Smogon Premier League V - FINALS [Won by the Stark Sharks]

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XY OU 1: dragonuser vs King -Tsunami- - Kinda a toss up, I think shake will come out though, he's better than people seem to think...
XY OU 2: CyberOdin vs The Most Wanted LUST - You can *-*
XY Ubers: Blim vs Edgar the Cow - I like you both and you're both great players, I just think its Blim's time for a trophy and he will want it bad.
XY LC: blarajan vs Full Metal Al_Alchemist - I know how bad you want.
XY Doubles: R Inanimate vs ShArcticblast
BW OU: Aqualouis vs Oceans 11 Kevin Garrett
BW UU: Hikari vs Queen Stellar
BW RU: Rap GOD HSA ♥ vs Heist of the Millennium
BW NU: ßased 480 SATVictory vs Versace Bed Malekith - Revenge
DPP OU: Fakes vs DA BOSS Atticus
ADV OU: ]V[ajinTupacZ vs fuck bitches make money
GSC OU: Picollo vs Conflict in Lady Bug's desert
bueno vajin bien jugado

lo siento equipo pude aver hecho algunos movimientos mas inteligentes pero estaba confiado en ganar en un punto de la partida

y creo que eso salio un poco contraproducente.

de todos modos yo creo en ustedes y solo es una derrota nosotros podemos revertir eso


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For anyone wondering:
Everything clear Allah, i throw me soon really one in the pan and main thing i understand first nothing and you really don't care you mushy cruller ^_^


The only thing I look up to is the sky
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lost gg

sorry team that I couldn't pull through when you needed it, although I whole heartedly believe you guys can clinch this

yo kokoloko as far as i'm aware pocket was scrutinized for his posts last year... for reasons i cannot remember
however his posts this year are completely viable and really spark a fire among his teammates, so back off, yeah?
Its really Hard to translate "ich hau mir gleich riddi ein inne pfanne" cause there is a imagine behind the wording. Also its typical Majin speech that he uses comon speech, changing some syntax / gramatic and gives them a new meaning , only a german can understandi ts details. he is somehow really a little nasty Shakespeare. :DDDD

btw: GO CRYOS YOU CAN *__*
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