Smogon Premier League - Introduction

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Hey guys just because I currently cannot play doesn't mean my bids should dip below 70,000! I should be ready to go come tourney time =)


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This is an awesome tourney idea. I can't wait to brush up on ADV, being on netbattle should bring back memories.

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it's a little unfair that there's only one of me to go around =( whoever buys me wins it i guess.


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I could see this having much more appeal than having only 100ish players that might get a spot. Any chance there might be more teams than just 10?


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Unfortunately, toshime, in order to do that the tournament would have to run for longer than it already does... and it's already spanning nearly 4 months. The top 100ish players ensures that this is the best of the best of Smogon. If you're worried about whether or not you'll get a spot, well, you'll have about 3 weeks from when the managers are chosen until the start of bidding, so there's your time to appeal to them / show your stuff.
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