Smogon Premier League IX - Player Signups

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Player Name: PKM Trainer Gama
Tiers Played: SM OU / ORAS OU
Timezone: GMT -2
Significant Time Missed?: I got to know that I'm not gonna be able to play/help for this tournament during the first 4~5 weeks so if you are willing to buy me make sure that you'll have a nice SM OU group w/o me. If you are a manager feel free to PM me to talk about it so I can make some things more clear.
Player name: How bout we try eh?
Tiers: Played.... yeah Tiers: Played, I OUT-PLAYED ALL THE TIERS
Time zone: In your mom's house it's always time to fucc, so who cares
Significant time missed?: I am not too certain about whether I can be available on demand, so look at me like solar energy
But at night I sleep, so probably that.... oh... LIKE SOLAR ENERGY.... yeah, Solaire Motherfucker
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