Smogon Premier League XII - Player Signups [Auction Jan 3rd, 3 PM GMT-5]

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Player Name: fakenagol
Tiers Played: all
Timezone : GMT-5

my resume:
won roapl finals with av chomp
trickings only lost in 2020
got good recs from the following users: 100percentheat, tricking, pasy_g, kanto, rewer, amane misa, vivalospride, passion, cleann, devin, empo (we're surviv broes lol), blarghl, ima, lax, metalgross, corazan, kory2600, norton (sup kid), genesis7, sayuze, praj, sjneider, xtra, lycan, luthier, leo, bea, rylon/forsendi, mncmt, and john w
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