Smogon Premier League XII - Semifinals

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My BIGS. Seems like we just narrowly lost games this season. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. You gave it your all week after week, and there was literally never any pessimism between anyone. Turns out that having the waifu bot as an outlet for anger allowed us to really focus on positivity in other channels. Thanks to everyone for the great memories - I’ve made a lot of really great friends in you all.

Thanks to the hosts for letting me manage again also. Shitposting and creating spl memes was fun and I had an absolute blast. Although there won’t be a next time - I can say that I feel fulfilled thanks to this fantastic team. I wish you all the best.

Excal DeepBlueC McMeghan Storm Zone ima FMG Adaam devin Insult Eternal Spirit vapicuno kjdaas tennisace Maxance Fated Keys ElectricityCat ziloXX Sakito Tiba Hayburner Zokuru Boat Vulpix03

As for who wins spl, I like all the teams and have individuals im rooting for from each team. Good luck!!!
I greatly appreciated all your hard work man. It was a great pleasure to be a part of this team and I hope to have more opportunities with you guys in the future!
Xtra vs John W - Shockingly...being a top player doesn’t entitle you to be an asshole to everyone around you, even if you’re “joking”. What we say matters. Xtra winning is a dark timeline for me because he’s just going to set an example that this type of demoralizing behavior is acceptable. It’s not. Of course, Tricking is a good player. He uses creative strategies and makes plays most people don’t even think of to make the chat go LOL for a solid 20-30 minutes every week. There’s a certain level of undeniable skill there, but I can’t say I support the guy anymore. On the flip side, John takes his craft really seriously from building to playing and would be a splendid winner. He has had a rocky run, with a devastating cycle 1 collapse and loss to Chait — man seemed cursed, but when he has not been held back by Lady Luck, he has manned up and won his games impressively. It’s obviously a close series and it’s even more obvious at this point that I’m quite bias, but it’s just a prediction and it’s my prediction and I really hope John wins.
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