Smogon Premier League VII - Comemesment

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Hello friends. Since the auction is coming up soon, The Ever Grande BIGs would like to unveil our new logo made by the ever-so-lovely Bummer. Your artwork is second to Mizuhime in my heart. And here it is! I added a personal touch to make it a bit better.

Feel free to rep this as a BIG or BIGs supporter! Let's have a great season!!
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yo apparently like 8 managers have confirmed they aren't bidding on omfuga or they are employing furtive measures b.c. of the self-imposed embarrassment. could we just get like a 10 man consensus and hold up to it tbh it would really make spl even more enjoyable. thank u for ur time.

posts tens of pictures of another guy in the photo album thread
accuses others of self-imposed embarrassment


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Hi users of smogon(dot)com,

As a good user of smogon(dot)com, I feel obligated to let you guys know of this amazing player that should not go un-drafted for the upcoming SPL auction. He goes by the name of Based Godfish and he will be the next greatest player to walk the planet.
Here are some evidence I have gathered to prove that he is the best, enjoy.
For those that are interested, here is his Poke-Resume so please do contact him and let him know which teams want him so he can make his choice before the auction tomorrow.

Peace. :pimp:


Banned deucer.
Can you stop with this? Don't understand why people continue to be rough on others who haven't done anything horrifying to the point where we need to embarrass them in public. We all have done dumbshit in the past, best thing we can do is learn from them and move on. There is no need reason to shit on them for our own amusement trying to milk likes, that is just getting pathetic. Leave him alone.

Texas Cloverleaf

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P sure the only reason he's getting any shit is that he has a funny name. Seemed like a nice guy in try outs, if not SPL quality.

Mambo you'll take your Texas two liner and like it


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It's the holidays and I think you people should take a break from Pokemon to spend time with loved ones.

I was going through my inbox to clean it up and came across some messages I had forgotten about...

The following message particularly offended me. No name is going to be mentioned because I'm one classy lady.


ok dude i know we hate eachother but lemme tell u upfront that i fucking cant stand style
shes 100% a fucking alt and abusing power cuz look at her fucking matchups. and i know 100% for a fact that you will lose if u dont take my help because no offense, just from an objective point of view, ur shit has been 1 dimensional and wack as FUCK in the past few rounds.
lemme explain why im gonna help u
1. style counterteamed blunder so fucking hard its insane. i dont believe in coincidences and i fuckin helped this nigga prep all throughout tour w/o matchups that bad.
2. theres no way she counterteams known players that hard every fuckin round. there are no coincidences. shes either smogon auth think mcm bloo ciele etc on an alt and abusing their circles of influence, or shes some sort of hacker or some shit (no im not paranoid)

tldr FUCK STYLE theres no fucking way thats a real person, and as much as i dont want U OF ALL PPL TO WIN i dont want a fucking cheating fake account havin pile of shit to win since she knockd out blunder who m iv been helping all tour. if u trust me enough i will give u all the teams iv given blunder upfront (dont use them tho cuz he mighta revealed em to said higher ups to whom style has connections)
and i will build u fresh teams and/or fix urs. make sure of 2 things tho: DO NOT challenge her. she has not challenged a single person all tour which can confirm the hacker part since showteam, and DO NOT test on any server at all. if u want tests come to po and ill test with u. i literally dont give too much of a fuk about u or the tour but blunder losing in this fashion and the fucking gigantic coincidence that is style just makes me mad as shit. now u have 2 options
1: post this in the thread and get many likes, cuz we hate eachother etc and then proceed to get illuminati'd by style and lose
2: take my help and we fucking take style down. tbf i think u are very average if not shit at oras, so if u refuse my help u are crippling urself.

on another tip ill just let u know i made atticus' finals teams last spl and made teams for all of the top 4 me soge valentine and atticus, just so u know im not fuckin around. i lost r1 to activity so u dont have to worry about me being bitter and trying to fuck u over or anything, i just want style fucking gone

also shes quitting after ost which 200% confirms my suspicion, iv never liked her in the first place, if she isnt actually a sweaty fuckin neckbeard in the first place.

DO NOT TEST ON ANY PS SERVER EITHER (or test with teams ur not gonna actually use)

nigga i havent pmd anyone anything of this length. if u think im snaking u then u rlly are gonna miss out on an opportunity. i fucking hate snakes and cheating fucks who abuse auth and im making sure style loses or gets exposed.

ur fren basedlord
maybe this will squash the beef,,, lets be real there hasnt been real beef since like 2013
<3 no homo


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<Zamrock> the individual tours happen WAY after SPL is over
<Mizuhime> rayjay
<Zamrock> so there is no point
<ABR> what about
<Zamrock> waiting basically a whole year
<ABR> the whole year before...
<ABR> like i played olt before spl
<ABR> some people did ost last year
<ABR> and there were 2 stour seasons this year
<Stratos> 17:23 Zamrock: the individual tours happen WAY after SPL is over
<ABR> thats plenty of opportunities
<Stratos> u can also read this as
<Stratos> the individual tours happen shortly before spl
<Get_Backer> zam doesnt know how to interpret time
<ABR> ^ what stratos said
<Zamrock> does it matter wtf the timezone is?
<Zamrock> they still happen AFTER SPL
<ABR> what r u saying
<Stratos> timezone? the fuck
<Get_Backer> and before hte next spl bro
<Get_Backer> LOL
<Zamrock> so the newcomers don't get a fuckin chance
<ABR> zamrock
<Zamrock> to demonstrate what they do
<Zamrock> and have to wait another year

I'll attempt to teach Zamrock how time works with the help of this handy dandy guide by my friend Jimmy Turtwig

Hello everyone, I am currently sitting on a blanket with my 13 DAUGHTERS, passion jr, henry, kim, miley, passion jr jr, north, tom, janette, soviet, nancy, martha, bertha, and passion jr jr jr watching sportscenter on our 11in TV awaiting the spl draft to come on. Yes, 13 DAUGHTERS I had all of my former love partners (mizuhime, goddess briyella, style/bloo, allison) abort all males because they are the scum of the Earth and make me sick to my stomach. Anyways I have been providing for my 13 DAUGHTERS using my pokemon skills on since my oldest daughter passion jr jr jr was born on April 26, 2013. Recently I have become very sick and have not been able to provide for my children as well as I have been able to for the past 19 years of there lives. I don't even have money to pay for Kwanzaa gifts for the first time in my life and have started becoming desperate for pay. I have recently been informed that participating in THE Smogon Premier League gets you a pretty reasonable pay day. If I am not drafted I will be forced to resort to prostitution or selling my least favorite daughters henry and tom. Managers, I promise I will not be completely worthless to you with my whopping ladder score of 10-3 in randbats I am already proven as a top player. I also have a good personality, ask my daughters excluding tom and henry they are to be kept in the basement until they turn 18. So this is my finally plead to all of the managers out there, please help create this Kwanzaa miracle for my 13 DAUGHTERS. Thank you for reading and happy holidays to all of the people of smogon! : ~ D (not 2 the christians/jewishes fuckin (BAN ME PLEASE)s)
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