Smogon Premier League VIII - Commencemeat

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You wanna know what's really free? Sick plays. Actually, no, it's better; you'll even make money.

Alright, let me lay it down for y'all. Let's say I, Smogon user TonyFlygon, tell three of my friends sick plays during their competitive Pokémon matches at the cost of charging a small monthly fee. "But Smogon user TonyFlygon, you said we could get sick plays for free!" Well, this is where it gets interesting. Once I've been paid my hourly fee, my friends can then each tell three of their friends these sick plays as well, while charging them the same amount of dosh (or more!). Is it sinking in yet? This essentially means that purchasing my sick plays earns you the equivalent amount of dough as even more sick plays! And all of this while financially supporting your friends at the same time! Awesome!

Are you skeptical about the legitimacy of my offer? Don't be! Over on World Cup of Pokémon team Team Germany they have been telling each other sick plays for years. *insert "mind: blown" gif here* So what are you waiting for?! Send all of your financial information to the email address below and start earning some real skrilla now!


And remember, it's not just for yourself, you and your friends will be swimming in moola(h) in the very near future!
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Just another average day in the smogtours lobby.
[20:18:43] +CrashinBoomBang: jayde
[20:18:44] +CrashinBoomBang: thats my team
[20:18:45] +CrashinBoomBang: fam

[20:18:50] +CrashinBoomBang: SO GOOD

[20:19:29] +CrashinBoomBang: gg

[20:19:44] +CrashinBoomBang: AXEL FUCKIN 10.
[20:19:47] +CrashinBoomBang: SHERIFF MC GOD.

[20:20:05] +CrashinBoomBang: AS EXPECTED

[20:20:21] +CrashinBoomBang: LANDO GETS NAILED EVERY TIME TOO
[20:20:28] +CrashinBoomBang: BRO FIST IN

[20:20:49] +CrashinBoomBang: goodbye
[20:20:51] +CrashinBoomBang: this dies in 1
[20:20:52] +CrashinBoomBang: as well

[20:20:55] +CrashinBoomBang: LOLO
[20:20:58] +CrashinBoomBang: ITS GON EXPLODE

[20:23:32] +CrashinBoomBang: yes soulwind
[20:23:35] +CrashinBoomBang: he made his own team then said
+LUCK>SKILL joined
[20:23:38] +CrashinBoomBang: this cbb team GAS
[20:23:41] +CrashinBoomBang: and just used it

[20:23:05] +CrashinBoomBang: thats fucking incredible

me: it really is.


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Hey guys, since people were interested in written recaps of SPL weeks, we will be working to make these happen every week. We intend to release them alongside the Flying Press' Wednesday articles, so make sure you check in on TFP's forum then if you're interested in reading these. Coverage for week 2 just released, available here; the project is being written and spearheaded by Klefkwi (myself), and a huge thank you to BKC, Finchinator, Kingler12345, and miltankmilk for writing the game analyses for this week's edition as well as The Dutch Plumberjack for putting them out and doing so much for the project. I'd also like to thank Luigi and Gunner Rohan for providing two quality interviews for this week's edition.
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