Smogon Premier League IV - Week 9

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Won 2-1 vs. kingofkongs in the best set all season.

It was a real blast, Classiest. Sucks we missed the playoffs, especially after going from 0-2-0 to 3-2-1, but Pokemon is Pokemon. It was a pleasure being on the team with all of you, and I hope we can all come back together next season and wreck some shit. Stay classy boys, y'all some chill mofos.
Alright time for some emotional talk n shit about us being out n all.

Basically this was my first competitive tournament.. Going into it i was abit skeptical and ya as I didn't know many or you or even spoken to any of you (bar lavos) in classiest at the time. You all welcomed me really wall and made me feel part of the group etc. As the first few weeks went on I was pretty nervous about playing in the games haha (looking about at it now, it was stupid as fuck) but you learn as you go on Stone explained, me going 0-3 in the first few weeks and all that but not one time through the weeks we gave eachother negative reactions of even talked smack about eachother. I just love the way we always supported eachother no matter the results. Going 3-6 isn't really something to be proud about I know but I feel like I've gained so much from the experience spl has bought me (3-6 including some of the worst luck losing about 3-4 games due to straight hax I can't control, but I'm not guna go on).

What I'm trying to say is i enjoyed being in the team with you guys and its been great hopefully I'll stay in touch with the majoirty of you. I'd write individual shout-outs but i can't be fucked.




Started from the bottom...
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Thanks for a really fun season Classiest, shame it ended in the way it did but oh well. Met a lot of chill people, would be happy to be on a team with any of you again. Special thanks to MikeDec and Vinc for testing my teams with me, and sorry to the team for the last three weeks, I played like trash. I could go on and make individual shoutouts but you all know who you are and there's only two things I really want to say:

Thanks to Lamppost for saving me from the frogs, pming you the day before the auction was the best thing I did.

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