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Just thought I would let everyone know that I am looking for assistant managers. You can PM me or talk to me on IRC. It would be very helpful if you either: are active in the tour (playing and watching) or if you played before DP. I'll be looking for a few days so feel free to talk to me whenever.


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Yeah, other managers can use this thread to announce tryouts, assistant managers, etc as well!

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To clear things up, are we allowed to "sell" overselves to managers before sign ups begin so we can explain stengths and style and that stuff?
This is one of those times that I wish those close losses to good players had been turned into wins, if only that it would have gotten me cred, lol.

Well I go real cheap and can pull the occasional upset.
scofield matty and myself are looking for an additional assistant manager; the main quality we need is someone experienced with older generations. you can PM me or join #alpharuiners on if interested!

also, players who want to play for a team (especially those who are underrated or relatively unknown) are welcome to join our IRC channel too. no spies or koalas.


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oh Spies is the only exception (not you meddling voyeurs however)


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hey guys, remember that LN hosts a (24/7) SPL Server on NB Supremacy so feel free to chip in and get some old gen practice in. You never know when a manager might stumble in on you crushing the life out of your opponent for a mean 6-0 victory!
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