Smogon Premier League IV - Week 9

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I choked 3 times but i should still have won if i had either win a speed tie or flinched once with jirachi...

Edit : i calced and it was a 80% to win for me, but i guess that i can only regret my chokes
won against spies in the haxiest, dumbest gsc match i ever played. every turn was hax and i missclick for a nearly loss.

"gg" more like "WAFGWT" * (*what a fuckling game was that?)


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better luck next time, CTC. if i see yo bitchass in the playoffs again, please don't hax my politoed. kthxbye
Nigga not like u was gonn win son, team advantage was right there and not to mention skill advantage :]


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Won vs taxi driver, gg!


End of the year, and man to be honest this was the most fun year of SPL i've had since it started. Literally everyone on the team was awesome this year, the chat was fun to hang around in and i'm pretty sad it has to end without us going in the playoffs. We kinda faltered this week as well but y'know what can you do, we really had no shot of the playoffs after last week.

In closing, great year guys, would be glad to share a team with any of you next year or in future years. Annoyed to end 4-5 but there were some questionable games along the way! Thanks Lamppost/franky/Stone for being boss managers, always helping out when needed to (and getting Lavos off the team lol). Really have nothing bad to say about the team!


(also go sharkbros in the playoffs)

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Lost against Dim 1-2.
Decisive 2x Hydro Miss on turn 1 on game 3 put me far down. Tried to make the come back, but just fell short.

Sorry team.
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