Smogon Premier League II - Week 3

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Beat umby 3-0 in a classic gsc knock-down, drag-out match that went pretty long. GG man.


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I'm too drunk to quote you but gg jackal thanks for the matches etc love you tigres you're all clutch. except you. you knwos who you are.


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Had the game won (technically 93.75% won) but of course I get crit because it's spl and lost.

and yet we still play lolbo1s


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we did set up a time that we both agreed on, but rem couldn't make it at the last minute for one reason or another so i guess we'll have to see how it goes... as he says... times are difficult
symphonyx64 said:
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I guess it does not really matter when we agreed to play this weekend, anyway.
I will play symph later today or tomorrow - activity post.


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I'd like to thank Fabbles and the Ever Grande BIGS for being great competitors this week. Best of luck throughout the remaining four matches, as well. :pimp:
Literally the worst game of pokemon I have ever played. I had the match won on like 3 separate occasions, only to get burned, frozen, or miss an important move

"gg" wasnt much I could do team
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