Smogon Premier League IV - Week 6

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Except that the bp teams you guys are referring to does not exist anymore. What made those BP teams noncompetitive was Spore + Ingrain Smeargle, the Magic Bounce Espeon of ADV. Ingrain Smeargle is banned from all official ADV tours, including SPL.

Sir can only blame himself for losing.
excuse my fellow tigers.
my loss was partially my fault
and for context purposes

19:03 MDragon that was my vengeance for the umbreon though
19:03 Danilo fine
19:03 Danilo next time we play
19:04 MDragon i had it planned since week 1
19:04 Danilo CLEAN y/n
19:04 Danilo LMFAO REALLY?
19:04 MDragon yes

he was just getting revenge it's all good

and pocket blacklist yourself


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Still think this man deserves the ct: Best Poster in Tournaments Forum.

CTC, take some notes please

Edit: that was RMT section, not tournaments forum. Need to read more man :/
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