't mind doing some RBY or GSC for nostalgia sake. I used to be all right; I probably suck now.
posting in this thread to let people know if you haven't already talked to me it's probably way too fucking late to be considered at this point

stop sending me messages

im serious

bug jumpluff or something she looks patient


Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh, Kate.......
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Seconding the "do not pm me" notion, at this point that might actually hurt you. Although don't pm me if you don't want to be on my team either....
lol at the managers. Are you guys actually going to look at this thread?

As for me I have faith that by the time you guys are done jockeying over the top players you will start to look for cheaper options to round out you teams and that is when the guys like me will start to get picked.

Oh and another thing.

To all managers: I would prefer to play as a sub than a first choice. I prefer making teams and improving them rather than battling (I still love battling though) so if you need someone that can help build teams with your other players and therefore use said teams if someone can't show then I am your man.
I will go cheap so it is worth placing minimum bid on me so I can work my magic behind the scenes and on the front lines if needed.
eh no-one knows who i am and i will probably end up going pretty cheap. Out of the three uber #stark cups i played ive won one and came runner up in another, have been on the Uber leaderboard for a while so i guess i got that going for me
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