Smogon Premier League VI - Finals [Won by the Congregation of the Classiest]

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Go Classiest, gj to Kokoloko for drafting a solid squad.

I do like a few ruiners, mainly Soulwind would be who I would root for the most. Such a nice dude. I also randomly have a small crush on Hikari since he's quit a lot of his douche chilling antics from 2 years ago :3 tehehe. Have a good series dudes! ^_^

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[#2] Alpha Ruiners (7) vs [#4] Congregation of the Classiest (5)

ORAS OU: Tokyo Tom vs ben gay
ORAS Ubers: steelphoenix vs Jibaku
ORAS UU: reachzero vs Hikari
ORAS RU: Meru vs Bad Ass
ORAS NU: Teddeh vs FLCL
ORAS Doubles: finally vs Braverius
BW OU: SoulWind vs papai noel
DPP OU: august vs Asuya
ADV OU: dekzeh vs Triangles
GSC OU: Tiba vs Mr.E
RBY OU: Hantsuki vs KratosMana

cb aaron judge

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[#2] Alpha Ruiners (7) vs [#4] Congregation of the Classiest (5)
ORAS OU: Tokyo Tom vs ben gay
ORAS Ubers: steelphoenix vs Jibaku
ORAS UU: reachzero vs Hikari
ORAS RU: Meru vs Bad Ass
ORAS NU: Teddeh vs FLCL
ORAS Doubles: finally vs Braverius
BW OU: SoulWind vs papai noel
DPP OU: august vs Asuya
ADV OU: dekzeh vs Triangles
GSC OU: Tiba vs Mr.E
RBY OU: Hantsuki vs KratosMana
When the management change first happened with the Falcons/Frogs, to be honest at first I was unsure. Then people said some negative things about Texas, Kd24, and I got worried to the point where I actually told Texas I wasnt sure I wanted to be retained. Texas basically str8 up told me no, and I am rle happy he did. Him and Kd were the most chill managers u could have, and the team as a whole was the most fun I've had in a team tour (shoutouts arcas). Anyways, I've been at the center of a lot of drama for w.e reason, so I guess I would just like to say that I don't try in any way to be cocky, I just don't accept it when people call me and my friends lucky/shit/whatever people call texas for reasons I don't understand. Seems silly to have a feud on a pokemon website, but thats just me

Texas Cloverleaf I really don't know why u get so much flac. You were always nice, never got mad at anyone, and were willing to step in to argue for our team. Your hands-off approach in regard to playing was good to let people develop and for struggling players to regain confidence

kd24 You werent there too much by the end, but u were chill whenever you were and irl things are more important anyways. U did as good of job as u could when you were here, and helped us a lot with the draft

PROBLEMS Your first for a reason man, you opened my eyes to the world of bluffing while literally lucking every single game ever, like that huge luck u had against steeljackal w3. Nah but you played in the most aids tier and literally never complained once, while still getting a solid record with some shitty luck. I get your a bit dissapointed in the record, but honestly you played better than that. Furthermore, you gained my respect to a ridiculous agreee when you stood up your "friends: to defend me, a guy you barely knew. Seems kinda unnecessary to get deep based on a pokemon game, but that shows somethin bout the type of person u are to do that

Toxzn First of all, sry if it seemed like I was trying to ddrive you out of ou, your a good player who is capable of playing, I just rle wanted gingy to get a shot. U still came thru massively, getting a solid record in OU and then stepping up and learning both RU and NU to support the team. U also managed to pick up a tier (nu) in a week basically, beat a top player, and were one misclick away from another top player. Crazy u went for 3k

IAmGingy Obviously not everything went perfect, but you still got a solid record and showed you can play. I know from my own tests with u that you have the potential to be a top player if you want to. A couple of the lategame misplays were unfortunate, but coming from the man who rain danced while it was raining with politoed and eqed a latios in his first 2 spl fites u will be fine.

bugzinator U struggled a bit early, but once you figured shit out and started mixing it up a bit and always using mega-aero, u showed your power. Managed to pull off the most amazing comeback victory vs blara, and stayed positive despite the constant harassment from [Alpha Wolf] Amir

High Impulse You got talent man, maybe u should stop using sand offense every week and u can get a bit cleaner of record. Your record was still sick tho given some negative luck and timeout issues, and not to reopen old wounds but that game you played against jirachee was absolutely incredible, managing to give yourself a winning chance against ttar+ mew when your only mew check was a specs latias. /me wags tail in Amir's direction

pearl FUn guy to have around, didnt complain once about being in a tier that he didn't like (I didn't even know till yesterday). You rle came thru down the stretch in our playoff push, although ill never forgive u for losing to FAJI and letting that fgt get a big head. You also need to think about endgame plays a bit more, but u sitll put in a nice season

TV-Rocka Woulda been nice to have you around a bit , but who can complain about a guy showing up outta nowhere with a team, playin one test, and winning almost every single game

Golden Sun You werent around too much either, but also a nice guy and you played well in the most stacked tier, gl in life if you can move on from this game

Bomber You played in an incredibly hard tier with a bunch of rle tough players, your record wasnt the best but ik you got more in you and you were always nice to have around

marcoasd Porco dio. Playing a new tier basically with mechs changes while having a huge pricetag was tough pressure, but despite some shit luck u put up a strong record

TheFourthChaser No hard feelins, i get that irl shit got in the way, Record was obviously somewhat dissapoitning, but we all know your a god at dubz

Smurf. always positive despite never gettin a chance to start, u sitll put in work helpin gs with teams (kingdra adv lord)

Myzozoa you werent too active, cant rle blame u when texas bought too much oras/bw and not enough other shit. Also u slayed blingas and won the hunger games so thats enough contribution.

Also thx to everyone who tested/helped build

For the 2 people still reading after that essay, idg why some bigs supporters (not even the bigs themselves, they classy) are so salty, that series really wasnt that bad

If I have to bet I would pick the ruiners but its gonna be close
Well boys, we gave it one hell of an effort this year. A team that wasn't thought to be any good turned out to be the dark horse team of the season. A damn shame that semis didn't go our way, but it is what it is. Can't really change that. I'd like to thank each and every one of you for the effort given forth this season. In my eyes, this was the best BIGs roster ever assembled and just a great group of dudes in general. While I didn't get to assist as much as I would have liked this season, you boys carried my stupid ass to almost a trophy. You guys are just awesome.

cute royalty free music
Harsha - A last minute pick as an assistant manager when Mizucow decided she wanted to play, oh well, her loss, haha. While you and I didn't really contribute all that much to the team beyond just being managers, you still managed to join the channel as much as you could., which is all I could ever ask for. I'd put more sappy stuff here about our typical conversation topic(s), but you already know how I feel about that haha.

McMeghan - haha, 37.5k, steal of the century. In all seriousness, you've gone up and beyond any expectations that a player should be expected to do. Your role on the team as its leader was pivotal in its success. From the moment that I drafted you, you made your presence felt. Primarily, giving me a hand as I was drafting other dudes. If not for you, I probably wouldn't have drafted a bunch of the dudes that you advised me to get. Ginku, Hill, Vileman, TheEnder, to name a few. You're an incredible player and friend. Truly one of the best, in my head The best, this site has to offer. Your semis battle vs Triangles was just incredible. Thanks for everything you've contributed to the team, Roro =]

Finchinator - fuck this name is annoying as shit to me. Guess it got changed to Finchinator after all haha. Anyways, Finch. You were a lot like McMeghan in the sense that you've done so much for the team and made the most of your SPL experience. While it was unfortunate that you assumed the "boudouche" position for the team, you made the most of the opportunity. You always took the initiative to gather intel on the opposing team and helped in as many tiers as you could. It's a shame it took this long for someone to buy you; you're such a great player to have on a team. I'm glad it was me. Continue to excel, my boy. n_n

boudouche - When I asked you if you wanted to be retained, I truly didn't expect you to say yes. I really didn't. I'd have thought that after last season's Uberfest (I still feel really bad about that, p sure I've apologized a lot for that, but..), that you'd be fed up with / hate me. I guess that turned out to not be the case. You're a really cool and funny dude and your play is just great to watch. Thanks for sticking around. n_n

Sinclair - JJ n_n. It was really cool to have you on the team, my boy. Many were skeptic that I paid too much for you when the transaction was made. Up until your untimely inactivity (I miss you :_:), you contributed as much as you could. Keep being you, dude. ayy lmoo n_n

Ginku - I had to complete Mazinger Z. I had to. I had to. Honestly, I didn't know you were signing up for SPL until McMeghan told me during auction (LOL I'm a good manager haha). Once I knew that you did, you had to be bought. Sometimes, I feel like SPL is just too easy for you. Every season of yours is just consistently good... You came in with little to no knowledge of RU and just won, and won some more. Hope you stick around after SPL, I don't like it when you go away. :( n_n

Jirachee - n_n. Definitely didn't expect to you for so cheap, but it was well worth it. You played really well in your first full SPL season and you're just an epic memer. Always active in #bigs, always willing to help others, just a great presence. A shame that semis battle didn't quite end as we all had hoped it would, but you played that game fantastically up to that point and as a manager, I can't be disappointed with your performance. n_n

Sam - haha. With Nas' untimely (BAN ME PLEASE)ry, I was left without a UUer. When Jirachee told me about your legendary Sandstorm Entei, how could I refuse getting you? Anyways, you're a really cool dude and you performed well despite "being Nas' replacement." You had quite the role to fill and you did well (when you actually played haha). Keep being the man, Sam. haha

Destiny Device - d_d n_n. When your Smogon Tour run concluded, I knew you had hella potential in XY / ORAS. I had a few doubts because of a certain yan[sogeking], but you certainly dispelled all of those. You performed quite well in your first SPL and I expect big, haha pun not intended 8), things from you in the next year. Hope to see you around next season, dude. n_n

Laga - :pig: Since the end of last SPL, I had my eyes on you for this season. I waited long and patiently for you in auction to make sure that I couldn't be upbid. And sure enough, I got what I wanted: top performing doubles player. One of the few who believed in my team before I drafted my whole team.
[20:42] <Laga> man i can't believe you've made a team
[20:42] <Laga> that's both chill and good
[20:43] <Laga> it's quite remarkable looking atm
Thanks for believing in the :pigs:, my boy. n_n

Evuelf - Ah, the dark horse pic. A fantastic suggestion by user Edgar when Ubers players were looking sparse pre-auction. A shame you had the misfortune of playing ubers like the other 9 players that had to. You did pretty well despite your distaste for the tier. Come and whoop me in bw from time to time haha 8)

TheEnder - Didn't talk to you too, too much since we got you at midseason. It seemed like you fit from the moment you joined the team, though. From our interactions, I could tell you that are you a cool dude and you played pretty well in the games that you did play. Future is bright =]

MetalGro$$ - Yet another dark horse on the team. A suggestion by the lovely, McMeghan. No one expected the performance you gave early on and you pulled through with some pretty clutch wins. A shame the RBY gods decided to change their minds. Nice to have you on the team. n_n

ZoroDark - Ah, the MetalGross brother. A nice pick-up from the midseason auction and just a nice user in general. Keep being you =]

royal flush - Really unfortunate season for you, brother. Don't really care all that much about it because you put forth your best effort and you're a cool dude. Your post in the finals thread has me respecting you more. Keep on keeping on, dude.

Hill - You and I, we didn't talk all that much, but I don't recall a negative interaction between us (or anyone for that matter), so that must be good. You prepared hard for that semis battle from what I could tell and it's a shame that the battle didn't go your way.

Vileman - Up until auction time, my original plan was to get an NU subforumer or PS! dude. Soulgazer gave me a list of dudes in some order. Come auction, McMeghan advised me to get the winner and runner-up of the NU slam, both of which were possibles. So, I got you and I haven't looked back. You (and ium) gave Finch all the helped he ever needed in NU and he excelled (at first) as a result. Yet another cool dude I was fortuned to have on my squad. 8)

During Summer - Ah, the consolation prize for Nas. Always willing to help some of our old gens with testing or team ideas. Thanks for helping make the Nas cancer all the more worth it.

BLINGAS - Ah, big TIFF makes it back onto the BIGs for another season. Not much to say that I haven't already said before. As someone who has spent his whole Smogon livelyhood on the BIGs, you've supported me in all of my decisions, despite how shitty they may have been. God bless you, my man, and welcome... to the big dick club, thank you dude, means a whole lot, my man.

atomicllamas - You were quite the interesting pick up. I feel like we had a buy one, get one coupon when we got you, haha. We really didn't talk all that much, but you seemed like a pretty chill dude. Congrats on the 3-0, man.

Windsong - Like llamas, we definitely did not expect to get you. Sorry you never really got to play after joining the team, sorta had a lot of dudes and Ginku, so... It was really nice to talk to you and to have you on the team tho :o

ium - sid :o. Despite what you think about not helping to your fullest, you were fine. You're a cute individual who helps contribute to the team as much as you could. That's all I could really ask for. :o

Iris CTI Dotteh Tobes Fabbles Crux idiotfrommars - BIGs at heart, love you all. =]

Additional love to Typhlito, Mizuhime (moo), BKC, CrashinBoomBang, bro fist, Edgar, Nails, Bloo, Isa, New Breed, SkillinJah, liberty32, Lavos Spawn, Nachos, IronBullet93, probably more but these were all that came to mind. Thanks for believing in the BIGs and giving all the help you could to our playoff cause. I love you all.

Aldaron - get slapped with our dicks haha

Zebraiken - Thanks for being a great host, my friend n_n

I saved the best for last:

Nas - Thank you. Your contribution to the team ended up being bigger than I could ever thought it to be. Your untimely (BAN ME PLEASE)ry couldn't have brought us closer as a team. And I guess, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten the legend, Sam. And I guess if you didn't be a total cunt so early, I wouldn't have gotten a full refund, so, I'm grateful for that. Keep it real, brother.


Let's go Ruiners!

P.S. Zracknel, logo pls? :(
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I'm kinda pulling for Assiest simply because of all the salt that seems to be surrounding the lucky 4 seed toppling the heavily favored 1 seed. Very SPL 4 Wolf-esque (albeit not nearly as magical), gotta love it. Also I love the team name because of how easy it is to butcher.


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Great season BIGs, I'm pretty glad we proved a lot of people wrong by making playoffs and literally crushing everyone in the regular season leaving nothing but dust and mad in our wake. What I'm most glad of is that I met a lot of cool people this year and I think our team synergy was excellent, which is rare to see in a tournament like this. I think it's great that we were able to do this even if a lot of us (mainly myself, Evuelf, and Finch) weren't playing the tiers we wanted. I think it's no secret that Evuelf prefers BW and that I enjoy DPP a lot more, and obviously Finch had to pick up a tier he didn't know before SPL. Even then we worked with what we had and did great because our lineup was as good as could make it. I think that the fact we all had something to prove helped us greatly in that aspect. Hopefully by next season we'll all get what we want because both of you guys really deserve it.

Funkasaurus : Thanks for trusting me with your BW OU slot. I'm really glad you chose me to play it when you had many options to play the tier. I hope I didn't disappoint you with my performance. You're a great friend of mine and I was glad to be on your team! It feels like not long ago we were building that sub np Thundurus team... when it was in fact 2 years ago. I know I will always be able to count on you, as you've proven so many times in the past n_n

and no, I'm not using that fucking moltres team

Harsha : my oldest friend on the team. you were quite literally useless.

no but seriously I know you think that. you were always there to improve our team morale which is probably the best an assman can offer other than tests. you helped me test a couple of times and god these were so easy I was always confident entering my games. JK

McMeghan : I had very few interactions with you before the tournament but I knew you'd be a great teammate, and quite frankly, I was wrong. you were literally fantastic. always helping me correct mistakes in my builds, giving ideas, etc. it really helped me improve as a player and I'm thankful for that. your semis game had be in utter disbelief btw. what the fuck

Ginku : I didn't know what to expect from you after the draft because while I "knew" you from even before smogon, we never really interacted. you're a pretty chill dude. also probably a better bwer than I am. you'll get your 4-0 and your red trophy next season man

Laga : Lagod. I don't understand doubles. some say you are lucky. you seemed really solid from what I've seen though. you're also adorable! but stop drinking so much.

Destiny Device : I really enjoy seeing you play because you are very talented. I already knew you'd be a great teammate from POCL, but this time we weren't playing the same tier so we didn't have as much synergy, which sucks. you need to be more confident in yourself though. you don't need 100 test games in a week like you did against marth. keep on rocking friend, you're destined for greatness.

boudouche : you own! not only are some of your teams really well built and creative (that fucking specs swampert man LOL) but I think you play them really well too. also a really fun dude to be around. j'espère que mon français de caribou t'as pas trop dérangé =\

Evuelf : one of the better friends I made this season. you really are awesome. too bad game freak designers are deranged and made you suffer through primal groudons and mega salamences. I think you might be one of the best bw players I've ever discussed the tier with and it's a real shame there isn't more than 1 slot because we'd have dominated together. I enjoyed the friendly rivalry we had at some point, and I hope it continues even after spl. you suck at uno though.

Sam : sandstorm entei the legend haha. I really enjoyed testing uu with you, it's a great tier. when I saw entei using sandstorm I just had a feeling we'd be on the same team and I don't regret suggesting you to funk when nas was being a (BAN ME PLEASE). your music taste is incredible haha. I really hope we stop hahaing soon because this shit is like cancer. haha

Finchinator : Ah, Finchinator. much like evuelf I really respect you as a bwer. you were always ready to give me valuable test games and I got owned more times than I can count. I consider you a great friend of mine now even though you might just be the biggest tryhard in the entire universe. seriously. those info threads you posted every week were gold. you also have more posts than me and mcmeghan reunited in the team forum, when we're #2 and #3. what the fuck. I really hope we play in a tournament someday because I'm curious about how the game would turn out.

atomicllamas : when we got you midseason I didn't know what to expect since you came off as part of the meme ru clique which can be annoying at times but to my pleasant surprise you were a really nice dude and a great chat presence. it sucks that you rode the bench for most of the season because I think you're pretty good. hopefully next season will be yours.

MetalGro$$ : part 1 of the brothers core. you really saved our ass in the beginning of the season dude. you're also really adorable. keep on using my teams in tour and you'll make it further than finch. it's really too bad you had to play rby, because you have a lot of potential in newer gens. if I manage next season I won't hesitate to pick you!

Sinclair : JJ! my only teammate from last year on this team. sorry we couldn't make it past semis again. maybe next year buddy :(. I wish you the best of luck irl, you're a great guy and you deserve it.

BLINGAS : I really enjoyed seeing you getting mad whenever we got unlucky. you're a funny dude tanner. every team needs someone like you to stand up for their teammates and I'm glad you were the one on our team @_@ also you wrecked mizu lol

TheEnder : one of the newest users on our team. you really were a nobody when we picked you but I somewhat knew who you were cause I gave you a badge haha. you're actually really good though. I haven't seen a lot of people having as much passion for gen 6 ou as you do. I really like your builds and you remind me of myself somehow. I'm glad you got to start in the end of the season, you really deserve it.

Windsong : sorry the scooters had to sell you like a banana as kael would say. you were a nice dude in our chat and in the forum convo. I hope you don't regret signing up this year. sorry we couldn't carry you to the red trophy.

During Summer : we got you instead of nas after he got banned and you weren't a bad pick. you were a funny dude. the meme teams might have been a bit too much for my heart to handle though :(

Hill : royal flush told us you were gonna sign up midseason and from what I had seen in the past I knew you'd be a great pickup. you really are a clutch player. I didn't really talk with you on irc though which is a shame. thanks for all the great games, gsc always blows my mind.

ium : n________________________________n. cute. also a nice boy and a friend. you really helped more than you think, in my opinion, both in nu and in chat presence. you are probably the cutest user on this god forsaken forum, which is saying a lot considering how many great picks there are.

Vileman : wow. you really are a great team player. when funk got you at the auction I had my doubts cause I thought you'd go inactive if you didn't start, since you were a jaja and kind of a random. I was really wrong. you were on literally every day helping finch out and I think he's thankful for it. I hope you sign up next year.

ZoroDark : we had to sell you back last year cause you went inactive but this season you were really a nice teammate. much like metal you need to continue using my teams in tour so you outdo finch. fuck joey btw haha

royal flush : you are way too good to go winless. that fucking game against bomber was incredibly frustrating. but that's how pokemon goes I guess. your post was really good by the way! thanks for always being supportive to the BIGs cause :)

and finally my biggest shoutout:

BKC : my best friend in this community. you have done so much for me I can never thank you enough. in the past year we've spent countless hours playing dpp games and insulting each other and I really couldn't have spent my time in a better way (well, maybe?) thanks for believing in me more than I did as a player and convincing me not to manage and play instead, you really did me a huge favor. I know this season was disappointing for you record-wise but I still think you are the best dpp player there is. also thanks for constantly giving me teambuilding ideas and helping me correct my builds as it helped me a ton. you also always had my back omg. next season we'll be on the same team and the red trophy is ours. by the way, fuck you.

pokegod out


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alright it's time i get to writing this novel of a shoutout post.

it's been quite the journey on the bigs over the last ten weeks. i got the opportunity to learn a new tier, make a whole group of new friends, and have a lot of fun while doing so (which is really all you can ask for when playing this game, imo). before i go in depth on my team or anything, i'd like to thank Zebraiken for hosting and all the other TDs for doing what they've done to keep this tour running strong - it's greatly appreciated. anyway, over the last few months it's been a pleasure working with everyone on my team and getting the opportunity to play in a tournament like spl. as BODYBAG BONGRINE can attest to, i've wanted to play in spl for quite a few years and just haven't been able to get in - be it because of not being good enough or things not going my way, i didn't get picked - but i finally got the opportunity to play on the bigs this year and it's been amazing from day 1 until the end. with this being said, i'll jump on into the shoutouts n_n

Funkasaurus - damn, I knew you were chill coming in because you've hosted so many tours and always been an interesting irc presence, but being drafted onto your team was great. Every week you managed to keep everyone in the right mindset and although you weren't the most consistently pro-active/helicopter manager, everything you did from setting up a team forum to drafting such a solid team to keeping the mood positive throughout the season has paid off. I don't know what team I'd have ended up on had it not been for the Bigs, but I'm 100% sure that no team out there regardless of the players they had could match the environment the Bigs had this season and you're one of the key reasons for this. Thanks for picking me, being a really cool user, and managing. Best of luck in the future n_n

Harsha - Had the pleasure of working with you in WCOP (don't let the record get down on you man, you're solid) and was glad to see that you were the assman of the team that picked me because, link Funk, you're also chill and able to maintain a solid team atmosphere. Overall, we didn't talk /too much/ this season, but whenever you were on and able to help, you were a positive influence on the team and this is appreciated beyond belief. Although your knowledge of generation six is lacking, you were still able to assist rachee on occasion in BW and the stories of your roommate never ceased to amaze. Hope we get to work together again in wcop and remember Torterra uses EQ ;]

McMeghan - Don't really have any set order for shotuouts here, but you're essentially an assman in terms of your contribution and influence to the team outside of your own battles, so I think I'll go with you next. It's really amazing that someone who I looked up to a lot as a player just a year or so ago I can now be on a team with in a tournament of this nature and I'm really glad that I got picked onto a team with you so i could constantly poke fun at your t-wave luck because you're a great helper in nearly every tier and your experience, knowledge, and overall presence was so valuable to the team. There's no way I'll ever be able to see eye-to-eye with you on the lax, save it until the last day(s) prep as I'm too much of a tryhard from day one, but your doing this while saving your time to help others throughout the earlier part of the week and still putting up a stellar record is astonishing. Some people try saying that anyone worth this much in the auction will never truly be worth it even if they win all there games, but you're such a great team player that it goes beyond any price and you're so clutch in battle that it adds up to easily surpass the amount you went for in the auction. I'd say that you're one of the most consistently successful players of this time and you're also one of the most resourceful and down-to-earth users, too. Thanks for being such a key component of the team and I hope we get to work together again in the future at some point :]

Ginku - Guess I'll just go down the records list on the spreadsheet at this point, which you unfortunately aren't #1 on anymore ;] With that being said, 8-2 in a tier where you were ranked 10th in and had little experience in going into the tournament is spectacular and blows my 4-4 in a "new" tier out of the water, so you deserve all the props in the world for putting up the record you did imo. In addition, you're also a really chill guy who knows what he's doing in this community. I'll try not to go too tryhard on my shotuout to you because I know I'll get called out for it later, but you've done very well and it's been a pleasure being on your team, stay strong n_n

Laga - The drunken doubles lord himself. You were really friendly from the start and I'm glad you were on the team and did so well. Your prep week-in week-out has been solid and you seem to have a lot of knowledge of your opponents and the tier, which is really important for a tournament player, so keep this up and you will keep doing well imo. Overall, you're a really likable dude and I'm glad you did so well and were a part of the team

Destiny Device - Damn son, you really turned it up during the second half. I already spoke to you about most of the stuff on IRC, but I really think you're one of - if not the - best player out there in ORAS OU and I know multiple others share this opinion. We got you cheap and you put up a solid six wins for us despite a rough start, which is really cool. You're a really cool guy and you voiced your opinion on some matters and made sure you were ready for all your games. Overall, I'm so glad we had you and that you turned it up late in the season. Hope we can work together again, stay strong n_n

Jirachee - The true Pokegod himself, damn. Was really a pleasure being on a team with you and glad that I got to make friends with you because you're really chill and solid in dpp/bw. You did really well this year, especially in the second half, and you deserve a lot of recognition for how well you played despite your price. I feel bad that your game ended it, but it wasn't your fault at all there and you know that you played that match very well, so I hope you go into the future with confidence in your ability and continue doing well because you're certainly capable. Thanks for being so supportive and helpful, was a pleasure being on teams with you
ps: volcarona will take your soul at some point in the near future, be wary :o

boudouche - dpp god and ubers legend right here haha. You did really well this year and you're consistently outdoing your opponents regardless of the tier you're in, but mainly in dpp. I'm glad we had you to complete the French core and I hope you do well in the future. It was fun talking with you at times and seeing you play, keep up the good work n_n

Evuelf - The Uber dark horse and BW OU god himself. You're really nice to have on a team although you can be a bit quiet and relaxed at times, you still make sure you're able to compete with your opponent, contribute to the team in tiers you know, and speak out when necessary. I hope that you keep doing well all around and don't have to continue playing this pitiful metagame of ORAS Ubers, but best of luck in your future endeavors regardless of the tier and maybe we can play some BW games some day because you're really solid in BW n_n

Sam - Well well well, look at the present Nas left us as his shitter hit the door on the way out, haha. Regardless of that and the circumstances that led you into our week one starting line-up, you played like a monster once you got an opportunity and won a majority of your games, which is great. You're a really chill guy and I can see why someone like you rose through the hierarchy of UU to tier leadership as you know what you're doing in the tier and seem to be a very hard worker. Your teambuilding is dynamic and you're able to exploit the tier and your opponents' playstyle through offensive teams in many different fashions, which is something that many people struggle at doing. Overall, you were an amazing pick up and one of the biggest steals of the draft and you're a great friend, so stay chill and hope you stick around in the future so we can work together again at some point :]

atomicllamas - 3-0 lord hehe. You really turned your game up a notch and you contributed to our lower tier core regardless of playing or not, so I'm impressed that you were such an asset for someone that was, more or less, handed to us. Overall, you have been a friend for a while and I'm really glad to see you playing consistently well and at a high level vs solid competent, even if you got lucky in that game vs Dunk. I hope we can work together again as we have in the past and maybe we can win POWC for team us east over on PO, but stay chill and gl as RUTL ofc n_n

MetalGro$$ - My po co-outl and old friend, part one of the Belgian brother core. Glad to see that you had such a hot start in RBY and I know it was rough getting benched at 3-3, but you stayed strong and kept supporting the team, which is really big of you and I'm glad you've matured so much as a player, user, and friend over the past couple years. Without a doubt, you'll be back for more impressive tournament runs in the future on Smogon and I hope that this is just the start of your legacy as an RBY (and maybe other gen) tournament player at a very high level, so keep up the good work and I'm sure we'll keep in touch :]

Sinclair - I know your activity dwindled at the end of the season and irl stuff is really important, but you're always a :pig: at heart and you were an enormous part of our early season success despite a 3-4 record - you helped out dd and were always there to be positive for the team. I know that you wish you were more active and able to keep up, but it's understabdale and you played a vital role when you could, so stay strong and hopefully you'll be able to go back out there and play solid again in the future n_n

BLINGAS - I probably seemed really immature and new back when we were on the same POCL team ages ago and wasn't too sure what you thought of me nowadays, but I'm glad that everyone on the team got off on the right foot and you played a crucial role in helping laga, contributing to some team discussions, and putting up a win vs Mizu during the week we clinched playoffs. You're a really good guy to have on the team and know when to take things serious, which is a good characteristic to have. I don't always agree with all of what you have to say on certain users, but I understand where you're coming from at times and we're all entitled to our own point-of-view so that's all good. Best of luck in the future :]

TheEnder - Damn, what a pick-up. I wasn't too sure if we needed anyone in OU and I know other players like Cicada were options we were looking into at the time, but you certainly demonstrated your mastery in the tier in tryouts and from then on out, the entire team was confident in your ability to help, play, and contribute to discussion in general. Your builds, plays, and thought process are all developing to levels of the top players if they aren't already there and if you can expand your area of expertise (from balance/semi-stall to include offense and other playstyles), then I can see you being a dominant force in OU among the best players (you're already really close to this, so keep going!) I can't wait to see how you do in future SPLs / WCOPs and hope we get to work together again at some point. Best of luck and let's keep in touch because you're really chill n_n

Windsong - I know your activity wasn't too consistent later on and getting traded suddenly to our team didn't grant you much of an opportunity to play, but you're a really chill guy and I'm glad we had you because you inspired me to change my name and that goal motivated the team the entire week. Overall, solid user and good teammate. Hope you have good luck in the future and do well irl :]

During Summer - Hey man, I know it's over, but we'll work together again on another team, I promise. You're one of my favorite RBYers out there right now and I'm so glad we got to work together again after your amazing POCL run under my management. You are able to outplay many opponents and can compete with everyone in RBY for sure, so don't let the semifinal games get under your skin as this happens to everyone, especially in this tier. I hope you keep being confident and doing well in the future. Let's stay in touch on skype and in Arsenal chat for sure because you're a great guy and I enjoy talking with you man. Keep rocking on bro and thanks for showing us how great Raticate is ^O^

Hill - I know we were on the same POCL team a couple years back and you played a solid GSC then and you continue your good play in generation two now, too. You pulled out a couple solid wins and were able to get on IRC often enough to get your matches done, which is really great. I know the season didn't end as we wanted it to and I know you didn't get fortunate enough in the last match, but don't let it discourage you because you're a very good player and I hope you do well in the future and get more opportunities to play in tournaments like this and SWCOP. Stay strong bro :]

ium - Man, you're such a big help and I cannot express how appreicative I am of your constant assistance in regards to test games, looking over teams, feeding me ideas, etc. No matter how obnoxious and sarcastic I can be at times, you're always willing to lend me a hand and make sure I'm ready to go. I know that you're not all into playing yourself nowadays and school can occupy you at times, but you went out of your way to help at numerous times when you already provided us with a your irc presence and your cool scripts in the channel. I'm glad that we got you midseason because the effort you put into helping the team was worth every penny and you deserved to be part of the Bigs. Thanks for the help again and also for making the logo as it was superior to all the other teams' logos imo. Keep up the good work and best of luck in the future ofc.
ps: join nupl ;]

Vileman - Damn, I still feel quite bad that I basically took your spot and never got the chance to give it back until the last week of regular season, but you took it so well and helped me out consistently. You are the definition of a good team player and the world needs so many more people like you because your selflessness and ability to understand your role on the team. I know that you're slowly moving away from this game after your NU open run and now that SPL is over, but I hope you come back at some point and continue your success. If you don't, best of luck irl and I hope that you do well with everything because you're a really chill guy. It was a pleasure associating with you
ps: - never forget ☚(゚゚☚)

ZoroDark - Wow. It's been a long time since I met you on PO and we're still good friends, really glad this is the case. I am so glad we got you because you contributed as much as you could and stayed active on IRC / forums as much as you could throughout which helped the team a lot. Your matches didn't go your way, but that's alright because you understood your role on the team and tried your best. Also, before I forget, part two of the Belgian Brother core!!! Anyway, back on topic, you're a solid player in a plethora of metagames and I hope your tour run goes well this season, or at least better than mine because I'm doing ass atm lol. Stay strong and Cowboys suck m8 n_n

royal flush - I know things didn't go our way at the end of the season and your record wasn't too hot, but it's not indicative of your level of skill as you're a very high level player and you know multiple gens very well. I am glad you stuck with the team during the second half and offered your expertise in various areas, your contributes were really appreciated. Best of luck in the future and hope you keep playing because you've been doing so for a long time and it would be unfortunate to see you go :o

nas - thanks for being cancer because it actually ended up helping us a lot in the long run. glad you're banned and never coming back although I doubt you'll ever read this.

meeps - probably my best friend that plays played this game. a shame that you're losing interest, but we still talk a shitton so that's cool. can't wait till your bracket busts later this week while mine does well ;]

bugzinator - always glad to see you doing well and this was a big transition for you that you handled very well. grats on your success in the smogon tier and glad we're on the same uupl team. hopefully we can keep our friendship and success together going in the future.
ps: girl? oo

Typhlito, Mizuhime, BKC, CrashinBoomBang, bro fist, Edgar, Nails, Bloo, Isa, SkillinJah, liberty32, Lavos Spawn, IronBullet93 - thanks for joining the channel and helping out. I speak on behalf of all my teammates in saying that we're very appreciative (sorry if I'm missing anyone)

@NU community - damn, you guys are great. It was so much easier learning the tier because a lot of you are so kind and helpful. In addition, your subforum is very organized and well maintained. Thank you to all the NU contributors and everyone that offered me advice throughout SPL. Hopefully, I can continue being a part of this community in the future :]

BODYBAG BONGRINE - only known you for like four years now, not bad. let's take wcop by storm and stop arguing over stupid shit lol.
ps: thanks for all the nu games, even if some of them were meant to test you, they helped me just as much. you're really helpful and a smart/innovative player regardless of how pissy I get at you and how many dumb disagreements we get into.

Contradanza :3

oh and shoutout to team powc us east lol lgi n_n

damn already hyped for next year ngl lol. was a great experience and one final ty to all my teammates and everyone who helped me.

finch out
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Alright time to leave some personal closing words regarding this SPL experience. Sorry for the Scofielderie in advance.

This SPL was as enjoyable as it could be for me on every possible levels. It's the first time I got bought to play a tier I actually enjoy and grasp well (it definitly wasn't the case when I had to play BW2 OU shortly after its release in SPL4, and I won't mention the garbage also named as Hail BW RU back then). It was a great experience to consistently brainstorm/build in my favorite tier and I'm pretty proud of my season on an individual level. To top it off, even If I knew my team wouldn't give me shit at all should I lose there and there, I still wanted to back up the investment Funk put on me, as well as everyone's expectations when someone cost such a high price. Even after mainly playing ADV for months, my passion for the tier is still strong and I'm not fed up one bit with it! I'm also pretty proud of that final game in the semi-final when the team was down 0-3.

Regarding the team, I gotta thank Funk for trusting me so much not only by investing big time in me (without even telling me prior to the auction!), but also listening to a lot of my suggestions during the auction soon after he picked me. Not gonna lie, when I asked you about your plans and you linked me a spreadsheet which I "shouldn't rely on because it's outdated", I was a bit scared of your preparation, but it turned out as we know it, aka greatly. We didn't have to deal once with drama or ego flaunting, and that made the season a lot more pleasurable. I don't think I could have landed in many teams that fit that criteria! Everyone was very positive, encouraging, active, motivated, hell I could use an uncountable number of adjectives to describe the great atmosphere in our channel. Not only we had an amazing team spirit, but we also had a winning one, and that contributed a lot to the success of our season.

For the first time since my premier SPL with the Ruiners, I wasn't involved in the auction preparation prior to it happening, so I got to meet a bunch of dudes I haven't interacted with before this tournament, and I feel like it made me enjoy it even more. I discovered some great players and persons who are now friends, for a long time I hope.

I could keep the personal shout-outs in private, but I really wanna show them in public considering how much fun this Tour has been!

Funkasaurus Once again, thanks for trusting me and buying me in the first place. You were quite the chill manager, but you still voiced your concerns when you felt like you had to. You never did something hastily or talked in the heat of the moment, and I love me some laid-back person at the head of the team. Hope you'll go through better stuff IRL asap.

Harsha You were quite busy with school and our timezone didn't really match so I didn't get the opportunity to talk with you often, but like Funk you were pretty chill and that's the kind of personnality I enjoy "working" with. You also made the most of your time online to test/build in the tiers of your knowledge. Thanks for giving some confidence boost to Jirachee ;)

BLINGAS God damn that game vs Mizuhime was unadultered destruction. Other than that, you were our most heated member when it came to defending us in public, and I can appreciate that. I hope we'll keep having fun playing other games on Skype :)

atomicllamas Gotta thank the Raiders for giving you to us out of nowhere and for pretty much nothing. You brought some much needed additional knowledge of RU to Ginku for testing and teambuilding, something he was lacking before the mid-season. You also ended up scoring 3 wins for us, so I hope you enjoyed getting the opportunity to play and directly pulling through for us. Cool guy otherwise.

boudouche Ahhhhh Mahdi! Ca fait un petit moment qu'on passe pas mal de temps "ensemble" online maintenant, entre les Smogon Tour, la WCoP et la communauté française de manière générale. J'étais vraiment content pour toi que tu puisses enfin jouer ton main tier dans ce tournoi, et qu'en plus de ça tu aies gérer sur le plan personnel. T'as déconné une fois ou deux, mais tu l'as toujours tout de suite reconnu et ça t'as permis de continuer à aller de l'avant. En plus de ça, t'as énormément aider nos ORAS OU que ce soit en teambuilding/testing, et on a tous apprécié ça. J'ai aussi particulièrement été impressionné par ton match en demi où t'as joué parfaitement du début à la fin. Enfin, je pense parler pour tout ceux qui te connaissentt: non seulement t'es super marrant, mais t'es aussi un mec vrai, et c'est vraiment cool de passer son temps avec toi :)

Destiny Device You're quite the individual man! You're one of the most hard-working player I've worked with, and I was genuinely glad whenever you got to win your game after putting so much time and work into them, week after week. You're one of the best new player, and I hope you'll stick around because you have a good potential. Like I told you, I was pretty proud to witness your growth as a player through this season, you were a lot better come the second part of the season, and finishing 6-3 in ORAS OU is something to be proud of. Build yourself some confidence now and get rid of that sogeking syndrome ahah.

During Summer The first of the many good buys we got through Nas' sacrifice (RIP). Quite the enthusiastic person. It was fun playing with you and your "innovations" so charatestic of the italians in every old gens. You played very well against Lutra and e7e, and I'm glad you got to win after waiting so much time before starting. You'd certainly get even better if you take more time to think through every scenarios and get a better control of your temper when things start going wrong. It was still a pleasure to meet you.

Evuelf Surement mon joueur préféré venant de la room FR. Tu m'as sincèrement impressionné dès ton premier match. Je te l'ai déjà dit, mais t'as vraiment un talent naturel pour ce jeu. T'as vraiment pas besoin de passer énormément de temps à préparer, car quand t'es concentré, tu ne fais aucune erreur fatale et tu joues juste comme il faut pour gagner. Tu respires pas tellement la passion, mais je suis sur que tu ferais des résultats énormes si tu t'en donnais les moyens.

Finchinator I could write so much about you. You were the perfect team player any team would/should dream to have in their ranks. The amount of time/work you've done for us through the season is astonishining. To the point where you got that deserved "tryhard" name attached to you I guess. Thank you again for preparing all those scooting threads as well as brainstorming/testing with literally everyone. You carried that team as much as you could and you deserve every possible credit for our amazing season. I know at which door I'm gonna knock next time I'm gonna need help for a game preparation or a team tour. Also really good player and I hope I'll see you achieve great things here. Also, don't forget The Formula.

Ginku I guess I can be proud of telling Funk to buy you considering you once again Kicked Teh Asses, shaking off that dust faster than cbb going off on Tesung after a drunk party. You're a natually good player and it was quite the spectacle to witness you ethering people week after week with some sick ass teams. You're also very chill and quite funny which made us appreciate your presence in the team chan. Also thanks again for introducing me to Lupe Fiasco and Mazinger in particular, sickest track and albums of 2015 already for me. I'm still the better RU player.

Hill Not often online, but definitly enough to prepare his games as well as you could. Your wins were quite convincing and I enjoyed playing some GSC with you. Best of luck with your school projects and feel free to ask me whenever you want to play some old gens battles!

ium Deciding between buying you and Django was one of the hardest decision we had to make in this SPL D: You made the chat very lively and you sure helped a lot with the NU preparation so in the end, you definitly deserved your spot in the team not only as a supporter, but as one of our player! Really positive presence in general and it was fun discussing about p.much anything with you, especially food :3 You can be quite sassy at times, and while it never bothered me, I hope it wont affect some of your friendships in the future D:

Jirachee Philouuuu Je sais toujours pas quelle est ta langue natale, mais j'ai rarement l'occasion d'écrire en français ici donc mon choix est fait. Je savais que beaucoup de personnes t'appréciaient énormément avant la SPL, mais j'avais jamais eu l'occasion de vraiment partager un "truc" avec toi, et je suis bien content de l'avoir fait avec cette SPL. T'es vraiment sympa et marrant et j'ai passé de bons moments dans le chan à tes côtés. En plus de ça, j'ai pu découvrir que tu étais un excellent joueur et même s'il y a eu un match ou deux où je pense que tu pouvais mieux faire, il y a eu beaucoup de match où t'as simplement écraser ton adversaire. Vraiment dommage ce Focus Blast miss dans ton dernier match, mais encore une fois, t'avais fait un excellent boulot et de manière générale, tu peux être fier de ta saison. En tout cas j'espère que tu l'es autant que nous le sommes de toi!

Laga LAGA Man I remember again meeting you last SPL when you linked me some of your try out replays. It was love at first sight and you're still my favorite Doubler to this day. You're a great person, pretty outgoing, confident and very positive. It's a pleasure to have you around. I also always felt super safe about your game every single week. I have as much confidence in your abilities as a player as you do in yourself I think! You play one hell of a fun tier, and I hope you enjoyed the numerous asskicking you received from my innovative builds. Hope you feel proud of your season on an individual level, because you sure as hell can be. You own, pure and simple.

MetalGro$$ Belgian Bro :D Man am I glad to have asked Isa about some of his RBY suggestions after the Raiders bought The_Chaser in the auction. He mentionned you along some dedicaced RBYers, but I knew I could 100% trust you on your natural abilities as a player and you proved a ton of people wrong with that 3-0 lead going into week 4. I remember in particular some end games plays vs Raish that left me in awe. Rarely have I been so impressed watching someone play Pokemon. Too bad luck and personal hate of the tier had to affect your season later on, but you definitly pulled your weight for the team, and I hope you'll full transition to Smogon now and keep rocking on in other tournaments.

royal flush Such a nice and kind dude =] I wish you coulda at least win one battle, just for the sake of it after sharing some of your veteran advices and serenity with us throughout the season. Kinda sucked you couldn't be online as much as we would have liked early on to maybe better prepare your games, but once again, it's not like you had anyone who was well versed in GSC to help you as much as possible. Thanks for the midseason help as well, I know you motivated Hill into playing for us, and you helped him after we picked him. That last post of yours in this thread was one of my favorite read on this website.

Sam ahah. I had no idea who you were before we picked you, which is rare considering I often lurk around on p.much every forums. One of my favorite season discovery. I think you were also the player I had the most trouble reading in test games! You sure know your tier on the tip of your fingers, and I liked how we both shared interest in our respective tiers as the season went on. You're the next hotshot in ADV, and I hope you'll keep wanting to explore this gen :)

Sinclair Definition of Cool. Polar opposite of nervous, it was fun hanging out with you in the channel. Gotta love your approach with women btw, we should all take notes. That win vs Inflikted against the sharks was the shit and too bad you couldn't pull it off more often D:

TheEnder One of my favorite ORAS OUers by far. You're so positive and willing to work/explore different options in the tier, you and d_d formed one hell of a pair. I wanna claim I was convinced as soon as I saw your builds in midseson tryouts and I'm glad everyone was on board when I kept campaigning to get you! You can achieve great things and I hope you will reach them here. Also super nice n_n

Tricking Pretty kind dude, wish you coulda been more active with us, I'm sure you'd have been useful and fit the team well with your knowledge across every ORAS tiers.

Vileman You're certainly part of the reason why Finch did so well in NU, and you're also a perfect team player. I'm very glad we got to pick you and I hope you enjoyed this tournament despite staying on the bench so much :c Very strong music recommendations, you made some of my night much more agreeable.

Windsong You weren't very active but at the same time, I think you'd have rather stayed a Scooter, kinda sorry for you you ended in our team this way D: Still cute and nice, hope you go thru better stuff IRL now :)

ZoroDark The brother alliance. I hope your brother stopped mocking you IRL for being SPL while you weren't D: Hope I'll get to see you do as well in Team Tour as you do in Individual Tour, it will be rightfully deserved. Aim is the real bully D:

Finally, a little line to all the friends (franch and smogoners) who made the season even more enjoyable through our usual conversations or Skype calls :toast:

To conclude this post, I'll say I gave a lot of myself during this SPL, and I received just as much from all you :pigs:, thanks again for the sweet time
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big up #los_tigres. You are a swell group of dudes. Despite our shortcomings re: playoffs, i enjoyed the f*ck out of this SPL! And that's thanks to all of you guys.

I can easily get Drake-y and give a special shout out to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YO, but i am lazy as fk lmao, and you all already kno how real it is anyway!

here's to hoping we're able to get together again sometime and do this all over again! and win the whole fkin thing tho, ofc. xD
Sorry to the bigs for disappointing them (in my eyes) this year. I didn't sign up again for SPL making Funky, Harsha, CTI, and probably others sad, and I wasn't very active in the channel due to a prolonging sickness and general lack of ORAS knowledge. I liked most of you (and I only say most because I never met people outside my timezone) so good luck to all your future smogon endeavors. I hope everyone stays in the channel for a while like the past spls. Bigs, like dodriobrate, becomes my favorite channel post-spl when all the stress is gone and people can usually be themselves.

Special thanks to Funkasaurus for putting up with my non registered alts on IRC. I must root for Ciele and against my rival, kokoloko.

Special Hate towards Floppy for not wanting to be retained hehe ho ho ha ha. I wish the flopster all the luck, love and fortune in the world
I love you :pigs:
P.S probably gonna be my last tournament, just don't have the time to keep up with this game anymore, but I have to say it was a great experience to end with a great group of guys like you all. Won't go into specific shoutouts but the BIGS were great this year and a bunch of fun.
Midnight squad u da realest #AssEatinNiggasStayInFirstPlace
P.P.S Fuck ctc and IDM :]
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