Smogon Premier League VIII - Week 4

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but then what's left of me?
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Hey, I already talked to Omfuga about this a little bit, but Nintendi hasn't recieved a response from Lysergic yet. He can play tomorrow from 4-9 pm GMT -3, if Lysergic can't play at this time it would be cool if you could find a sub that could, thanks. -Tsunami-


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u already know shit has gone insanely wrong when 1-3 starpeasant out of all people starts talking shit
+starmaster: If we're being real the pump sac
+starmaster: was autism
+MADoka: starm
+MADoka: please tell me
+MADoka: more
+starmaster: u switch and force a 50/50
+MADoka: about what i should have done
+MADoka: when you're 1-3
+starmaster: Ur really talking shut
+starmaster: after lucking
+starmaster: all ur wins
+starmaster: and never getting lucked
+starmaster: lmao
+MADoka: i recall
+ZoroDark: you lucked all your wins too star
+MADoka: you lucked all ur wins too
+MADoka: yep
+iamgingy: LOL
+starmaster: I got lucked two weeks
+MADoka: your single one
+starmaster: she didn't
+MADoka: you barely got lucked
+MADoka: i mean
+FAJI: starmaster getting shit on
+FAJI: end this now please
+MADoka: if you want to complain about every single thing
+starmaster: madoka I seem to recall
+MADoka: then
+MADoka: i got lucked this week too
+starmaster: thrashing you
+MADoka: since ilost one tie
+starmaster: last spl
+starmaster: ???
+MADoka: ??
+MADoka: i recall having a 100+ degree fever
+MADoka: but
+starmaster: LOL
+MADoka: yeah.
+starmaster: this is an excuse npw
+starmaster: now*
+starmaster: ok
+starmaster: u played like shit and lost
+MADoka: why wouldnt it be
+starmaster: get over it
+starmaster: I was sick too actually
+starmaster: i literally said she fucked up in the game
+starmaster: and she's mad
+starmaster: LOL
+starmaster: Like saccing pump was a giant misplay
+starmaster: thats all I said
+starmaster: shes just retarded

+Finding True Love: don't u need accomplishments b4 u talk this much trash
+starmaster: finding true love didn't u cal me shit
+starmaster: in lc chat
+starmaster: and lose
+starmaster: badly
+starmaster: please shut the fuck up
+Finding True Love: ?
+Finding True Love: actually u called me shit starmaster, and grats u beat me in your main tier. At least I'm not a raging asshole like you.
+Finding True Love: and if UU was in SPL I wouldn't be 1-3 LOL
+blunderr: OOF
+FAJI: ...
+Vileman: oh__shit
+blunderr: GET EM
+ABR: .
+Lef♱iez ❄: outch.
+blunderr: LMFAOOO
+lighthouses: LOL
+klefkiholder: bang
+ABR: stars been murdered
+ABR: 3 times
+ABR: today
+iamgingy: DAMN
%kratosmana: LOL
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