Smogon Premier League XI - Finals [Won by the Alpha Ruiners]


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Welcome to the eleventh iteration of SPL, SPL XI. In this tournament, 10 teams containing the best players on Smogon (and starry) play against each other and duke it out every week, attempting to gather as many wins as they can to reach playoffs. Some of them will fail, while others will bloom. Whatever the case, the matches will be exciting, so without further ado, here are tournament rules and the matchups!

Tournaments Rules and General Guidelines


Congregation of the Classiest (6) vs (6) Alpha Ruiners

SS OU: Insult vs mncmt
SS OU: suapah vs FLCL
SS OU: blarghlfarghl vs Empo
SS DOU: stax vs qsns
SS LC: Serene Grace vs jake
SM OU: Relous vs Gondra
ORAS OU: Persephone vs xImRaptor
BW OU: Raiza vs Caetano93
DPP OU: Excal vs Emeral
ADV OU: Tamahome vs Alexander.
GSC OU: KratosMana vs FriendOfMrGolem120
RBY OU: Amaranth vs Hyogafodex

SS OU: Insult vs FLCL
SM OU: KratosMana vs Empo
DPP OU: Tamahome vs Alexander.
Deadline for the tiebreak be March 27th, 9:00PM EST.
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excellent finals, grats to both teams on making it this far.

classiest have been on a tear lately... anti's looked like the MVP of this tour (the last few weeks especially) honestly. insult and suapah have been on top of their game for the past year now, and tama's been on top of his game since before i was born.

ruiners have been fairly dominant throughout the regular season, especially gondra and raptor, who really have not turned it off since the start of the tour. empo has looked like an absolute monster since the first couple weeks, and prinz has shown he's not only a top RBY, but a top ADV too.

predicting classiest to take it all, though. they have definitely been the protagonists of this tour, whatever that means. in all seriousness, the momentum they have going in right now is something special... insult and suapah are the players of the year for sure.
SM OU: Relous vs Gondra - 35/65. Relous got back on the board in a nice way last week, not really showing weakness vs Eo and bringing something solid. Gondra on the other hand has been unstoppable this tournament and I don't see him slowing down. Even though I believe Relous has shown in the past he is clearly better than his record suggests, Gondra is playing too well for me not to expect another win.
ORAS OU: Persephone vs xImRaptor - 40/60. Regardless of the game last week, I think Raptor has been good this SPL. His teams have been safe picks that are hard to go wrong with, and most weeks are high lows and high highs from raptor. Persephone also has had high highs this spl, but his lows have been more significant. I still think he is rough around the edges and a bit more bold in his team selection, so I will take raptor in a safe win.
BW OU: Raiza vs Caetano93 - 45/55. Hmm... Raiza has been a liiittle underwhelming. Never do I really think he is playing poorly, I'm just never being wowed. Caetano has been pretty hot at times and I appreciate his innovating a lot. I think BW is a great tier for forward thinking like that. I'll predict a MU win for the doc, with pretty even play from both sides.
ADV OU: Tamahome vs Alexander. - 60/40. Close game as both have been doing well this SPL. I think Tamahome definitely has been playing better though, and has the higher ceiling of the two. Alexander has been a little less impressive, just almost autopiloting through games at times I would say. He hasn't been not good at any point, but Tamahome is just top tier I feel. I don't expect very innovative teams from either -- just two tried and true teams that will leave the better player to be the winner.


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Both are good teams, I'd give the Classiest the win but it could very well go the other way . Overall I think that the closest ones are in OU, LC and BW-GSC, I'd be surprised to see an upset in the other tiers. The team that takes the most wins in these tiers probably wins, and I'd say that the Classiest is a bit better outside of these tiers and also better in tiebreak. GL to Raiza and Relous, you guys are great players despite the results this season.


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Won OST Predictions
Congregation of the Classiest (6) vs (6) Alpha Ruiners

SS OU: Insult vs mncmt
SS OU: suapah vs FLCL | Extremely close matchup, both have the same record of 7-3. suapah seemed to have a higher strength of schedule throughout the tour though so I'll give the edge to him.
SS OU: blarghlfarghl vs Empo | Close one again, I'm giving the edge to Empo this time since he's coming hot off of a Smogon Tour win.
SS DOU: stax vs qsns
SS LC: Serene Grace vs jake | I'm quite high on jake since his great 8-3 Snake run.
SM OU: Relous vs Gondra | Gondra might just be the most rapidly improved player ever, going from 0-4 in Snake to 8-1 in SPL.
ORAS OU: Persephone vs xImRaptor
BW OU: Raiza vs Caetano93 | Raiza is of course better than his record implies as was proven by him beating Finchinator last week, but I think the doctor is just slightly more solid.
DPP OU: Excal vs Emeral
ADV OU: Tamahome vs Alexander.
GSC OU: KratosMana vs FriendOfMrGolem120 | I'm a big believer in Anti's skills but as I said last week I think FOMG is slightly underrated. This could definitely go either way though, it's like 49-51 to me.
RBY OU: Amaranth vs Hyogafodex

SS OU: suapah vs Empo | Maybe I'm hyping him up too much but Empo has impressed me recently.
SS DOU: stax vs qsns | First I was thinking the Classiest might pick RBY since the Ruiners' RBY slot has been pretty terrible, but then I realized they could slot in Alexander or FOMG who are both very capable at it. SS DOU would be my pick since stax has been amazing, though qsns is not bad either.
SM OU: blarghlfarghl vs Gondra | I'm guessing the Ruiners would go with SM in the tiebreak. Not entirely sure who the Classiest would pick to play here but I went with blarghlfarghl since he's been quite solid in SM in recent tours, but I can't not go with Goatdra to win here.

Overall I'm very happy that we seem to have gotten a really tight finals series with no clear winner yet.
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In a wild turn of events, both favorites got absolutely SMASHED in the semifinals. After what was probably the most anticlimactic playoff round in SPL history, we find ourselves with a rematch of SPL VI. Can Kratosmana, the heart and soul of the Classiest and the link between this squad and the SPL VI version, help the franchise claim its second title? Or will the Ruiners usurp the Sharks as the greatest franchise in SPL history? Let's find out!!


Congregation of the Classiest (6) vs (6) Alpha Ruiners

SS OU: Insult vs mncmt | Wow. The fake jamvad put on quite a performance in his semifinals match against CTC. Everyone was ready to cast him aside and label him as an unviable goon (well, I was anyway) after CTC put himself in what was basically an auto-win position. However, the basedlord's costly Discharge changed everything, as mncmt's Hatterene swept CTC's team and miraculously gave the fake jamvad the win. Insult, meanwhile, didn't even have to play his match last round, as his team cruised to 7 wins before he could even step onto the battlefield. He has had a solid tour, though, rebounding after a rough stretch towards the middle of the season, and currently sports a 6-3 record. While I'm not as higih on him as many other people, he's still a fair bit more proven than mncmt, who really has done nothing of note on the site besides confuse everyone with his username's similarity to those of mencemeat and menci. Solid edge.
SS OU: suapah vs FLCL | This is a pretty interesting game. suapah ran through a murderer's row of opponents in the first half the season, and capitalized on a cupcake schedule later on to get to 7 wins in 10 weeks. He lost to Sacri' last round, but at least he lost to a good player I suppose. FLCL has exceeded my expectations this tour. He's managed to get amass 7 wins in 10 weeks as well, and took down TDK in a hard-fought match last round. His schedule hasn't been too difficult, though he does have some relatively impressive wins against Christo and the aforementioned TDK. suapah did take him down in their first match-up, which is slightly concerning. That being said, if you asked me before the tour who I would have bolded in this matchup, I would have taken FLCL without even a millisecond of thought. Considering how good both players have been, it's only fair that I take the player I thought was more talented all along.
SS OU: blarghlfarghl vs Empo | LOL THE EMPO KOOL-AID NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO What a matchup. The game between two players I end up bolding way too often will most certainly be interesting. blargh has managed to put together a cool 6-3 record, despite some rather forgettable performances against some less-than-stellar competition. Empo, meanwhile, currently sits at 6-4, with wins over bro fist and a 7-2 Christo. I'm still NOT DRINKING the Empo kool-aid by the way. I still think Empo's a bit overrated; I think some people fail to understand that I still think he's a solid player. I just have a lower opinion of him than the masses. blargh has been impressive over the past few tours, but Empo is a bit better in my eyes. I said earlier that I would buy Empo for around 13k; by those standards, I would say blargh is worth around 10k. That 3k difference is definitely enough to give Empo the edge here.
SS DOU: stax vs qsns | It's the finals, bros. Might as well bold Doubles. stax has been a monster this tour and is finally living up to his hype; he's like fraudmen if he ever had a good tour.
SS LC: Serene Grace vs jake | Serene has had a nice tour, but Zeb has been better for longer. Even before his LC exploits, Zeb was considered to be a pretty solid NU player. His sizable experience edge in tandem with his consistency over the past 2 few tours is enough to bold him in this matchup.
SM OU: Relous vs Gondra | Relous finally remembered that he wasn't a dogshit loser last round, miraculously taking down Eo and propelling the Classiest to a demolition of the Cryonicles. It seems rather likely that that will be the ONLY win he will get this SPL, though. Gondra is arguably the most in-form player in SPL right now, with only one hiccup in 10 weeks. I bolded him against blunder, someone who I bold almost every week, last round, and he washed the youtuber for the second time this season. Gondra, at this point, is going to be bolded against almost everyone in SM OU, and a 1-7 player certainly is no exception. Big edge.
ORAS OU: Persephone vs xImRaptor | Persephone managed to get the win last round, and currently sports a .500 record. Many of his games haven't been too impressive, though, and I'm still not really a big believer in his abilities. Raptor, meanwhile, has shown that his performance last Snake was no fluke, as he has managed to rack up 7 wins in 10 weeks. He's definitely been more impressive, and somehow has a better track record too. Solid edge.
BW OU: Raiza vs Caetano93 | Raiza's definitely better than his record suggests. After having been lucked to shreds the entire season, he picked up a crucial win against Finchinator in the previous round with some good fortune on his side for the first time this year. The Doctor has had a nice tour himself, though, and did take down Raiza in their first match-up. I think he's been a hair better from what I've seen. Miniscule edge.
DPP OU: Excal vs Emeral | This game is nonsense LOL Excal didn't have the greatest performance last round, but he still sits at a solid 4-2 record. Emeral, meanwhile, really hasn't been too hot, although he did luck Bab for a win after the week was over, I suppose. I'm just gonna take the player who's displayed at least a hint of viability in this tour. Miniscule edge in the variance madhouse.
ADV OU: Tamahome vs Alexander. | I've always been a big fan of both of these players. Prinz is somehow who I've been high on for a while, and he's really shown off his flexibility and talent across many games this tournament. He took down marcop last round, and has definitely done enough to earn the bold here...Except, he's facing off against Tamahome, who I consider to be the second best ADVer in the pool after BKC. Tama's so proficient in ADV that he even managed to make ME good at the tier for about a year after he tutored me circa 2012. He lives for the high-pressure moments, and there's no doubt in my mind that he'll rise to the challenge and win this match-up.
GSC OU: KratosMana vs FriendOfMrGolem120 | The FOMG stock has been rising pretty steadily this tour. I'll probably have to drink the FOMG kool-aid soon, honestly. As impressive as he's been, though, he hasn't been as good as Anti. Anti has been one of the best players in the entire tournament, and has taken down a host of notable names, including McMeghan and dice. He beat MrE last round despite having to fight through a myriad of unfortunate events. Considering how highly I thought of Anti as a player before this tournament, it only makes sense that I bold him against FOMG. The heart and soul of the Classiest is destined to win in the finals.
RBY OU: Amaranth vs Hyogafodex | TIN's proven that he's a relatively capable RBY player. Hyoga has proven that he's unviable. Solid edge in the meme tier.


Hmmm....this is a hard one to predict LOL The Classiest edged the Ruiners out in the standings by +2 BD, which means the Ruiners would have to reveal their tiebreak pick first. We can rule out pretty much every old gen because of the presence of Tama + Anti. I honestly think that, in this situation, there's no better play than just trusting your best player in his best tier. Which, in this case, would mean picking Gondra in SM OU. I would assume either Empo or FLCL would play SS OU. This leads us to the Classiest pick. qsns hasn't been bad enough to justify picking Doubles; I don't think any team would willingly pick that tier simply due to the lack of knowledge the majority of Smogon's playerbase has in the tier unless they simply had a MASSIVE edge in it. The Classiest could either put Tama or Anti in SM OU, and then let the other play the tier of their choice. At the end of the day, I have far too much respect for Prinz to pick ADV here; I would rather face FOMG. This leads us to the following tiebreak:

Congregation of the Classiest (1) vs (2) Alpha Ruiners

SS OU: suapah / Insult / blarghlfarghl vs. FLCL | The player choice here will be decided by the results. The team might even put Empo in over FLCL if Empo wins his match-up and FLCL loses his. There are honestly too many variables here to consider. All I'll say is, right now, I would pick FLCL to beat anyone that the Classiest throws out there.

SM OU: Tamahome vs. Gondra | As much respect as I have for Tamahome, the legend.......I just simply can't go against Gondra right now. If I bolded him against blunder, I'm definitely bolding him over Tamahome. I would even bold him against Anti, honestly. GOATDRA is unstoppable right now.

GSC OU: KratosMana vs. FriendOfMrGolem120 | Anti will wash him in the regular match-up and he'll wash him in the tiebreak LOL jk, FOMG's been pretty solid, but Anti's just on another level right now.

Rooting for my old franchise, the Classiest, in this one. The Sharks need to be the GOAT franchise forever, so I hope I'm wrong on these predictions. Either way, it should be a pretty memorable final.

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