Smogon Premier League VI - Week 2

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Jibaku vs Edgar :]
Steve Angello vs Steeljackal<3 both are solid players, tough call
Evuelf vs PROBLEMS dont think probs should have much "problem" in this one even tho hes no longer a top uberer oo (according to himself anyways)
Hack vs aim featured game of the week. hack goooo *-*
Fireburn vs Donkey I believe in the #1 uberer n_n
rescheduled with ib93 to play about 6 hours after the previous scheduled time. also it's basically half of the week and only 5% of the battles were completed. where are the matchas :[


Banned deucer.
Bloo will we be getting a Usage Statistics thread this year? It was a really useful resource last year
As far as I know, McM's working on this, but has to figure out if the script used to compile them last year still works. If I am able to gather a group of people willing to help gather weekly statistics until that happens, though, I can organize something and definitely make it happen.

Until we figure out whether we can continue using the script from last year to do stats, if there are people who would be interested in helping compile stats for the time being (see this thread for an example of what you're getting into by offering to help), feel free to message me :o! Only do so if you'll be committed, though.
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