Smogon Premier League V - FINALS [Won by the Stark Sharks]

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bueno vajin bien jugado

lo siento equipo pude aver hecho algunos movimientos mas inteligentes pero estaba confiado en ganar en un punto de la partida

y creo que eso salio un poco contraproducente.

de todos modos yo creo en ustedes y solo es una derrota nosotros podemos revertir eso


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For anyone wondering:
Everything clear Allah, i throw me soon really one in the pan and main thing i understand first nothing and you really don't care you mushy cruller ^_^


The only thing I look up to is the sky
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lost gg

sorry team that I couldn't pull through when you needed it, although I whole heartedly believe you guys can clinch this

yo kokoloko as far as i'm aware pocket was scrutinized for his posts last year... for reasons i cannot remember
however his posts this year are completely viable and really spark a fire among his teammates, so back off, yeah?
Its really Hard to translate "ich hau mir gleich riddi ein inne pfanne" cause there is a imagine behind the wording. Also its typical Majin speech that he uses comon speech, changing some syntax / gramatic and gives them a new meaning , only a german can understandi ts details. he is somehow really a little nasty Shakespeare. :DDDD

btw: GO CRYOS YOU CAN *__*
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