Smogon Premier League II - Week 2

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whoa is "revealing" a single move that much of a fucking deal?

best counter to counter-teaming: make more fucking teams.

am i allowed to reveal my team: i used "endure" steelix, which was the deciding game-factor.


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Lol yeah right. Don't give me that bullshit. NO ONE cares about "indication as a player". If you see someone say something you didn't think of you're def considering that shit. Anyone here will agree to that. And IF ppl cared about "playing to their own abilities" only then we'd see ppl give up their lucky wins
That's why I'd ignore spectator chat. I don't have to consider what people are telling me if I don't see it.


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congratulations wolfpack nobody deserved a win this week more than you guys it's been a blast :) :D aight


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Week 2 is officially over.

PttP / Solace / Megan_Fox have been given wins based on activity.

Look forward to Week 3.
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