Smogon Premier League XIII - Week 9

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I didn’t think i would be the type to make this post esp after a “losing” season, but here we are. I just wanted to say how grateful I am to all of the people that were able to support me through this season and if you do get the opportunity to interact w these people on a team, youre incredibly lucky. First and foremost, thank you to my managers for trusting me enough to retain me. Never had I considered myself a player worthy to be retained, so seeing u guys take a leap of faith on me really meant the world to me. And even when I failed to bring home important wins the last 2 weeks, you guys helped me feel valued and crucial to the team. That I will never forget. In addition those guys, thank you to my teammates for the same reason as just mentioned.

Bea, tpp, Tace, Leo, Craig,
blargh, Eo, and MENCE. I wouldn’t have won nearly as much as I did this season if it weren’t for you. In addition to being great testing partners u were also great friends to me this season.

Thank you classy for the run back and thank you to my teammates for the never ending faith in me. Hopefully this season won’t be my last w you guys. Congrats to the teams that qualified and I wish that the true winners in the playoffs are the spectators!
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