Smogon Premier League XII - Week 9

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won vs. my friend Sacri gg

That was the last game of my season, special thanks to my BIGS for trying your absolute hardest these past weeks, no matter if we qualified or not I would have never asked for a better team, our team chat was amazing and you're all great. I will never forget this tournament and the Waifu bot :cwl:

Thank you Stone_Cold for giving me a second chance and retaining me after the rough season last year, I hope I showed that I'm way better than before and I had a fucking blast. Thank you Excal for having faith in me and being an amazing manager. I've known you since the xat days but it's amazing that we could synergize so well.

I don't want to shout out everybody in this post because I've already told y'all how I felt about a week ago, but special thanks again for such a fun season. You're all amazing


This is now the ninth time this season Luthier has randomly decided to make some of the worst plays I have ever seen, not to mention literally getting our teammate kenix banned in hopes of becoming some god tier youtuber while refusing to think before clicking, ever. Seriously, how much does a player have to do in a team tour to get banned? This is ridiculous.
lost, didn't have much of a chance, wp.

this season has been frustrating to say the least. i prepped pretty hard every week and either got bad luck or played idiotic and deserved to lose many weeks. never been fond of the crust categorization but for all you memers i probably fell into that camp this year. a lot of newer players this spl brought innovative things to a tier that is called "variance" for no logical reason and performed really well. it's no surprise that I performed subpar and others had relatively good seasons - maybe my way of thinking about the tier is somewhat outdated and i needed to get my ass handed to me in creative ways to adopt and reflect if i return for this grind again. 2-7 isn't reflective of my own assessment of my playing ability but there always comes a time when you should hang it up and maybe this is it.

wanna thank the tigers - callous, jabba and the team - for drafting me and putting faith in me and sorry i couldn't pay it forward. good luck in your future pokemoning quests.
Won vs snofall with some very crucial luck, gg. Thank you for also being a sport about this.

I'm happy that I am at least ending the season with a positive record given my abysmal start. I'm very grateful towards Excal for building almost all of the squads I used and Sakito for testing endlessly with me and subbing in for me when I wasn't able to play. I had a great time with you my fellow BIGS, and I hope that we get to team up again sometime in the near future. Let's end the season with a win!


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vani > false

ziloXX Stone_Cold Perry Merritt Wigglytuff

Can't be happy with starting with 7 points in 4 weeks and ending up missing playoffs, but personally I'm still proud of a lot of things we accomplished (and I think the apparent shift in form was moreso due to getting mostly fortunate in the first four weeks and mostly unfortunate in the next four).
A lot of our players who were either new or considered unviable (or both!) showed the fuck up and I'm really happy that I was able to use my team as a platform for them; I was mostly in charge of the oldgens slots and I think I did a fine job there, so I'm satisfied with my personal decisions.
Speaking of personal decisions, I'm not sure what I will want to do next year; managing was a blast but I still really, really like RBY. Only thing I know for now is that I really love SPL and I will be here again.
Thank you to everyone who participated and made SPL as exciting as it always is :heart:


I'm jus Here for da memes r wateva dem shits called
Subbing Narwhal in over Dice

snaga d0nut rozes

This is now twice this season Dice has randomly been completely MIA and gotten/almost gotten us an activity loss, not to mention his “smartest guy in the room” attitude all season and refusing to test, ever. Seriously, how much does a player have to do in a team tour to get banned? This is ridiculous.
jokes on you dummy. dice is 100% smarter than you and probably 87% of the time is the smartest in the room. he literally doesn’t need to test as he has predictive powers. one time in a league of legends game he was shielding himself from my abilities before i even threw them out. he’s a monster on the sticks and you should appreciate that you even had the opportunity


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just wanna say a quick sorry to my team, didnt expect to be this bad and not bring a single win, we had an amazing group of ppl and I was glad to team with you but coming in the discord serv after a loss 5 times in a row this season was rly the worst feeling ever and as much as I love this game I dont want to experience this again so I think i'll just stick to the solo tournaments where my results doesnt involve other ppls.
thx to my managers I hope I was usefull in other ways still, love you. gl to the remaining teams.
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