Smogon Premier League - Bidding (Everyone Else)

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LN's new rule probably means that I'm locked into twash's team!
I believe bids previously made before the rule are not decided by their original post time, but from the induction of the new rule (in which case there's another 23 hours for you to potentially be bidded on).
I will play my hardest for whichever team I'm appointed to, regardless of my opponent. None shall stand against my wrath. The cry of the UnderUsed shall roar across the land, and I shall be the one to make sure it's heard!

... Pfft, even by my standards, that was lame. Even so, I will kick ass, take names, and chew bubblegum. But I haz no gum. And I'm probably cheap, being a total unknown. :)
And the new rules heated up the biddings... =)

Also, Netbattle Supremacy loves me and uses it's random numbers to save me from every single threat, making me Critical Hit through any Tauros in my way to the pure ownage!

Luck is always on the side of the more skilled player and Explosions misses are normal things when someone plays against me...

Keep that in mind peeps...
I am going to be the suprise factor on your team. The man who comes out of nowhere and becomes the best value player on your team. Pick me and you will get more than your money's worth.
Everyone needs a Rocka

But Why?

No competition without anyone, who rock your team

Everyone needs a German

But why?
Germen are the Scapegoats, so if the Team loose, I'm the Scapegoat

Everyone needs a No-Name

But Why?

No-Names are often underestimated, so we have the surprise moment, btw I'm Top10 OU Battler in Germany

Do you need more Reasons?
Well I might not get bidded on, and if I do it'll be the absolute minimum. At least I'm on the list this year, and by next year maybe I'll have gotten better, so people will want to bid on me ^^


I did then what I knew. Now that I know better, I do better.
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Don't you want to know luck is on your side?

Dont get reyscarface, get me, the hax master. No one can do what i do. The way I play Im practically sure to get more luck then my opponent, and isnt that what this game is all about? Get me, cheap, affordable, lucky. this means you whistle.
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