Smogon Premier League XII - Week 6

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Team Raiders (6) vs (4) Cryonicles

SS OU: Ajna vs Serene Grace
SS OU: FlamingVictini vs Leo
SS OU: Eeveeto vs bro fist
SM OU: frisoeva vs z0mOG
ORAS OU: Luigi vs Sjneider
BW OU: Jimmy Turtwig vs Finchinator
DPP OU: BIHI vs Malekith
ADV OU: Altina vs umbry
GSC OU: FriendOfMrGolem120 vs TC
RBY OU: Aliss vs Nails

Stark Sharks (6) vs (4) Dragonspiral Tyrants

SS OU: Luispeikou vs Eo Ut Mortus
SS OU: reiku vs John W
SS OU: 1 True Lycan vs 100percentpureheat
SM OU: Welli0u vs Omfuga
ORAS OU: xray vs CrashinBoomBang
BW OU: SoulWind vs elodin
DPP OU: Void vs Christo
ADV OU: watermess vs Gilbert arenas
GSC OU: Fear vs Conflict
RBY OU: Kiichikos vs spies

Wi-Fi Wolfpack (6) vs (4) Circus Maximus Tigers

SS OU: Bloody alfa vs Bushtush
SS OU: Tace vs beatiful
SS OU: talah vs Separation
SM OU: Relous vs robjr
ORAS OU: Dragon Claw vs BK
BW OU: GaryTheGengar vs dice
DPP OU: mael vs ToF
ADV OU: Star vs Golden Sun
GSC OU: ABR vs gorgie
RBY OU: SMB vs SaDiSTiCNarwhal

Alpha Ruiners (1) vs (9) Ever Grande BIGS

SS OU: watashi vs Adaam
SS OU: mncmt vs Storm Zone
SS OU: Ox the Fox vs ima
SM OU: Empo vs devin
ORAS OU: Aurella vs Eternal Spirit
BW OU: Frania vs Insult
DPP OU: Emeral vs Sakito
ADV OU: Teclis vs McMeghan
GSC OU: Raichy vs Zokuru
RBY OU: Hyogafodex vs Hayburner

Congregation of the Classiest (3) vs (7) Indie Scooters

SS OU: Luthier vs Sacri'
SS OU: Garay oak vs Niko
SS OU: lax vs Gefährlicher Random
SM OU: soulgazer vs Gondra
ORAS OU: London Beats vs baddummy
BW OU: Steve Angello vs Caetano93
DPP OU: august vs snøfall
ADV OU: Tamahome vs thelinearcurve
GSC OU: TDK vs false
RBY OU: rozes vs Serpi
not really feeling like writing up multiple highlights for this week, but CBB vs xray is gonna be an ORAS game to look out for. CBB has been on top of the meta lately, using variations of serp screens like four times in a row and finally losing when people realized you need to bring good speed control to beat these teams. xray is back in ORAS after a rough start, and despite clearly haxxing gama's balanced hackmons mega metagross, he also looked to be innovating in the tier as always. gotta go with xray on this one: hands down the best ORAS player of all time, and it's great to see him approach the tier when it's in such a volatile state.
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I haven't felt bad after losing, and I haven't felt especially bad after getting haxed, but this game has not brought whatever joy to me I was looking for to fulfill quarantine sadness/boredom :(

sorry to my team and thanks to anyone who supported me xP

and I want to take this time to apologize for my behavior when I was active on this website

see yall in 4 more years maybe haha probably not
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