Smogon Premier League VIII - Week 3

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I didn't want to be that guy but well, i first contacted adam early week telling him that i might not be able to play later this week because of some irl stuff then i asked if he could play from monday to wednesday IF POSSIBLE (which doesn't mean i can't play after that, it was just better for me to get this game done during that frame), i was actually forced to contact omfuga because adam wasn't logging on smogon and so couldn't see my vm.

He answered saying that he couldn't play until saturday which i totally understood, then again he logged off for like 2 days until i contacted omfuga (again) which told me that he was actually online on discord... I told him that i finally found a room on saturday at the earliest which is from mindnight to 8 AM and yeah it's kind of annoying because i actually pushed an irl stuff that was planned months ago just so i could get one game of pokemon done (love you falcons...), he told me that he couldn't play there too while i'm already putting myself in a bad position by playing at this time, then i told him that i could play both saturday and sunday at the latest time which is basically around mindnight - 1 AM and once again he ignored claiming that it would be a double sub at best.. so yeah let me make it clear, i know that i can't appeal a decision made by tds but you gotta agree that this is pretty unfair toward my team and me because i clearly showed interest into making that game done, pushed my irl stuff and even took the risk of playing at hours where my brain would be totally dead while he was busy the whole week and didn't have time to answer most of time forcing me to approach his ass man twice in a row, i won't say much about that anymore because i honestly can understand that he has a life and stuff but don't try to bullshit thanks.

Btw we were supposed to contact each others yesterday during night as he said in our vm convo but yet he didn't while i was on, so yeah i'm not dealing with this anymore, if you really want to sub both players then go ahead but if it happens there is something wrong because i was able to play the entire week + 12 hours during week end while he literally couldn't play before, oh yes i'll be present this week end but from my phone until really late and i'm definitly not taking that risk after how flexible he was.


Banned deucer.
[20:08:27] +valentine: hey
[20:08:32] +valentine: i might sub in fakes tomorrow
[20:08:39] +valentine: are you available this weekend
[20:09:56] +Ojama: predictaburu, juggler boy
[20:15:08] +valentine: just a fair warning, i don't want to get in trouble so i'm giving you a heads up

the kingpin won vs kash money fakes, gg. looks like noctowl the juggler boy failed his trick

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