Smogon Premier League XI - Finals [Won by the Alpha Ruiners]


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Not gonna say too much but I just wanted to give a congratulations on the Ruiners on winning it and special congrats to any of my friends on Ruiners, you know who you are. To FMG and d0nut, thanks for putting your trust in me and letting me fight who I wanted to each week. As for my Classy teammates, I loved each and every one of you and you are all great people that I know will end up doing big things on Smogon. To anyone who helped us along the way, I also greatly appreciate it. While I'm disappointed with my performances in the playoffs, I am happy with the season as a whole and hope I can continue this success.



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next time, i'll be winning spl. hope to see you guys there with me. #BDAB
gg season over

If I tried to write shoutouts for everyone it'd be trash, so I just want to say thanks to everyone on the Ruiners this year. I never expected to be drafted by this team, and I never expected that I'd have as much fun just fucking around with these hooligans for the past few months. I'm proud of the performance, both my individual games and ours as a team.

A special thanks goes to Shrug for being the best possible teammate. Not only were you there to help me build and test every week, but we have the same kind of loony teambuilding that lets us come up with trash like Fire Punch / Toxic / Mach Punch / Defog Timburr and seriously consider bringing it to a playoff game. Please consider drafting Shrug as a starter for the next teamtour that LC is in... he's more than powerful enough. Also, thanks to Finchinator and z0mOG for convincing me to play pokemon again, and thanks to McMeghan and Tamahome for being my pokemon-playing inspiration. (not gonna tag tama but maybe someday he will read this)

I'm happy I can keep this one. See you all in WCoP, nerds.

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First of all i wanna thank you to the ruiners people for trusting in me in all this tournament. I hope i havent dissapointted you with my work.

Rewer You always were a big friend and thanks for trust in gondra and me to form part of your team. You dont know how much i appreciated that you have made me fulfill one of my dreams and all the favors that u made me, thanks for being playing me oras every week and i hope we can stay in contact after this.

HANTSUKI I didnt know a lot until we were opps of the SM ssnl, u are a great person and thanks for buying me this spl, thanks too for letting me put the fights bot, it was a good input to know each player in our team and gain trust between us, VAMOS PELEAR :toed:

Gondra bro, you dont know how happy i was to be together this spl, we know each other a lot and we work so good together, i knew that you snakes record was cause bad times and in this spl you were going to destroy and u did it, gratz for your record and lets see if we get our second trophy together on this forum someday

FLCL Since i started to play on smogon i always saw you as a team mate even if we didnt know each other, our first trophy together was HPL and when i saw that we were mates here too this was gonna be our second trophy together

Alexander. Empo Hyogafodex Sayuze Askov Altina , thanks to you all for helping me every week with the teams that i had to use and giving me ideas, i love you bros.

umbreon098 u have become a good friend and u are a really nice person, i hope that one day we can be together again in come discord of a teamtour, but i dont think it can be possible, take care bro.

Lopunny Kicks u are a really nice guy, u are friendly with everybody and u help always the ppl, thanks for join the team and help us for playoffs, u were so helpful. ily bro.

The rest of the players of Ruiners, i know that we didnt talk a lot, but was funny play with the fights bot. Ban the bomb pls >:v

After playing Snake i dont know what happened but i lost a lot of motivation to stay playing this game, but i had to play spl yet, so i promised myself that this was my last teamtour to play because it was one of my goals on this forum. Ill give some of personal s/o to my most important people.

ZDen, Spectear and Joya, you were the people that i loved the most in this game, you dont know how much i enyojed talking with you and i learnt a lot of that. I know that i was a big idiot a lot of times and i fucked you personally or in another forums tours, really, u dont know how bad i feel for doing that, apologizing at this point is kinda stupid, but i thank you because you helped me to grow from my mistakes, take care and i hope that everything goes well for you.

Gondra you are one of my best friends in this game and you dont know how much i love you, at the beggining when we met ourselves was impossible for us to get along because i was silly, but i changed that perspective and we are friends now, i dont say goodbye to you because u know that we will be in contact via wa or discord :v lets see if someday you teach me to play LoL

Posho kys.
Nah, jk, thanks for support me when i started to play this game, even though i was stupid, you didnt deny me being in LA for the wcop, you are a great friend and like gondra, i dont say goodbye because we will continue talking :v

Shogarth Poek you already know what i think about you both and i dont have to say it because u know me :v

lax Ojama thanks to give me the opportunity to play the snake, without you probably i wouldnt be playing this spl, i wont forget what u teached me and i hope that we can get our trophy together someday

Regnite thank you for all the support that u give me, without you maybe i couldnt have communicated with my teammates on many occasions, my discords mp will be open for you always and thanks for write me this too :v ily.

Sagiri Guilhew you both are my boys in this game, guilhew although u are dead ill always remember you big idiot, and sagiri you have to know that u wont win me in a box fight never :cwl: good luck for you, xevara and dankoc, u have the skill to go far but still have a lot to polish, gl!

Aishia you are a fantastic person and i hope you are doing well with your life, youre a big friend, take care and lets talk soon!

Im really lazy and writing to all will be endless, u know who you are and if i talked sometime with you was because you are fine and i appreciate you

I know apologizing now is stupid, but sorry to all the hispanic community for being stupid those years and good luck to all the new players that are starting now, there are a lot of ppl with talent and if i can arrive to here, you can do it perfectly, dont stray from the path! although it sounds a little weird if i say it :v

As Posho said, is really hard to leave of this game because its so addictive and you always end up coming back, but atm i dont have the motivation that i had to continue playing to this and thats why i will take a break of tours until i regains playfulness. For the moment Raptor... No, xImRaptor is out.

It's been 4 months of very hard work from everyone to pull this off and I'm obviously extremely happy it all worked. The two-peat is real.

This post will likely be shorter than my last year's shoutouts post, but don't take it as a compairsion to last year's team, this team was a fucking amazing group as well and I love yall. Sorry, I'm just less emotional about winning it this time, since it was a new achievement before. After winning twice you realize the real trophy are the moments you spend with your team during the season, so I was ready to consider us winners regardless of end results, really.

Most people know my opinions about stuff that happened anyway but I just wanna adress some things before I start to shoutout.

I've been getting a lot of messages about the bad public behavior from some of our players. I admit that I didnt take it too seriously as I pay very little attention to stours server to begin with and was way more focused in our own team chat, but I am a strong believer that people should treat others the way they want to be treated. I've actually heard things such as "congrats but fuck your team" from a lot of people (and people from completely different jerks, so it's not an effect of a mob mentality) and that certainly does not feel good at all. So, I apologise. I don't particularly feel responsible for my players behavior because we're all adults here and should know how to behave in public, so I dont think I have a moral obligation to be a dad to keep everyone in check or something. But still, I am the team manager, and that means I cant completely wash my hands on it.

To the Classiest, big props for your run. I've always thought you guys were a top team when everyone thought the squad was mid-tier at best, you guys proved me I was right. We probably lose the dpp game if we dont freeze zapdos and it seems that the ss ou team matchup was gonna be very rough if we didnt work more on the team, so I have to acknowledge the luck we had. Hopefully Tamahomie gets a new trophy soon too, he's one of the most deserving people.

To the community: I dont wanna sound like I'm a beacon of morality because I am surely not, neither is my team as it seems we were seen as the villians to some. But I've noticed that the overall toxicity and stupidity here is really increasing and it doesn't help that most of the people who criticize it are very toxic themselves, the most obvious recent example being Charmflash, and also most of the "toxic people" are being stupid on purpose, baiting for fun and dont really care, but at some point it gets exhausting to read so much mean comments, absurd takes, dogpilling, drama, hatred and such. Before anyone thinks I'm taking a moral high ground or I'm speaking for ruiners to the rest, I wanna make it clear that it's not the case, we are very guilty of it too (especially considering that week 8 drama where I said a lot of unnecessary mean stuff, although I stand by my opinion.). My point here is simple, we can all be much better. We play tournament for pixels on a fanmade website of a game with relatively low skill ceiling compared to say LoL, csgo, smash etc. There is no money on the line and most of you people have been here for many years, so, tell me why does it have to be this dramatic at times? Competition might be thrilling yes, shittalking may be fun yes, a lot of people hate each other here, sure, but holy shit, chill the FUCK out. Shit is very exhausting sometimes and I just roll my eyes at this point, but I guess it's something we all have to deal with being here. Smogon really doesn't have to be this dumb high school-esque clout war just because you all care about the game though. I dont wanna be the "lol its just mons virgins xD" guy, but to quote Jayde, some people really need to go outside, although it seems we're in the middle of a deadly virus pandemic so please don't do that.

About managing a team, I think it's a great experience overall. I definitely want to manage more teams in the future. I managed a pretty dysfunctional raiders in spl 6 and that felt pretty bad, and then managed an almost successful ruiners in spl 9 (by proxy, like bigs and bushtush), that felt a lot better already. Last year I was started as an emergency sub and filled a slot, so it wasn't the same thing. So it feels good to have succeeded as a manager as well. It's true that drafting is kind of a shot in the dark and also you never know how the team will respond to you, but I know that we could've been much better and have had cleaner win, so I still have a lot to improve. I really lost motivation to play the game, but got motivation to manage teams, so expect me to stick to that.

To our team:

While a lot of people were pissed at us in the outside, inside the team environment was amazing and everyone worked very hard, especially in playoffs, with little outside help. We were not the favorites, in fact the opposite we were projected to be bottom tier by most of the community, and we won it all. So, you are all amazing and congratulations for this achievement, hope the lesson you all take it from here is that hard work trumps over talent any time, especially in a game like mons. You can achieve anything you want.

HANTSUKI Nossa a gente ganhou kkk fodase mas sério obrigado teta por me acompanhar aí nessa doidera então na verdade você foi um gordo inútil que não fez porra nenhuma ao invés de falar suas opiniões terríveis e postar emoji do pepe palhaço mas todo mundo te ama de qualquer jeito. Por isso você é um manager ótimo, clima organizacional tem grande parte em um sucesso de um time e você sabe fazer todo mundo gostar do ambiente. Continue sendo um gordo inútil e amável, porém cheiroso. Partiu ficar em ultimo no snake pra confirmar nossa incompetência generalizada.

Empo I dont need to say anything to you man, it's been 2 years we are in the same teams and talking all the time while you use me as a punching bag for training in test games. You know very well everything I think about you already you mr. empoor. Didnt ask + don't care. Now go watch more anime.

Alexander. You were so fucking annoying, this guy cried in manager chat in every single loss and was so constantly negative so I yeah I could barely stand you anymore. But this is far from a call-out, because we NEEDED a guy like you. We sure would not have won if you weren't there to demand less inting and more performance, because this is absolutely not my profile and the teams I manage need someone like that to complete me. A healthy mix of different personalities and profiles can go a long way for a team's success, and I think you are arguably the main carry of the team this year. Fantastic performace in ADV and proved to everyone you arent only great in RBY, you're a great pokemon player in general. If you stick on this forsaken website I hope you get more rings.

Hyogafodex Lindo gostoso perdeu todas mas literalmente carregou nosso draft, nem fudendo que a gente ganharia sem você, metade do draft foi idéia sua lmao. Ajudou pra caralho em todas as tiers que você tinha capacidade de ajudar e ainda foi alivio comico do chat devido ao seu alto nível de doença, muitos me criticaram por te draftar mas draftaria denovo sem pensar. Literalmente um lucky charm. Te amo bb que nossa amizade dure até o covid19 nos matar.

FriendOfMrGolem120 My god what an hilarious dude you are LOL you are really talented for memes in your own way. Another absolutely needed profile for our success, I did not hesitate a second to retain you once you said you were playing and I would do it again next year. Thanks for being the absolute beast we expected in GSC, great teams great play great work ethic great everything. We don't talk very often but we just won two tournaments together in a row and I'm proud to share that with someone like you. Century Express thank you for the much needed help in gsc too, fomg was kinda lonely in his prep for the first weeks and you joining the server fixed that entirely, I was very sure you two would get along.

FLCL Another player profile very much needed in this team, the no-bullshit killer. If you need someone that will just play and win, draft FLCL. No bullshit, no drama, no crazy techs, no issues, just solid playing with solid teams and a lot of wins. I'm just grateful that you believed in us and did your best dude, you deserve this ring a lot. I hope an amq money tour happens so you can farm it and get rich. どうもありがとうございます。

Gondra I knew you had a high ceiling as a player, and that personal problems brought your performace down in ssd3, that's why I picked you. But my god, I did not expect you to do THIS well LMAO you absolutely destroyed the competition like you were smurfing with kaisa in iron. I'm really happy that you redeemed yourself, and that we are friends now and play league all the time, because you're one of the nicest people around. Report Nat :gatoenojado: for real tho she needs better internet how does she play with 400 ping?

xImRaptor I did not vote for you for best new player for no reason. I think you could've done even better if we had good builders but too bad we are all shit at building and kept telling you to use Litios. Solid record and consistent play anyway. You've mention that you want to quit this game to study now, wich is a shame because you are a great player and really cute person. I'm always open to talk to you anyway if you want to show me more fortnite stunts or something even though i've never played that game :shinobuhaha: much love bro.

qsns I have been playing tft with gondra and gondrette on lan lately and idk how are you challenger in that shit that game is fucking impossible, you must have a very large brain. Well, it translates to pokemon too. I told you in last shoutouts that I have no doubt that you will do extremely well if you happen to start in future team tours, and save some fuck ups here and there you should've indeed gone positve if weren't for the triple freeze. Its a crime no one picked you as a starter before this tour, glad you got your chance to show up and you did it good. umbreon098, I am a dumbass for not drafting a doubles helper, so you have no trophy in your profile. But you carried our doubles prep pretty hard. Very hard worker and nice person, I'm very thankful you joined to help us and did all that you did. Hope you get your deserved chance in the big stage next snake. Croven thanks for sticking around as a ruiner alumni too, season over gg

jake I picked you because I had a great experience teaming with you in brazil pl in 2018 and thought you would deliver here as well. And that heroic win vs zorodark was already worth the choice my god how the fuck you won that game you are incredible. We got exactly what we expected from a veteran like you, no bullshit just solid prep with Shrug and solid wins. Thank you for doing your best for us. Something also tells me you're very lowkey a big weeb, you should come out of the closet on that too. Shrug, thank you for all the help you offered to jake and for being another great presence in the chat, nice music taste.

Twixtry You played really well at the start of the season, so I'm sorry didn't work out long term. You had a hard schedule and poor luck combined, so yeah shit happens. I still think you are a quite solid player though, so I expect you to be a consistent winner in future tours you play. Very chill guy to have around too.

Caetano93 O DOUTOR. Mlk tu foi uma das maiores surpresas positivas do time pra mim. Não vou mentir pra ti, eu não tinha intenção de te draftar no começo porque pra mim tu era só um drdude spammador de queijo e te draftei por falta de opção achando que tu ia intar e que a gente tava fudido. Você calou minha boca pra caralho. Jogou o fino a maioria das semanas e usando times bem sólidos no geral, especialmente o time da final. Poucos entendem a tier tão bem quanto você, então muito obrigado doutor por calar minha boca. Pena que não tem mais BW na wcop, se tivesse tu era lock.

Emeral You were the godfix for our dpp, I admit I had never heard of you before this tour and you got drafted because of hyoga's referral. You have a solid future ahead of you in this game if you invest more time on it, you have a quite good game sense. You didn't interact much outside of the dpp channel but you were one of the hardest workers of the team there so I'm glad that worked out well in playoffs.

mncmt Gostosa. Você é muito doido LMAO como tu ganhou aquele jogo nas semis cara pqp. Se tu fosse mais consistente ia ser imbativel sério eu acho que vc manja muito desse jogo e o empo concorda, mas as vezes te bate uma vontade de ir pro stunt or die ou de trocar o time na ultima hora e ai vc toma no cu kkkkk acontece. Te draftaria mesmo se a gente tivesse poucos subs e to mto feliz por ter ganhado um trofeu contigo. Te cuida e larga o gacha seu fedido.

Askov askov de trofeu fodase kkkkkkkkkk é verdade que você tem muito a melhorar na sua gameplay e quase te joguei na fogueira diversas vezes enquanto o Sand Castle spammava minha pm pra te botar até que realmente te joguei na fogueira e terminou em tragédia mas mal sabem as más linguas o quão bom é ter um cara como você de sub, obrigado por fazer parte dessa história irmao. Retorno tambem te amo sua vagabunda.

Altina Prinz told me you were a hot asian girl and turns out you are a normal, chill asian dude. While you are indeed not a hot asian girl, you are a very chill guy to have around and a great source of help in the adv department, thank you for that prep help. Sorry to throw you into fire against BKC too that one week LOL what a guy to have a debut against. Give more asian food pics.

ErPeris I was admired at how hard you worked to turn your season around, it's a shame the wins didn't come. You have a great amount of rby knowlegde, I think the wins will come if you start playing more aggro. I was really worried you would hate me early in the season because of the benching but turns out you are a very nice person and cheered us until the end. Thanks man.

Sayuze I'm not gonna talk about the things i've already talked about in ng, as I was very clear to you what the problem was and everyone in ng doubled on it, but I wanna make it clear to the public that reads this that you were an excellent teammate and of great help across tiers, always testing when available and offering teams. Especially in SM, part of Gondra's success can be atributed to your help. So thank you very much for that bro. You didn't get to play and I'm sorry about that, I hope you do very well on the individual tours that are coming and show people your skills.

NG Spencer LMFAO dude we need a builder and we were like yo who builds? lets draft spencer. It's a bit of a crazy move to draft someone that has never played a tournament, but I knew that you actually had great building knowledge that most people don't have and you showed that. Thanks a lot for sticking around dude.

Valentine We didn't get to interact much because you are really busy I guess, but I appreciate the occasional cheerleading and positivity. Nice music and anime taste too.

Sadlysius If the SPL experience was negative to any of our members, it's you. And that pains me to say it because it's not what I wanted at all, I wanted everyone I drafted to enjoy SPL as much as they can, but I should. It's ridiculous to be positive here when you went inactive into leaking a log into drama happening and then my pm got spammed to kick you out. Prinz told me he tried to reach out many times and that it was very apparent you didnt like our team or him at all wich is a shame because you were a being a great helper early in the season. As I said, the real trophy is the journey and not the end result, and you don't have that trophy, you really just have a meaningless pixel. Well, I am very disappointed about the story but I suppose all I can do is wash my hands and wish you well going foward.

Lopunny Kicks, BIHI, Heroic Troller thank you all very much for your joining our chat in playoffs and helping (troller after semis ofc). Trophy would certainly be way harder without you three.

Thank you Updated Kanto for believing on us from day 1 despite not even being a ruiner. Shoutouts Aurella for the cheerleadering for the second year in a row too. Shotouts to Caasi too for being an obese useless loli as usual. Shoutout Neekolul for being hot and cute.

Edit: fuck i knew i forgot somebody, shoutout LuckyPiper for being our resident cute weeb.

Lastly, shoutouts to SPL X Ruiners, a completely different team from SPL XI Ruiners in every possible way, but just as amazing. This wouldn't happen without that legacy.
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Congratz Ruiners on the nice win, very well deserved! Like last year, I was secretly rooting for you guys to win it, especially because you got the real FOAT on your team FriendOfMrGolem120.

Hosting SPL was very enjoyable for me and I want to thank the TDs for letting me host it! There was not a lot of drama this SPL, except for the Ojama incident and the Milkman signup, but it could be that most of it was dealt with by Hikari in pms. I also want to thank both Merritt and Hikari for being great co-host and made hosting SPL a lot more fun, but we could have updated the ops faster from time to time! I also want to thank all the managers and players that played most of their games without problem and made our lives a lot easier.

I also want to shout out some of my friends or people that helped me. First I want to thank Lutra and Disaster Area for giving me a chance to host stuff and helping when I first got started. Secondly, I want to thank all of my friends esp Sceptross, FriendOfMrGolem120, Excal, SamuelBest, Caasi, Zokuru, HML am, HSOWA, Eseque, London13, Fantos13, Asheviere and Aurella for their support! And lastly Drud and Djokra for being my best friends the past couple of years and supporting me for most of the time on this site!


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Just wanted to shoutout a few people who helped me throughout the season, Im rly happy with how it ended overall and I was glad me and my managers could have drafted a stacked team where everybody was able to work together and exceed everyone's expectations, so props to them for that. Im not gonna shoutout every single member of the ruiners since Im lazy af but you know I appreciated the team environment so much and since the beginning I have been very satisfied with how the draft turned out.

First off, thx to the managers mr Bruno (Bucciarati) and ch*p Teta for retaining me and planning the draft with me, you already know what I think of you so not much else to add.

I'd like to thank 2 outsiders in Heroic Troller for joining us in finals, helping us wherever you could and always being a good mate to talk to, from random matters to pokemon related ones, Im sure one day we'll win SPL together and umbreon098 (Dario) for helping qsns from day 1, you know we always considered you a ruiner, too bad we couldn't get you in the actual draft; Im sorry for what happened in that cursed week, u did not deserve any of that (mi spiace Dario :pirate:).

Also shoutouts to Kickasser jake5 haxrme Lopunny Kicks Caasi for all the help and support you gave me in playoffs and @NG for the cheering.

See u all in wcop!


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Hey, I've never done it before but since we got it I think it's finally time for me stop being lazy and do a proper one even if it's with my broken english. It has been 4 months of stress because of all the moments of tension and all the prep stuff but mainly has been a really enjoyable experience since we got a squad with a lot of nice people to talk with.

I know I don't have much to say about my playing experience since I just played one game subbing in as an emergency sub and it was such a horrible played game by my part but I think we all can take good learnings even from bad stuff like this so thank you for everyone that gave me input on my mistakes on it, even if it was in a harsh way ( GOAO Finchinator), that only proves that I still have a lot to improve before trying to start as an old gen player in a more stacked tour.

Now that the cliche part ended, let's start with the team s/o:

Rewer HANTSUKI First of all, thank you guys for buying me even if it was for a sub, it was for the best to stay in the bench since I didn't really have to handle the pressure of playing while also could learn and improve being part of a SPL team environment, I couldn't ask for a better team to be in since I was with some familiar faces in the team too. I know I left a lot to be desired on playing departament but I'm glad I could at least help with testing and some input on newer gens even tho I might have suggested some crazy stuff or another :clownpepe:

Alexander. As some of us already said, you were a leader among us players, even if sometimes you were a bit too much worried with team choice and stuff you did it thinking for the best for the team, alongside with playing well your games you really were someone who inspired me (and likely other teammates as well) on trying even harder to get the trophy, your help in basically every tier was immense so thank you everything and stay blessed by Pardini power

mncmt You're one of my best friends in this game and it was so fun to have someone to share bad memes and my dogshit teams w/o being called trash right of the bat :clownpepe: . You didn't end up with a good score but I know for sure that you're skilled enough to do well, things just haven't really gone your way. Now that we got the red pixel (LOOOOOOL HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW KKKKKKKKKKKKK) we need to get the blue one, which may be 20 times harder...

Caetano93 I'm gonna be honest here, I didn't have too much faith on you starting since I haven't seen you playing BW on big stage but you proved that you were a really competent BW player and it's too sad that now that we found our BW player for Brazil since Sogeking's ban we have full SS WCOP :2cancer: It was cool to have someone who was open for every idea given in the chat and also one more guy from team Baril to chill with, looking forward to see you playing SS with us in the middle of the year!

Hyogafodex Although some people call you an anchor i'd say that although you did weight you were also someone who helped a lot our old gens so even if you did go negative on the sheet, our players went positive because of your help. You were another ''long time'' friend that I had in the chat and I was glad that we finally won something together after being teammates on so much teamtours (You were even my captain on my first teamtour ever lmao). Hope you get into SS until wcop, especially now that you discovered how Dracovish works.

Sayuze I know you've probably read about how some times you let yourself go into some beefs that could be avoided so not gonna talk more about it but you have much more positive aspects that people overlook because of those beefs. You're someone that I enjoyed talking in the chat, be it with memes or with team ideas, Hope people can see that you're a chill person and hopefully you'll shine with team India Canada. Also fuck the haters, Yuze has a ring now :pimp:

NG Spencer Another fun dude that I met in this tour, always with based inputs on SS and SM channels even tho you hate Corviknight :angery: I know you don't enjoy much playing tours but I hope to see you around.

Gondra xImRaptor I guess I'll put you guys together since I'll probably have the same things to say to you. Thank you for being reliable slots that we count for a win everyweek, you guys killed this tour with some really cool performances. Gondra proved everyone that he's way more competent than what last Snake showed, dominating the SM pool, :lansaabraba: fdp and enjoy your red (and now you can play lolzito :angery:). Raptor, you proved me that you were not that kid from New Origin anymore, you stepped up your game with really brazy games in this tour and your behaviour has improved too being a chill person in the chat, I know that you're gonna take a break now but hopefully I can play with you again (and do more PELEAS :toed: )

Empo I'm still amazed with how you can basically destroy any player with your agressive plays, another slot who we could count with a win, Hope someone finally drinks your kool-aid after this impressive tour...

ErPeris I know things didn't really go in your way but don't let it let you down, you're a good player and i'm sure you'll have other opportunity to show it, even if it has to be in another gen (rip rby). You were a fun guy in the chat and always sending the gostosas in the chat :drooling_face:, hope to see you around bro.

Dario umbreon098 You weren't bought as a ruiner but I say by all of us that you were basically one of us, I wish so much that you could get the trophy with us, thank you for the imense help with our DOU prep and for being a really cool person to talk with in the chat, don't beat yourself with the Sharks thing, seems like people just can't get over the fact that they DO have teammates to test teams with :blobshrug:

Twixtry You had an amazing start but unfortunately fell down a bit later in the tour but I still think you're a great player and is able to do well in every tour, hope to see you around.

FLCL Didn't talk much with you but seeing you play was amazing, you didn't have fear to pull the trigger where you needed to, thank you for being someone that we could count with the win basically everyweek

Caasi Another of our helpers that was basically part of the team, had much fun talking about music with you and even got to start listening to dutch songs haha, ty for being in the chat and helping us with BW inputs.

Emeral jake qsns Shrug Altina Croven FriendOfMrGolem120 Didn't get to talk much with you guys (most because of my lack of knowledge in this tiers to help with) but thank you for bringing us important wins and for the help and hard work put into this tour, hope I can talk more with you guys if we ever team up again

Sadlysius Didn't talk much with you and unfortunately things ended up this way, but thanks for the help in ADV.

Valentine I wish you could be more active in the chat since you seemed like a cool person to talk with but anyway thanks for sharing good musics to listen and for cheering for us.

Lopunny Kicks BIHI Heroic Troller Century Express Even tho u guys wasn't Ruiners from the start, thank you so much for all the help you guys provided us

Lastly, with the cringe part I'd like to thank Eternal Spirit for basically giving me a chance and start my ''smogon career'' by trusting me even when i just a random goon lurking around on Baril chat, for Sand Castle for basically being my number 1 supporter and the one who taught me everything about playing old gens (even tho I still suck at it), BAGANHA13 and hs for being day 1 friends and supporters, for BoA gang for the support and all the laughts I had playing Pokemon those years, for Zero, CDW and FRS for cheering for us as well.

Alexander. now we can finally say that season is over, but with a good ending!


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Congratulations, Ruiners!! The first team in SPL history with back-to-back wins!

My apologies that I'm so late with these:

Signature banner! (In a few days, SPL will be 10 years old!)

A couple weeks ago, a certain anonymous manager from the Tyrants reached out about a champions tee. So, once again, it's available for the Ruiners (or anybody who wants to celebrate)! It's only available for roughly the next 72 hours (going by the time of this post).

Link here!
HANTSUKI you've been one of the most consistent RBY players on the site. you've had dominating runs throughout your career, and have been an integral part of Brazil's continued success. i've always had respect for you, and I was very happy to be drafted by you and the Ruiners. thank you for putting a strong draft together and managing with a light spirit and level head. Brazil continues to be scary in WCOP.

Rewer it was so awesome to get to know you. you have a great personality. i love your dark tastes and ability to handle situations at face value. you've seen all the bullshit and you recognize it for what it is. you have a great sense of humor, and even better taste in anime. the most similar taste to mine that i've seen. it was awesome to rekindle some of my latent trolling tendencies at the start of the season -- that's some of the funnest stuff the internet has to offer. thank you for being a great leader -- congrats on leading the 2-peat. see you in WCOP.

Empo what i knew about you before this tournament i heard about from West teammates. i knew you were solid but I didn't know the extent of it. after talking with you early in the season, i got the feeling that you're the type of guy that can handle things on your own. you have your own style. you have your own tastes, your own interests and likes. and you're more than happy to share them. you're confident. you're experienced. you know what works and you know the metagame, you're well practiced. this is obvious from the way that you act. thank you for being a strong leader for our team.

FriendOfMrGolem120 you proved a point this year. your builds and play are always solid. you're just scary -- plain and simple. as far as modern GSC goes, you are the top. thank you for being a main pillar of our team.

Alexander. i had such a big smile on my face when i first saw you in the chat. we had a big experience together, a deep run on SPL 7 Cryos ... making it all the way to qualifier tiebreak (Ruiners v Cryos, where ABR beat Geemick). it was devastating to come so far and fall short. we spent a ton of time talking that season and i got to know you well. we've both come a long way since then. you're one of the strongest players in the game now, Alex. i'm glad we were able to make it all the way here together.. maybe fitting it's the Ruiners we do it on. thank you for sharing your DBZ attitude and solid rap music.

Altina thank you for your chat presence and work in ADV. you were a constant positive presence. lovely avy. congrats.

Askov thank you for your upbeat attitude and energy, and your help in team builder. congrats.

Caetano93 The Doctor, PhD Caetano. Caetano MD. ever since I listened to the SPLcast I was so bothered by it. in the SPLcast they mentioned that every BW player was 20k for some reason. but they didn't mention how valuable a cheap BW could be in this pool. since everyone is so expensive -- every win you get here is huge. putting in a budget pick had a lot of potential to be deadly -- and you proved exactly that. i love your offensive style. thanks for coming in and crushing a tier. absolutely brilliant job man. well deserved.

Emeral for me, you came out of nowhere. i was surprised to see you slotted into DPP ... honestly i wanted to DPP myself. after everything, I could not be more impressed with you and happy that I was stapled to the bench. This was such a huge tournament for you. you stepped up when it mattered the most and became a carry for us. thank you for showing your stuff and sticking with it. you'll be a sleeper pick in this tier for many tournaments to come.

ErPeris i'll tell you a secret. i went 1-4 my first tour =D a single tournament doesn't define you. the team wouldn't have been the same without you. I enjoyed the pictures you shared throughout the season. looking forward to seeing more of you. congrats!

FLCL you're the top of SS OU. who knew that fooly hadn’t hit his peak yet. congrats on another solid performance and taking over a new tier. glad you finally watched lain.

Gondra your avatars are second to none :3 the first time i saw your profile i instantly had good feelings about you and liked you. i was so happy to see you in the teamchat on draft day. i knew you were nice but also a threat in the game. you've proven to everyone that you're not just a cute profile -- you're flat out deadly. it was a pleasure to cheer GOATDRA this season, because it's true. you crushed everybody this tournament. thank you for your calm attitude and personality.

Hyogafodex it was awesome to get to play against you early in the season. DPP is my favorite tier (i started playing then) and it was really fun for me to get some games in. you've been a part of a lot of successful teams recently. you're a great teammate and do everything you can to help. thank you for being active and sharing yourself with the team ... first thing I think about when i see you now is 'long hair' :P congrats on this win.

jake zeb you're so consistent. not only now but always. you've completely led and dominated tiers -- SS LC is no exception. thank you for carrying us and being so consistent and solid.

mncmt ever since the start of the season i noticed that you were laddering a lot and would be a good beacon of ideas and information for the new generation. it's clear that this hard word paid off, as you came up clutch in semis and have a deep OST run. best of luck man. congrats.

NG Spencer it was fun to get a look inside NG. i've spent a lot of time w different groups but i've never seen such a robust and hilarious group of people. would have been fun to stay but i would have stirred up too much trouble for myself rofl. thank you for your contributions to the team ... and congrats.

qsns it was beautiful to see the role reversal with you and croven. you two switched places and did so seamlessly. goes to show how we're really not in it alone. after putting a few on the board last year, there wasn't much doubt around you, esp with umbry croven support. i remember you being solid in singles for awhile, it was surprising to see this translate well to doubles. maybe Slam brought it on? this tier requires a million IQ -- i've always been too scared to learn. you're just that good i suppose. your consistency was amazing ... our doubles core was a big part of the team. thanks for that.

Sadlysius it can be hard to deal with strong personalities of others and i'm sorry you got put into that position. i hope you still have a hope to participate in tournaments.

Sayuze you're a laid back guy but you're fun. you have a good attitude towards your teammates. moving forward, you'll be a name to look out for.

Shrug thank you!! jake had full control over LC support and he picked you without hesitation. you're creative and willing to explore all possibilities. this is extremely dangerous and creates things people aren't ready for. our LC core was a big part of the team... you'll continue to be a big name for LC. congrats shrug.

Twixtry what did we say? twix steal of the tournament. your early wins came in clutch when we were fighting tooth and nail for BD near the end. thank you for your determination.

xImRaptor thank you for holding down ORAS. it was awesome to watch both you and Gondra. well deserved congrats. come back soon.

Croven umbreon098 Century Express Caasi Heroic Troller BIHI Lopunny Kicks you were critical to the team. you're Ruiners.

congrats to Classiest for a deep run.

looking forward to WCOP.
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